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June 7th, 2006

Alt. Butterfly Contest Winners!

Wow, so I’m back from my mysterious adventures abroad. I can’t really explain how changed I feel with words, so live your whole life wanting to be Batman, go to Africa, find the heart of God, and then you’ll know how I’m feeling.

So, the adventures of Butterfly finally continue! This story was written by my pal John Campbell, in case you forgot!

Thanks for all the incredible entries for the Alt. Butterfly Contest! I came home to nearly forty awesome renditions of the lil’ guy in various forms. I’m really overwhelmed by how cool they are. Thanks you guys! I’m sticking by my original plan to have five official winners, but I just might have to try to encorporate a few more of these into the upcoming story. SO HERE ARE THE WINNERS!

The first winnah is Joel Carroll with Hivearth Butterfly:

I’m just blown away by Joel’s incredible design skills. I’m especially impressed by the wing shape, the bugeyes, and the decision to make the red elements of the original costume the skin color of this incarnation. I judged the entries on originality of concept, strength of design, and whether I’d like to read stories about the variant character. Joel’s really broken the mold here. Great job, dude.

Next up is Joel Priddy‘s Ye Olde Butterflye:

You might know Joel Priddy from his recent awesome FCBD masterpiece, The Preposterous Voyages of IronHide Tom. I received a few variants on medieval Butterflies, but this one really takes the cake. Plus, the dude went ahead and created variants for Knight-Bat and Birdie! I mean, wow. The parchment vibe and the attention to detail is just incredible. I cannot wait to draw this Alt. Butterfly!

I also can’t wait to take a shot at drawing VagrantKid‘s Fantasy Realm Butterfly:

VagrantKid is a dude I just know from his LiveJournal, which is full of good art. His first submission was a little dark, but he was happy to take another crack at it, and danged if he didn’t knock it out of the park. This is one of the most original entries I got, and I really dig the choices. The mask, the raised emblem, the sash, the staff, the wings…it’s all so good. Great job, dude.

Check out Chad Thomas’s Omega Beam Butterfly:

Chad’s a dude I went to school with, but I haven’t heard from in years. I’m so glad he heard about the contest and contributed this wicked cool Kirby-influenced Butterfly. This dude looks like he grew up in some corner of Apokolips, but managed to retain his optimism. Dig that smiley face! I love the colors, the goggles, the energy crackles and the metal wings! It’s all so cool.

Speaking of cool, Adam Cadwell‘s Moth may rate the biggest role in the upcoming storyline.

This is one of those ideas that’s so good I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! This is gonna my ‘evil’ Butterfly. I’m just in awe of this design. Great job, Adam!

Okay, now for the Top Ten RUNNERS UP! Some of these are bound to make their way into the story, but only official winners are guaranteed.

1. Mike Wieringo‘s Tech-Girl Butterfly
2. Darren Calvert‘s Brotherfly and Iron Butterfly
3. Dennis Culver‘s Man-Butterfly and Ultrabutterfly
4. Francesco Francavilla‘s Genesis
5. John Backstrom‘s Bizzarofly
6. Josh Rosen‘s Monarch
7. Mike Maihack‘s Strongfly
8. Umberto Torricelli‘s Iron Butterfly
9. Uriel A. Durán‘s Kawaii Hero Kamen Batafurai
10. Alex Bullett‘s Red Son Butterfly

I guess you can see how hard picking the top five was! I’ll try to get up a gallery for the ALL of the entries (all pretty dang awesome) next week!

16 Responses to “Alt. Butterfly Contest Winners!”

  1. john backstrom Says:

    awesome! love the omac joke haha

    btw it’s backstrom with no L :)

  2. deantrippe Says:

    thanks dude. and fixed. :)

  3. Adam Cadwell Says:

    I am soooo excited about seeing what’s going to unfold in this storyline and, of course, thoroughly happy that my entry was selected. Thanks for the nice words, Dean. I think you selected a great mix, I can’t wait to see them all together.
    Also, I’m glad to hear that you had such a positive time in Africa too.

  4. mike Says:

    dude! i had no idea you were in africa! that’s awesome. you’re going to have to write and tell me how that was.

  5. deantrippe Says:

    Adam – You’re more than welcome. Great job on the entry!

    Mike – You bet, bro!

  6. Tyler Martin Says:

    Aha, those are great. Saw some over at the Drawing Board.

    I actually sketched up a “Moth” one too! (Great minds think alike?) I just never got the time to color it and send it over to you. I’ll finish it up when I get a chance.

    Good to have you back Dean, talk to you later.

  7. deantrippe Says:

    PLEASE DO! And thanks, bro. :)

  8. john backstrom Says:

    oh i thought of a different name for bizarrofly if you for some strange reason decide to use him and don’t like the name. i think that this name reflects his opposite-relationship to butterfly better than the cliche “bizarro” name-


  9. buffalog » blog archive » crisis on infinite butterflies Says:

    [...] dean trippe is back from out of the country and he’s started updating butterfly again. if anyone here reads dc comics, particularly all the crisis stuff that’s happened, there’s a fun play on a certain character(s) name(s) for the latest. dean’s also put up his list of alternate butterfly winners. surprisingly, i’m one of the ten runners up. mine i just did for fun, and i don’t think it’s all too original, so it’s kinda embarrassing to see my entry adminst all these very cool, much more creative concepts. my favorite has got to be moth by adam cadwell. the character just feels so wonderfully right. it reminds of the good ol’ disney animated television days when darkwing duck had mega duck as his evil counterpart. [...]

  10. deantrippe Says:

    love it. :)

  11. Joel Priddy Says:

    These look great! You obviously have no choice but to use them all.

    Can’t wait to hear about Africa.

  12. Ron Phillips Says:


    Great to see you back. I really liked Chad Thomas’ Omega Beam Butterfly. They were all great, but I wondered if Chad had a link somewhere? Maybe I missed it.

  13. Dean+ Says:

    I’m not sure, Ron. I tried to track one down on Google, and when I replied to his entry I asked for one, but so far I haven’t heard back. I know he had one in college, but I don’t know if he’s got a new site. Rest assured, I’ll let you know if I find out. :)

  14. Twig Says:

    WOW!!! so glad you’re back, how waas ur vacation in Africa??

    i was starting to have withdrawal symptoms from reading butterfly omg man. and hes back yayayayayaya

    keep creating lol


  15. Jonah Says:

    YAY Its Tyler Martin! Check out his comics!

  16. Butterfly » Archive » Building a Bigger Butterfly. Says:

    [...] If you’re not familiar with ‘Ringo’s work, check out his above entry for the Alt. Butterfly contest, and then go check out the trades of his work on with Todd DeZago on Sensational Spider-Man and Tellos, and with Mark Waid on The Flash and Fantastic Four. I’ve been a fan of Mike’s work for almost fifteen years, and a friend for the last two. I just can’t say enough nice things about the guy, and I’m really gonna miss him. [...]