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November 27th, 2007

A Quick Look Back…

If you started reading Butterfly when the original series began, then you have probably already seen this scene, though much more hastily scrawled onto typing paper. My good pal and frequent co-writer, John Campbell, and I have been working on a revision and retelling of the early Butterfly stories, and we did this page as a test. So lieu of a new strip, I hope you enjoy it. We’ll be back on the Booyah track next week!

In other news, over at my other site, Project: Rooftop, we’ve just announced the winners of the Wonder Woman Wardrobe War, which turned out some really great entries. The winner’s list also features reviews and commentary from the P:R Staff, the Zeus Comics crew (who provided the sweet prizes), and current Wonder Woman writer, Gail Simone!

Also, I’ve got a couple of original art pieces up over on eBay this week if you’re interested!

Supergirl Redesign Drawing
Girl Robin Redesign Drawing

8 Responses to “A Quick Look Back…”

  1. hpkomic Says:

    I adore the coloring in the roof-top panels. Especially how the clouds and skyline look.

  2. MattComics Says:

    I have to agree with the above. One of the many appealing things of the comic for me is the great colorwork. I also enjoy that the backgrounds are simple while still giving you a real sense of place.

  3. Nathan Bailey Says:

    “next week” sure seems like a long time… :-)

  4. Dean Trippe Says:

    Time is an illusion, NATHAN! You’re just not thinking fourth dimensionally.

  5. Michael Kaiser Says:

    Great retelling. Certainly much improved. Their costumes are the new ones though, which violates established Butterfly continuity, as they did not upgrade to those until after Butterfly joined the team. (Birdie’s hair color is wrong too.) I guess a Post-Crisis reboot is in order! ;)

  6. Derik Says:

    *scratches head* Shouldn’t Birdie have black hair?

  7. Dean Trippe Says:

    Haha, it’s revisionist history, Derik! Everybody’s also in their new costumes. ;)

  8. Derik Says:

    Yeah, it’s a Brand New Day alright…