August Warm-Up Week at the New TADA Studio Garage!


As many of you may have seen on Facebook or Instagram, my family and I have just moved into a house right across from Jefferson High School, just a little ways past the STEAM Center. We’ve moved here in order to have a more convenient and walkable location in which to hold the Trippe Academy for Digital Arts after school lessons.


Sign up for the first set of classes at the new TADA Studio Garage (pictured above, in progress!) at the following link:

News about the September Session of Advanced Classes coming soon!

Hourly Comic Day 2019

Since 2006, every year on February 1st, comics artists draw one comic per hour about something they did that hour. Here are my hourlies from yesterday.

Look for other artists’ Hourly Comic Day comics on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter under the hashtags #hourlycomicday, #hourlycomicday2019, and #hourlycomics.

Spectacular Spidersona!

Since the release of the excellent animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, artists on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram have been posting the raddest redesign remixes, creating the most addictive self-portrait mashup persona hashtag since #witchsonas took over social media.

Here’s my Spidersona, Tangler 2066. He’s a mutant with some spider-powers, but also wears a high-tech, shape-shifting, nano-polymer web-system conducting energy throughout his suit and generating webs. I like the idea of him being a dad and art teacher like his namesake. In my head-canon, he’s pals with Bishop, a mutant cop from the future, before he travelled back to join the modern era X-Men.

Send your Spidersona in to and we’ll be featuring our favorites at Project: Rooftop over the next several weeks!

Trippe Academy for Digital Arts

The Jefferson City Schools S.T.E.A.M. Center presents:
After School Digital Art Classes with the Trippe Academy for Digital Arts

I’ll be teaching three digital arts courses after school for the Jefferson City Schools system starting next week. For details on the classes and the course schedule, check out the TADA info page here and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Class registration begins on Thursday, and the link to register will go live at the S.T.E.A.M. Center website as soon as it’s available.

Speaking in Richmond, Virginia

I spent the last two days in Richmond, Virginia, at a conference put on by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, “Males and Violence: Engaging Men and Boys as Survivors, Advocates, and Change Agents.”

I spoke for an hour about my life, my book, Something Terrible, about my recovery and growth as a survivor of child sexual abuse. I want to thank everyone who attended my session. I got great questions at the end of my presentation, and afterwards, I talked to a lot of cool people doing good work for survivors.

I also really enjoyed hearing what the other guests and speakers had to say about this subject. Also presenting this weekend were Steve LePore and Anthony Edwards from, Dr. David Lisak of Bristlecone Project, Simon Weinberg & Kathy Barbini,Heath Phillips, Eric Barreras, and so many others. It was truly a special experience for me, so I want to thank Tricia Everetts and Courtney Meyer from the VA DCJS for inviting me. It’s rare for the real world to give you moments of feeling like you’re on a team of superheroes, but this was one of those. Thanks, guys.

I always have to doodle while I listen to speakers, of course, so here are some of my superhero sketches from the conference.


Preview: All We Ever Wanted


This is a page from my story in All We Ever Wanted, a new anthology about positive visions of the future.

Many of our ideas of the years and decades to come are filled with apocalyptic setbacks and catastrophic regressions in technology or society, and as we fill our heads with these visions, it sometimes feels like we’re becoming predestined to fulfill these dark fantasies.

One small way to straighten out our path is to refocus our hearts on a vision of the future in which we work together, solve problems, and grow as a species. This anthology is about those stories. I’m honored to have been asked to contribute my own tale.

Keep an eye out for All We Ever Wanted. It’s gonna be a good one, because we’re working together to make it that way.