Weapon O
February 13th, 2009

Weapon O

Script & Colors by Dean Trippe
Illustration by Evan Bryce

Discussion (12)¬

  1. Joel Priddy says:

    So good! The “Astonishing” re-cover should be a poster.

    Also, if this leads to you meeting Obama, I will never be able to speak to you again. What with the jealousy and all.

  2. Zach says:

    This is good. I laughed and then added it to my reader. Hope this is the first of many more to come.


  3. Jeremy says:

    Awesome! I’m happy to see the debut of the strip and wish you success!

  4. Ryan Cody says:

    Man, Evan keeps getting better and better, this is excellent.

  5. Man, I know what a fan Dean is of modern comic books and those background covers must have been a blast for you guys to think up and draw. Great job!

  6. aheuaheuhaueae
    Very Cool.
    President Obama must save us… save the world!

  7. Diogo says:

    Wolverine is the most popular hero at the moment.
    Like Obama IAUh iUAh iUh iUAh iUAH iuH!!!
    “Very good…OBAMA ORIGINS”

  8. Mike says:

    LOVE the ‘Origin of Obama’s Blackberry’….Hilarious! Keep ‘em coming!

  9. fanboy d says:

    i want to see old man barack for real

  10. Mr F says:

    I would totally buy the Astonishing O-Men

  11. Felipe (Brazil!) says:

    hahahaha.Will Obama be omnipresent like Wolverine too?

  12. ghettoManga says:

    hot stuff guys!


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