Fire and Ice by Meg Hunt

Characters: Fire and Ice
Publisher: DC Comics
Artist: Meg Hunt
Reviewer: Dean Trippe

This submission threw me for a sec with its fairly non-mainstream mojo, but after considering for a bit, it won me over big time. Meg has masterfully taken two characters that have been through a lot of semi-generic superhero costumes and put some real life into them. I would seriously add a Fire and Ice book with this kinda vibe to my pull list. (Though I guess the writer of such a series would need to negotiate Ice’s return to the land of the living, and Fire’s removal from corporate/espionage activities. I thing both characters would welcome the change of pace.)

By retaining the color scheme and emblematic nature of each character, and visually linking the pair via their belts and tops, Meg has cleverly united the longtime friends and frequent teammates. The outfits walk the line between being clothes and being costumes, a choice which compliments the relaxed atmosphere Meg has created.

I mean honestly, if you’re a former Justice Leaguer, chilling out in a pool hall, you want to be dressed down enough to not catch too many looks, but superheroey enough that bystanders know you’re the good guys in case you have to throw down on some meta-criminals.

11 comments to “Fire and Ice by Meg Hunt”
  1. I think what I like the most about this one is a more mainstream artist could use the same look. So if Ms. Hunt was on a “Fire and Ice” buddy book, they could pop up in JL or Supes or whatever, same costumes, regardless of the style of the book they visit.

  2. Actually, the goggles are a functional part of the outfit for both of them–considering their powers, some eye protection is in order. Bad guys are constantly shattering Ice’s shields into tiny sharp slivers, and if your power is to set stuff on fire, the possibility of burning cinders blowing back into your face is a very real possibility. Plus, tinted goggles like these would go a long way in reducing the glare from fires and ice so they can see after they’ve used their powers.

    So yeah, they look kind of cool, but they also protect the girls from being blinded, which is why they’re there in the first place.

  3. Yeah.. I REALLY dig the drawing. The costume re-design is OK. I might like/not-like it more if I could remember anything about Fire & Ice.

  4. I also love that Fire looks ethnic, not like some generic Caucasian woman that happens to have green hair.

  5. I don’t really like the jacket on Ice, but I don’t like those jackets, period. The use of a few colors in this one is worth mentioning, because it keeps you from getting distracted by the stuff they’re wearing- I have the feeling my eyes would bounce around if there was too much color.

  6. These could be just about anyone if colored differently. Consider viewing this image in black and white. There is nothing to the design that says Fire and Ice. They don’t look very superheroic either.

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