Wonder Woman by Jamie McKelvie

Characters: Wonder Woman
Publishers: DC Comics
Artist: Jamie McKelvie
Reviewer: Chris Arrant

In this modern redesign of DC’s Wonder Woman, Jamie McKelvie has taken the core conepts of the character and brought them into more formal wear while maintaining an iconic look. You could even factor the recent events of Infinite Crisis #5 into shared thinking on this subject, as the Earth 2 Wonder Woman talks to our continuity’s Wonder Woman with the advisement to be “”the one thing you haven’t been for a very long time… human.” As a representative from her race and culture, you could easily imagine her adopting the looks of Earth as opposed to war-like adornments that serve no practical purpose due to her magical nature.

“I always felt that [Wonder Woman’s] costume and accessories were a real mish-mash with no overall unity, which is something I’ve tried to bring to this design,” McKelvie stated in his submission. “I also felt that it was highly impractical – one wrong punch of jump and her boobs would come flying out of her costume.” By eschewing the strapless armored top we’re familiar with for a more bodice-like top, it both is more practical for physical altercations and even for casual events. As the commentators on fashion programs sometimes say, this outfit is ready for work or play.

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  1. Nice. I think I’d buy it more as an costume for Donna rather than Diana, what with the predominance of red and white, but it’s pretty slick. I love the stripe on the boots, and the star elements are great.

    The buttons are a bit much, but otherwise, I dig it. Solid drawing, too. :)

  2. Very nicely done. Practical and sexy, however without the tiara it doen’t quite seem to be WW. Looks to be more Donna. The tiara is as tied to the legend as the bracelets & lasso.

  3. Beautiful work there by the man McKelvie. A nice balance between physically imposing and feminine.

    I like the whole ensemble (although I sort of wish there was a bit more gold in it), but I like the drainpipe trousers best of all.

    I once knew a girl who wore Doc Marten boots patterned after Captain America’s shirt. There must surely be a pair of boots like that, somewhere in the world.

    …the girl had no idea who Captain America was.

    It was probably a mistake to show her Rob Liefeld’s version.


  4. That should be wonder woman’s new costume. It’s perfect man seriously. I dig the nautical stars and boots. Solid color choice. Thanks for getting rid of the star pattern panties. Wonder woman looks good in a pair of pants

  5. Hey guys, thanks for the comments.

    Mike and tangognat – heh, one vote for and one vote against the stars, eh? Comics fans are so difficult to please. ;)

  6. Typical McKelvie: punky and fresh, slightly askew yet familiar and approachable. I’m glad to see the tiara gone — it’s rather impratical to kick ass with a little crown on your head. ;)

  7. As McKelvie’s self proclaimed mortal enemy I don’t have much to say (it’d ruin my image) however I do like the way he’s toned down the colouring, to make the costume seem more plausable, sorta like how Frank Quietly done with X-Men. McKelvie’s WW retains her sass and sex appeal, which is integral to the character.

  8. I’ve worked out what this costume it’s about. It’s the new Motorcycle variant. far more muted and less intimidating than the fighting uniform and less fussy than the ambassadorial togs of the past. This is Wonder Woman not in a civilian secret id but where she needs something casual but still recognisably hers.

    I’d like to think it arose from some of the now grown up Wonder Scouts inviting her to a charity bike rally or toy run and her realising that she needed something that didn’t deliberately put every other woman in the shade and was also practical for being round some of the less sensitive, or drunker and dumber souls at those events.

  9. Yeah.. I was thinking this is the “kick-butt” WW. When she needs to get down and dirty.

    That’s interesting about the tiara. I didn’t know it was tied to the legend, but there you go. I’d like to see the tiara modified somehow and included.

    And, again.. the backgrounds! Yahoo!

  10. A few of the designs (so far) end up just being
    “character in jeans” instead of a real costume re-thinks. This looks more like an outfit that that fake wonder girl would wear. She is a Greek magical warrior. And she isn’t 15 years old. Even DC has forgotten that.

  11. But isn’t that the whole point? The mythological ties have, along with other factors, hobbled the character for years. She’s either deathly dull or supiciously belligerent. Virgin or Virago, there’s no depth to her. No connection to humanity.*

    Now I’m not suggesting that dressing her in a corset and jeans is a cure for what ails her, but it’s a start.

    * – this may be a discussion for a different sort of makeover website.

  12. Wow, I’m the 15th comment???

    Excellent work Jamie…this is what a redesign should be…a reimagining for a modern world, and this costume does this.

    On a side note, if you guys get enough entries…can we see a possible JLA with all the different entries? That’d be interesting

    So far you can put WW, BB and Spectre!

  13. I like it, but it’s not ‘iconic’ enough. I agree this would make a better outfit for Donna or Cassie. The boot details are a very nice touch but the WW symbol is way to small. That needs to be bigger. Also the tiara is missing. WW needs a tiara.

    But overall, this is a great ‘real world’ interpertation of Wonder Women.

  14. I think this Wonder Woman is going to meet Meg Hunt’s Fire and Ice down at the pool hall. Hijinks may ensue.

    I’m a big fan of practical costumes, and costumes based on real-world ensembles. And I think the idea of a character having more than one outfit makes an awful lot of sense. Winter and summer, if nothing else. On this level, I like this costume an awful lot. It seems like an outfit that Diana would actually choose to wear. It’s much more dignified than the french-cut boobstravaganza she usually gets trussed up in.

    But I also agree that it’s missing the neccessary iconic quality. I’m not sure how much it would need to change. Maybe just adding the tiara? As much as I like this color scheme in and of itself, I suspect WW needs red, yellow, and blue represented in her outfit. But subtly. It’d be easy to pump up the yellow: just change the white accents. The blue is trickier. The pants should definitely stay black.

    The comment that one shouldn’t forget that WW is a Greek warrior is true enough, but, as the Catholic’s almost say, Diana may not be of this world, but she still has to live in it. I think this costume would be great paired with a more heavy-duty Greek-inspired formal armor sort of thing.

  15. Honestly, I think red, yellow AND blue together is too much – they clash. I suspect that colouring, along with Superman’s, came about due to the limited print capability when the characters were created.

    I tried an Ancient Greek-style armoured skirt, but it didn’t really look too good. Personally I prefer the pants (obviously, or I wouldn’t have drawn them!).

  16. you know, after reading your last comment, Jamie, I can see another reason for the different color scheme…so she can stand APART from Superman. I never noticed it until just now…probably because usually, she’s all skin. And that’s another thing this costume does…it makes her a modern woman without going into that whole white Kung Fu jumpsuit

  17. I love corsets. I have like four. Jamie, I’m loving it. And I agree with you on the problem with her original outfit– if I were to wear her strapless top, I’d barely be able to run and catch a bus without flashing the entire world.

  18. Needs more eagles. The original Wonder Woman costume had an eagle on the front, later changed to just a W, and the eagle motif was used to great effect by Alex Ross in Kingdom Come, when Diana put on her eagle-armor. An eagle conveys the majesty and might that Wonder Woman ought to have.

    That said, HUZZAH! PANTS! AND A SENSIBLE TOP! This is truly a great day for Diana.

  19. Very nice. I really wish Wonder Woman’s costume was more like this. I feel like her one piece swimsuit costume takes away from her role as a strong woman hero. How can she be respected in those stupid blue panties with the little stars?

  20. You know, I think some sort of eagle motif might be a great idea to work into the design. Although I am loathe to follow the “just add a jacket to the costume” bandwagon of the 90s, maybe something with an eagle embroidered on the back?

  21. I like it, although I agree with some of the other posters that she needs the tiara to look like Diana rather than Donna. I also think the accent on her top should be gold rather than white. I mean, it’s the double W, her symbol! Seems strange to downplay that so much. She also needs someplace to put that sword when she’s not swinging it about.

    Otherwise, very cool. I especially like the zip-up boots.

  22. I think this is such a good re-design i like the fact shes wearing trousers !!! more practical to support boobs when being a superwomen”!! and i know ;)

  23. I’ve never bought into the idea of a superhero universe. To me superheroes are suppose to exist in our world saving us. That’s why I always like Spider-man. It’s a very odd idea that Wonder Woman & co would be wearing the same outfit as the decades passed by. Though an iconic costume stands the test of time, it still needs tweaking. Case in point – Batman. For me WW has changed since the forties but not nearly enough. And though Diana is not human but as Joel Priddy says above she lives here and has done for quite some time.
    Jaime’s design is pretty close to how I’d imagine an ever-young, strong woman to dress in the 21st Century. The stars and the tight jeans veer WW’s look to the alternative side, which I like because she has long black hair. If this look was appplied to, say, SuperGirl it wouldn’t suit.

  24. I love, love, LOVE the pants, and I agree that this is about 110 times sexier than her granny-panties canon look. The classic WW look has never done *anything* for me and I am thrilled about changes like this.

    But for a character who has so much going on with such a small costume, this looks a little too downplayed. I’d like to at least see some yellow in there. The blue might make it too crowded. Definitely needs a tiara.

  25. I like the design, but I do feel that a little blue and maybe some stars need to be worked into it. I definitely like that it is much more practical, even if it might be a touch too casual.

  26. Maybe she could have an eagle belt buckle. That would bring in that magestic feel people were asking for.
    As for stars give her a couple of star earrings.
    And maybe instead of a tiara you could give her one of those hairbands that look like sweatbands that women wear, I can’t remember the name of them. Headband maybe, I don’t know. You could add another star to it. Throw some gold on it!

    Or maybe it looks really good the way it is. Good job Jamie.

    Although I think WW with a big eagle belt buckle would be hilarious!

  27. It not only screams Donna, but it has nothing iconic about it.
    It’s too much “teenage girl wearing black jeans and trying to play Halloween dress up while still managing to look cool”, and not enough superhero icon.

  28. Definately more comfortable and praticle than the old version. I spent last summer as “Double W” as a part of the Six Flag’s Justice League, And I would have definately prefered this costume.lol

    much love,
    Amanda Rae

    PS here si a site where you can see pics of the costume the used for me:

  29. I like but I think she needs the tiara, plus some gold, her symbol has to be a little bit bigger (3 gold Ws would be better) her belt should be gold too, and give her some shorts instead of those pants. I think she would look better that way and would remain being Diana and not Donna.

    I love the corset and the boots.

  30. Never mind the naysayers, this is brilliant. It’s simple, not doodled to death, & that’s why it’s so classic & cool while the other version is a hot mess.

    And I always hated the tiara, anyway. I cheered when Phil Jiminez got rid of it in the comic, & was disappointed when it came back.

  31. This is one of the best versions of WW I’ve ever seen. She’s gorgeous! You have a gift for drawing beautiful ladies. And, on top of that, the costume kicks booty, too! I can totally see Diana wearing a nice jacket with this when she wants to go formal. Great job!

  32. No definately not. I have been a Wonder Woman fan since the early sixties and this costume says NY JAP not Wonder Woman.

  33. While I like the basic design, I must agree that it’s not very Diana. It feels like most of the recent ‘redesigns’ that characters like Superboy and Wonder Girl have gotten. I like the toned down colors. The stars on the bracelets are impractical, however. Further, the ‘one wrong jump’ effect is still in place, to some degree. How is a woman supposed to fight crime in a corset, which is what this outfit most resembles, though a second look would hint that it’s meant to be a button up shirt. I love the coloring job, but without gold, it doesn’t say Di. I’d rather see the golden =w= and gold bracelets than everything silvery white. I LOVE the black pants, though. I’ve long thought that the boybriefs were getting WAY too short for good taste. They crawled all the way up her butt and disappeared finally in the early 1990’s and became a Wonder Thong. The placement of the =w= with the straps makes the top seem a tad clunky, overall, but your pencil work is very strong and the overall look is a bit bland, but /beautifully/ drawn. If Diana looked a bit more like this in the comics, maybe she’d sell better, rather than the mishmash of art we get now.

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