Fashion Emergency, Supergirl! Part II

It’s Day 2 of Supergirl Week, brought to you by P:R and S.G., and we’ve got some more stellar Supergirl redesigns!

Les McClaine, Portland, Oregon

Dean Trippe: Les’s design amps up the fun and personality with a cute new haircut, short sleeves, and a fun belt.

Vito Delsante: Fun all the way around. That might be due to the costume or due to Les’ overall draftsmanship. His design is a case where less is more, though.

Chris Arrant: The pixie-ish haircut here really gets the design going, and it’s only helped by the sleeveless t-shirt top and the flowing skirt.

Joel Priddy: She looks spunky. A very nice costume, and one that could be easily adopted into the regular DCU without any retrofitting of the character.

Jessica Plummer: I love it! It’s fun, practical (or at least no less practical than any other Supergirl costume), and fits the character. I might connect the shirt, skirt, and belt to make it look more like a superhero costume, but this is really just great fun.

Audrey Fox, Victoria, Australia

Joel Priddy: This is a very good interpretation of a cross-sex Superman costume, which is harder to pull off than might seem immediately apparent, but I wonder if it gives Kara enough of her own look?

Vito Delsante: I don’t know…it looks a little too simple to me. I tend to like simplicity in costumes, but this leaves me a little flat.

Dean Trippe: Really? This design is freaking cool, in my opinion. It reminds me of the popular 90’s Matrix Supergirl costume, which I think is the most popular version. The little details like the collar and the belt buckle modernize it a bit. I dig how the artist has used the same kind of modifications seen in Stephanie Brown’s Robin costume to make Superman’s design look so fresh and feminine, but still superstrong. The quarter-length sleeves, skirt, and tights really work.

Jessica Plummer: I love the way the cape connects, but I agree that the costume needs…something. Maybe a little detail on the boots?

Sarah Brumlik, Minneapolis, MN

Dean Trippe: This design seems to draw upon some of the elements from the 90’s Superboy, though it may just be an instance of similar thinking. I dig the addition of black, the two-toned cape, and the cool haircut.

Joel Priddy: This is a wonderful superhero costume. The emphasis on angles and the dark color gives a sense of strength, assurance, and dynamism. Enough so that I keep thinking that this is a costume for Superwoman, not Supergirl. This could be the costume that Kara grows into when she is older and has a stronger sense of her identity.

Vito Delsante: I know what this reminds me of…Tim Drake Robin. It’s really apparent when you see the two together. Adding pants and a “v” belt doesn’t do anything for me. Joel mentions an emphasis on angles, but this is a woman. There should be an emphasis on curves.

Joel Priddy: Angles and curves compliment each other. In fact, the Chinese word for ink painting means “the art of curved and hooked lines.” In any case, this Supergirl looks pretty cut, making her more angular than curvy.

Vito Delsante: Joel just loves to argue with me :P

Joel Priddy: I will take you down, Vito.

Jessica Plummer: I like the costume on its own merits, I do. Especially if it’s a bit of a tribute to Superboy. But I keep thinking of that little girl in Supergirl #9 saying “Supergirl shouldn’t wear black. Too dark,” and I think I have to agree with her.

Dean Trippe: Whoa, nice reference.

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  1. i love les’ supergirl. maybe it’s just the style that gets me, but i do think the costume is a great compromise between practical and cute…which is what i think a teen-aged female superhero would go for.

    great work by all!

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