Fashion Emergency, Supergirl! Part V

It’s Day 5 of Supergirl Week, brought to you by P:R and S.G., and we’ve got our last batch of rocking Supergirl redesigns for you, and over at Super. Girl., Jessica Plummer’s comprehensive look back at Supergirl’s past costumes, A Supergirl Costume Retrospective: The Good, the Bad, and the Booty Shorts is live today! Now, onto the art!

Dean Trippe, Nashville, TN

Dean Trippe: Well, I like it.

Vito Delsante: I hate you. :)

Dean: Haha, okay, well the major concern I hear from female readers is that flying characters shouldn’t be swooping around in skirts. I’m not 100% convinced that we have to force that level of real-world concerns onto our fun, fictional characters, but I figured adding Superman-style tights would both assuage that problem and look pretty cool. I kept the sleeves short to maintain a youthful vibe. I also wanted to take a somewhat more original track than my earlier Supergirl design, which most people don’t realize is a redesign.

Joel Priddy: Speaking broadly, there are two types of Supergirl poses in this meme: ones where she’s about to take action, and ones where she’s delighting in her powers. This Supergirl seems to be doing both, simultaneously. And that’s not the only line this drawing straddles: this is very clean, classic costume that also manages to look fresh and contemporary. Good stuff, Dean. I’d like to see a standing pose of it, however, to see how far down the cape goes. It appears that it would end right about where the red skirt starts. Which could be great, or awkward, I’m not sure.

Vito Delsante: My favorite part…the blue tights under the skirt. It makes it look more like Superman with a few feminine twists. And being that she originally looked up to her cousin and followed his example, this is, in my mind, what she would have went with.

Chris Arrant: Dean’s design here really re-inforces an overall trend seen in a good portion of the other redesigns to cover up more skin on Supergirl than is previously done. The top is still a little bit too tight for my tastes, but I enjoy Dean’s choice of the darkened superman emblem instead of the standard.

Joel Priddy: Is it any tighter than your standard woman’s tee?

Jessica Plummer: To these woman’s eyes it looks about standard – maybe closer to a leotard with some give in it than a tee shirt, but that works for a superhero. I love that it looks very trendy, but just shifting the belt up or down can keep it current.

Ken Klaus, Los Angeles, CA

Dean Trippe: This design might be a bit too far in the opposite direction from the current one, but gosh if it ain’t cute.

Joel Priddy: Awww. She looks like she should be teaching a class full of Powerpuff Girls.

Dean Trippe: Ha!

Chris Arrant: This reminds me of something you’d see if Marvel took their X-Men: Fairy Tales series and applied it to DC’s characters.

Jessica Plummer: Something about the daintiness is especially intimidating. No superhero dresses like that unless they know they can kick your rear. I fear her.

Joel Priddy: Excellent point.

Kristen, Idaho, USA

Joel Priddy: This is a fun design. It looks sporty, contemporary, and fashionable, while maintaining a distinctly superheroic profile. The adjusted color scheme keeps Kara in the Super-franchise without copying her cousin. The cape is a good length, and pairs interestingly with the height of the white boot/leggings. I’m not sure about the way the cape folds into S-shield, and the design of the S-shield itself, but, all-in-all, I think this design is a winner.

Dean Trippe: I also dig this one, but more for the artist’s drawing skills. The costume is a bit too much of a departure for me. But I do like the hairstyle and I agree about the cape length.

Vito Delsante: I absolutely love the color scheme. This is what you could do if you open up the palette and keep the character in mind. In fact, it takes Power Girl elements too without being overly sexual. I really really like this one.

Jessica Plummer: Now this is a design with personality. I’m a little confused about the cape fastenings, but I want her to explain it to me while we hang out at the mall together. My only concern is that it echoes Power Girl’s a little too strongly – I’d like to see some more yellow, I think.

Vito Delsante: Maybe longer hair will dismiss those Power Girl concerns.