Wieringo Week Introduction by Dean Trippe

I remember the exact comic book that locked me into lifelong Mike Wieringo fandom. It was DC and Marvel’s bizarre Amalgam comic, Spider-Boy #1, starring a composite character borrowing the best of Spider-Man and Superboy, written by Karl Kesel. ‘Ringo had a knack for costuming teen heroes, and had a bold style that shouted “Let’s go have some fun!”
A couple of years prior, Mike and writer Mark Waid had co-created another great superteen, Bart Allen, AKA Impulse. Bart was an excellent addition to the Flash legacy, bringing a ton of fun to the title, as The Flash suddenly had to deal with a sidekick who wasn’t quite a sidekick. Combined with Waid’s great writing, Wieringo’s drawing and design skills made Impulse an instant fan-favorite, who was quickly spun off into his own series.

Bart’s fandom continued to increase, and he eventually became a founding member of the late 90’s superteen team, Young Justice, and the 2003 relaunch of the Teen Titans, in which Bart took on the Kid Flash codename and costume elements. Most recently, Bart graduated to bearing The Flash mantle before being killed by his enemies and succeeded by the previous “fastest man alive,” Wally West. (P:R previously ran an excellent redesign of Bart’s Flash costume by Bannister. Link)

This event is a small tribute to Mike Wieringo’s life and career. If you knew ‘Ringo, or followed his blog, you know how much he enjoyed drawing events, costume redesigns, and teen superheroes, so we at Project: Rooftop wanted to honor his memory by combining all of those things into one fun event. Having known Mike, and spent the last week sifting through all the entries, I’m pretty dang sure he would get a big kick out of seeing each one.

I’d also like to announce that while we’ll be running select entries all week, we’re also planning a gallery post this weekend with every entry we’ve received. Mike wouldn’t have it any other way. Feel free to send us your Bart Allen pics all week! (See Guidelines.)

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