Faster Fashion, Bart Allen! Part Three

Note: This week’s Bart Allen (aka Impulse aka Kid Flash aka The Flash) redesigns are presented in honor of the character’s co-creator, artist Mike Wieringo, who passed away on August 12th. More info here and here.

Kid Flash by Darren Calvert

Vito: The highest praise I can give to any of these designs, and I’m giving it here. This design is absolutely in the spirit of Mike. I guess I’m mostly looking at the head/face, but this makes me really miss ‘Ringo and I swear his spirit must have guided Darren’s pencil here. Absolutely wonderful.

Dean: Yeah, I’m totally enjoying the ‘Ringo influence here. I especially dig the boots and headgear. Great stuff from Darren, as usual.

Joel: My favorite part is the white belt. It breaks up the vertical white stripe nicely, and makes a subtle reference to the Wally West lightning belt. I wonder, does the chest emblem come off as too Shazam?

Vito: I can see where you’d think that, but look at it again. That lightning is coming from his ears. It looks like chain lightning if you add the goggles.

Jessica: I don’t think it’s too Shazam-y either – for me it evokes the original Impulse costume more than anything. And I too am digging on the boots. The wrist guards, too.

Impulse by Jemma Salume

Dean: Oh man, solid wing motif, great seams, and the color choices are smooth and sweet. I also really dig the expandable-looking ribbed sections, and the fingerless gloves. Besides all that, this is just a wicked drawing with great colors. I love it to bits.

Vito: The wings on the hand are definitely a different touch. I’m not sure of the practicality, but it sure looks like fun!

Joel: Now this is the version of Impulse I’d love to see DC do a 52verse story about. I am crazy about this wonderful design. The construction lines of the suit add both visual interest and verisimilitude. And who knew there were any new takes left on the lightning bolt chest emblem? I love the three pairs of wings. I agree, of course, that the hand-wings are entirely goofy and impractical (can you imagine how annoying it would be to have those things hanging off the heel of your hand?), but dang, I’d hate to lose them. They really add to the fun of the design. Maybe they use Future Technology (TM) to recede into gold circles on his gloves when he’s not at super-speed, and are then deployed when he needs… uh… super-stabilization? Palmaerodynamics? Personality-wise, this strikes me as an Impulse who made it into his later teen years with any kneecap-trauma, and, so, is still a complete goofball.

Kid Flash by Adam Koford

Vito: I’m totally enamored with this design. Like Joel’s, it’s such a subtle fix. I look at this and I say, “Kid Flash.” There’s no way this could be any other character. What I love, and I have no idea if Adam intended this…but I love the emblem. It’s a subconscious nod to the fact that Bart is related to The Reverse-Flash. I am praying that Adam meant to do that because it’s 100% genius.

Dean: Bounding into action, Adam’s Bart design is rocking a seriously smooth Silver Age vibe. Great subtle nudges to the classic Kid Flash design here.

Joel: The Reverse-Flash bit is an interesting point, and one that I missed. Nice. As a Silver Age costume, this costume hits just the right note. For a contemporary costume, however, I’d like to see the yellow broken up a bit more.

Vito: I think there are too many edges to be a true Silver Age costume, but I can see where you guys are going.

Jessica: Agreed. It’s more Silver-Age-meets-the-future…which is exactly right for Bart!

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  1. Vito! That was my intent! I’m glad you caught it. I also wanted to make sure the mask was red, as a foreshadowing of his future as the Flash.
    Thanks for posting this, and the others. What a great tribute to Mike.

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