Faster Fashion, Bart Allen! Part Five

Note: This week’s Bart Allen (aka Impulse aka Kid Flash aka The Flash) redesigns are presented in honor of the character’s co-creator, artist Mike Wieringo, who passed away on August 12th. More info here and here.

Impulse by Paul Milligan

Dean: Aw yes! I love the little unique things Paul’s done here. The red piping is slick, the holographic energy symbol is way cool, and mask is a real innovation. I’d like to see some color variations (yellow on red, white on red, etc), but this is really great. Paul’s drawing style really gels with this kinda fun character.

Vito: I’m a little scared of Paul’s Impulse here! It’s like this could be Bart’s Reverse-Flash (ie, Inertia). But other than that, that logo reminds me of what Ethan Van Sciver is doing on Green Lantern with Hal’s GLC logo.

Dean: Yeah it does have a kinda of evil-clone vibe! I think I like Paul’s use of a holographic symbol more than the recent Green Lantern ones, since there’s no symbol on the shirt. I really dig how the red piping frames the 3D element in this costume without overdoing it. I think Paul’s idea here reminds me more of Eric Canete’s Flash design from his Titans revamp here at P:R a while back.

Kid Flash by Otoniel Oliveira

Dean: Wow. Otoniel definitely went with an older Bart, but kept the sidekick name and vibe going. I dig the electrified yellow piping on the suit and the tread logos. Awesome.

Vito: I actually had to look up the word “kinetic” because I wanted to be sure that it was the right description for what this is…this is a living, breathing piece of art. That design, and the colors in it, move. Bonus points for the Flash-branding on the bottom of the footwear.

Joel: I really like the soles of the shoes, as well. I’d suggest losing the chest emblem on this one. I think the yellow piping separating the two reds can do the job all by themselves. Nice to see another take on a more-adult evolution of Impulse’s goggles. The head and ankle wing-things look sharp! Careful you don’t put anyone’s eyes out, Bart!

The Flash by Eric Newsom

Dean: Eric’s gone with a pretty slick speedskater uniform vibe. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Flash design with an ‘F’ emblem…I like it!

Vito: I had to look at it a few times before I saw the ‘F’ on it!

Joel: Visually, I like the tilted ‘F,’ too. Especially since the lightening bolt emblem is still present, just shifted over to the sleeve. It occurs to me that the letter ‘F’ has some pretty negative connotations that a superhero might want to avoid. Can you imagine the headlines J. Jonah Jameson could write about a character sporting such a costume? Nice color scheme, although I can’t tell if we’re looking at flesh or another costume color on the hands, forearms, and lower legs. I’d be curious to see how the light yellow shapes are handled when they pass over to the back of the costume.

Vito: The lightning bolts on different spots on the leg are kind of weird/interesting. I wonder what that would look like when he’s running.

Impulse by Evan Shaner

Joel: Steampunk Impulse! I like the jacket design, but the cone-shaped cuffs strike me as aerodynamically unsound. I think Eric might as well go all the way and add a white silk pilot’s scarf.

Vito: Just think if Impulse went back in time to be mentored by Jay Garrick! What a fun idea! No idea if that’s what he was going for, but there’s a pulp/steampunk aspect to this that I really dig.

Joel: Ooo, I like the Garrick idea, too! It could be nice to stick some Victorian-style Mercury-wings on the ear muffs attached to those goggles.

Jessica: Jay…or a young Max Mercury? There’s another speedster I miss. I don’t think Bart works as a steampunk-esque character in the main continuity, but this is an Elseworlds I am dying to see.

2 comments to “Faster Fashion, Bart Allen! Part Five”
  1. Thanks guys for not pointing out the terrible anatomy problems with my entry…I honestly wasn’t expecting to see it included with the great stuff we’ve already seen this week (and that accompanied my pic today). I hadn’t thought the problem with the F-word, though certainly it would be a concern.

    The flesh-colored areas on the arms and legs were meant to be flesh. I was thinking that the prongs of the F would stop at the shoulder, but that the stem would wrap around, making a triangle across Bart’s back, and end in the point coming around the front on the other side. Does that make any sense?

    Thanks again for including me! It’s an honor to be showcased here and reviewed by artists whose work I hold in such high respect.

  2. Thanks for including me guys, I’m honored!

    Vito, that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking, I’m glad you read my mind. I always felt like Bart would look up to Jay since he’s the one that he isn’t related to. And I do agree with you Jessica, it probably wouldn’t have worked in continuity, but I’d love an elseworlds like this. I stuck in the silly gloves solely because Mike always seemed to be such a big fan of ’em.

    Thanks again guys, I love being included in all this!

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