Faster Fashion, Bart Allen! Part Six

Note: This week’s Bart Allen (aka Impulse aka Kid Flash aka The Flash) redesigns are presented in honor of the character’s co-creator, artist Mike Wieringo, who passed away on August 12th. More info here and here.

Impulse by Jon McNally

Dean: Gorgeous simplicity here! Jon’s really managed to work in the Jay Garrick helmet with a sweet redesign and a simple costume. The elbow guards are totally sensible and stylin’. I’m surprised by how clean and iconic Jon’s made this design without incorporating a logo. Very nice. I wish I was reading this comic or watching this cartoon right now.

Jessica: You and me both, Dean. I’m usually not a fan of the Jay helmet on Bart, but it really works here. I love this style, but I’d also like to see how the costume works in less cartoony art.

Vito: If they decided to add Impulse to the new Tiny Titans comic, they should go no further than John’s design here. Simple, sure…but absolutely catchy.

Joel: Yup, love the helmet. Also, this is a really nice sleeveless design. The elbow pads and gloves break up the bare arms keeps this simple design decidedly on the right side of “sporty.”

Impulse by Daniel Heard

Dean: I’m absolutely in love with this design. It’s wicked retro track. The sneakers rule hard, the ribbed shirt is awesome, and the lightning element really works.

Jessica: Agree on all points. I also love the Ringo-esque gloves and the modified goggles.

Vito: Sometimes it’s hard for me to divorce the redesign from the artwork. Daniel’s piece is just gorgeous…but the design, since that’s why we’re here, is just as fantastic. It’s titled as an Impulse redesign, but it could easily be a Kid Flash one. It’s really versatile.

Impulse by Mike Maihack

Dean: I really like the red-on-white lightning elements Mike’s used here. Looks like he’s stayed prety true to ‘Ringo’s original vibe. However, I would like to see a few more shots of this design in different actions or poses.

Jessica: I adore the energy in this piece. I’m wondering how those lightning bolts continue around the back, though – do they continue around his butt? The emphasis on the hips and rear seems very feminine.

Vito: My only issue is that if he was in motion, he’d want those goggles down because this Impulse is MOVIN’! My favorite part is that lightning coming down from the chest piece, Jessica. My advice would be to just have the one coming down and maybe instead of wrapping around, going straight down to his boot.

Joel: Nice design, marvelous drawing. Does the circle on the chest have a lightning bolt on it when Impulse isn’t zipping along? It could be a fun bit of nonsense if his icon was a captured bit of lightning crackling on his chest which then sparked his electric wake when in motion.

Impulse by Jason Horn

Joel: This costume has a structured look, almost like a nice business tailored business suit, due to its slight angularity and the emphasis on the piping. The result is a classy, jaunty look that reminds me of costumed adventurers from the Thirties. The subtle shift in reds on either side of the piping adds some nice depth to the costume. Paired down goggles leave most of Bart’s face free, which makes this superhero look open, approachable, and breezy.

Vito: You’re totally right, Joel. In fact, if you add a moustache to him and the Mercury hat, it could double as the design from JSA: Liberty Files. But where Jason’s differs is in making it less gaudy, as most costumes from back then had the tendency to do, and that belt is SICK!

Dean: I really like the attention to seams against a clean simple design. The over-the-shoulder lightning bolt works really well here, and the belt is wicked! Joel’s right, ‘classy’ it is. Love it. As usual, I’d like to see some more poses, but this is good stuff.

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  1. Y’all rock for doing his weeks tribute to the Much Missed Mike Wieringo. Seeing all the amazing artwork on Display this week really shows how many artists were inspired by ‘Ringo’s talent.
    And thank you guys for the kind words about my redesign.

    -Daniel Heard

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