Yondu by Nuno Alves

Character: Yondu
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Artist: Nuno Alves
Reviewer: Chris Arrant

Yondu was created back in 1969, but I best remember him from the early nineties Guardians of the Galaxy series by Jim Valentino. If you’re familiar with Star Trek, I’d classify Yondu as one part Vulcan and one part Klingon, but as the series progressed, he became much more than that. Yondu was definitely the wild one of the GotG bunch, and Alves has heightened the alien factor in this design and made him more post-podern in a design I’d love to see put to action (you hear that, Marvel?)!

Alves does a remarkable feat of keeping Yondu’s humble roots with the simple sandals while still making it seem like something you’d see many decades from now. The hi-tech bow he’s sporting with the holographic 3D sight could definitely come in handy. The trademark fin of the Centaurians remains in full effect, and Nuno’s streamlined presentation of it makes this “noble savage” a formidable sight.

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  1. WOW. I’ve only read an issue or two of Guardians of the Galaxy, so I’m not incredibly familiar with the character, but I flipping LOVE this design. I was asked at a convention recently to draw a redesigned Yondu, and I think Nuno’s totally one-upped mine. The futuristic bow, simplified costume (PANTS were a good call), and Alves’s clean, beautiful style all make this one of the more striking pieces we’ve run. Great job, dude.

  2. Looks fantastic! It would have been cool to see an added tool for the sonic control they’re supposed to have over their arrows (the wooden shafts are sensitive to the archer’s whistling). GotG was one of my favorite books for the fun it was able to have while being somewhat outside the mainstream Marvel continuity.

  3. That arm-guard looks incredibly sleek; it could easily be a full-sleeve/chest tattoo, some kind of Zatoan tribal marking. Very cool.

    And, those pants are much needed. Yondu’s been running around in briefs for far too long.

    Great design. Great style.

  4. I was having an incredible sense of de ja vu, and realized I’d seen Nuno’s drawing on his dA account. He also has a rocking Starhawk on there. I’d love to see him do the rest.

  5. Even though I didn’t know a lot about the Guardians, I always loved Yondu because of his design. And this makes it even better.

    I want a Yondu mini-series starring this version.

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  7. I loved valentino’s run on GotG and Yondu was easily my favorite character. With all the renewed interest in cosmic characters I think it’s high time Marvel resurrected them. Nuno’s design is great, the holo-sight is cool.

  8. I’ve always loved the Guardians. This design is excellent, as it really gives you the whole “high-tech barbarian” look that Yondu should have.

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