Spoiler Warning: Team-Up Follow-Up!

In addition to the excellent redesigns of Stephanie Brown that we ran this week, we at Project: Rooftop would also like to present the following images we received, teaming Steph up with her familiar allies. Enjoy.

Batman & Robin by Ming Doyle.
(Larger Version)

Batman & Robin by Daniel Krall.
(Larger Version)

Spoiler & Robin by Eric Canete w/ colors by Dean Trippe.
(Larger Version)
9 comments to “Spoiler Warning: Team-Up Follow-Up!”
  1. 1) Now those boots make sense, Batman’s clearly going to use his sidekick as a flail.
    2) Not only is Daniel’s Steph amazing, but his Batman kicks so much ass (kinda reminds me of the Year 100 look).
    3) Wow, thats just a great picture.

  2. Canete’s art continues to impress. When I first saw his art on Majestic, it was quite jarring (especially considering he followed the style of Ed McGuinness), but the more I see from him these days, the more I loved it.

  3. I agree with Ford MF; Eric Canete, you’ve left me completely floored. Too. Gorgeous. Major kudos to you–and of course to Dean, for the brilliant and understated colors!

  4. That Dean Trippe image is absolutely astounding! I mean really – wow!! Not only is it a showcase for that wonderful costume design but the mood, the colours, the body language- just perfect!!

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