Wonder Woman Wardrobe War Winners!

Note: The following entries are the winners and finalists from the Wonder Woman Wardrobe War contest announced earlier this month, with prizes provided by Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas. We received an astounding 79 entries. To determine the winners, our reviewers rated and reviewed each entry, the Zeus Comics team provided their ratings and reviews, and current Wonder Woman writer Gail Simone contributed her thoughts on each entry as well. We also decided to hand out some extra superlatives. The remaining entries are available over at the Zeus Comics website. – Dean

Introduction by Gail Simone.

Wow! I honestly had no idea the responses were going to be this amazing. I’m astounded not only by the designs and imagination, but quite a few of these are produced so beautifully that I’d love to see more work by these individual artists. Heck, some I would love to have on my wall, in fact! Great, great work. I had to ask the Zeus guys, “Hey, are these people all professionals already?” Just great stuff. Made my week.

As for the designs, I was looking at them strictly hypothetically, because (get ready to throw rocks) I actually really love Diana’s costume. I think of these as gorgeous Elseworlds designs, really. Some of the these did seem to get a little too complex and intricate for Diana ever to really wear–remember the artist has to draw the thing hundreds and even thousands of times! I like the ones that really went out on an artistic limb, and I also have a fondness for some of the more practical designs. I don’t think it’s really fair for me to vote, so I’m adding non-voting comments. I want to say, I also really liked a lot of the non-finalists. Beautiful work, everyone, and thanks to Zeus and Project: Rooftop for doing this, and the artists for contributing!


Joe Quninones
Best Intricate Accesories!

Dean: 9. The first time I ever saw Joe’s art, it was in a submission to P:R, featuring Wonder Woman…which we rejected. Fortunately, it was the start of a great friendship and mutual fandom, and gosh dang it if Joe hasn’t rebounded from that first design with style and skill. I adore the intricately ornate elements here, especially juxtaposed with the keep-it-simple-superhero, primary colored spandex. The only things I’d like to see amended are the thigh boot tops.

Chris: 9.5. This is a great example of superb illustration and costuming coming together. The sculpted eagle on the front is great, although it might be a big confining (my wife says yes, but she could pull it off). If anything, I wish more thought had been put into the lasso. That would’ve made it a 10. And man, if Joe Quninones doesn’t have someone backing up a Brinks Truck to draw for them, they’re crazy.

Joel: 9.5. This drawing a definitely a ten. And the costume is right on it’s heels. The contrast between the modern simplicity of the leotard and the antique ornateness of the armor illustrates a lot of what this character is about. The only two incredibly minor quibbles I have with are: the tops of the boots, which look like they’d rub when she walks; and the relief-work on the bracelets, which might turn bullets in unpredictable ways.

Rachel: 10. Oh, wow. I take back everything I said about filigree. This is just – yes. It’s practical, it’s gorgeous – I love the detailing on the metal parts – and it looks like something she could move and fight in. While I agree with Joel about those boot tops, it’s otherwise just too perfect to mark down.

Zeus: 9. Joe is an amazing digital artist! Look how the ornamentation is placed on the armor and how the body is shaded. This is one of those pieces that could be worked on for another two months and the level of detail would just keep going and going.

Jess: 9. Absolutely stunning. My only quibble is the boots – it looks a little bit like she’s wearing metal slippers and leg warmers. Beautifully filigreed slippers and leg warmers, of course, but I can’t help thinking she’ll have to shuffle around to get anywhere.

Gail: Uh, wow? Again, this would be a contender if Diana’s costume really were up for grabs. Of everything shown in the finalists, this is definitely one that would work beautifully in the comics, AND it’s beautifully realized as a piece of design art.


Daniel Krall
Best Illustration!

Dean: 10. This design just rocks. The softer white lace elements contrast nicely with the leather and metal bodice, and the blue part of the skirt has a tough look, given the shape and stiffness. Continuing with the pretty-and-pummeling theme, Daniel has worked out some clever sandals + shin guards for this WW. Finally, Daniel’s inclusion of Wonder Girl scores an additional point in my rating.

Joel: 8. I like this drawing so much that it’s hard to see past it and figure out how I feel about the actual design. The combination of the sleeves and the kerchief-tiara almost makes this Wonder Woman look more Russian than Greek. The blue skirt-plates layered over cloth are a nice look, and just might weigh the cloth down enough to prevent some of the flying-in-skirt issues. I’m not sure I get the transition from the thin body of the eagle to the larger gold piece at the bottom of the bodice. Nice greaves and sandals. I agree that extra points are deserved for adding in Wonder Girl (to say nothing of the minotaur’s head), although I actually think Cassie’s design looks too complicated. I’d say both of these Wonders are in contention with Ming’s WW for Best Hair.

Chris: 8. This shows alot of spirit. Truly far more than a costume design but a pin-up depicting a hypothetical scene, if I were just to rate it as a pin-up I’d give it a 10.. but since we’re supposed to be focused on the costume, I’d have to drop down to an 8. WW’s design looks more 1800s America than any kind of European influence. But great pin-up… and Wonder Girl, she has a costume worthy of a 10.

Rachel: 8. It’s got that blend of WW-style patriotism (I’m seeing the 1800s American thing, too, Chris), modern interpretation of classical costume, and elegant martial feel that make me think of World Wars I and II poster art – something that I think fits Wonder Woman perfectly. Does it remind anyone else of Promethea? I also really like how simple the greaves and bracelets are on this design. There’s a battle-worn elegance to the plain gray metal that I think fits Wonder Woman beautifully, and it always frustrates me to see artists go overboard with the filigree.

Jess: 9. So, so awesome. I have to admit I shied away from the full 10 because I agree with the fellas that Diana’s costume is not particularly Greek, but it is fantastic. Love the boots, love the skirt, love the hair. And Cassie’s is nothing less than a 10.

Rachel: I really like that Cassie’s breastplate is articulated – that makes so much sense!

Zeus: 10. Wonder Woman is clearly more interested in checking her sword for dings than the state of her battle-damaged skirt. Meanwhile, Wonder Girl, who isn’t afraid of accessorizing in this piece, is eyeing that minotaur’s nose ring. She should pay more attention to partner who clearly shows that you can wear lace and leather together when you have serious bangs to pull it together.

Gail: Again, a beautiful piece of art. It’s hard for me to picture Wonder Woman in lace, but this image does sell it better than I would have thought possible. Daniel, you are extremely talented!

Jemma Salume
Most Elegant!

Dean: 9. Jemma’s strength as a designer is exemplified here by her ability to break away from many of Wonder Woman’s core design elements, add in some of her own, and still retain the visual identity of the character. I love the redistribution of Diana’s primary color scheme, and the added star details to the magic lasso. I assume the wings are merely a visual metaphor for Diana’s heroism and flying ability, but they look pretty cool for this illustration.

Joel: 9. What a lovely design, just as we’ve come to expect from Ms. Salume. Perhaps not the best for rough-and-tumble monster tusslin’, I like the thought that this is what Diana would wear on more formal occasions, like JLA press conferences or ambassadorial functions (I know, I know…).

Rachel: 8. I really, really like the way Jemma’s designed the neckline on this – it’s so regal. I can’t hack the hems of the tunic and underskirt, though – they seem awkward, especially against the otherwise graceful shape of the outfit.

Chris: 9. I would have never come up with this in a 100 years, and that’s why I love it so much. Jemma’s really coming from a different place than traditional American superheroes to make this work — I sense a bit of CLAMP going on here, but that may be just me. It all works here.

Joel: CLAMP?

Rachel: They’re an all-female animation studio in Japan. Dude, I can’t believe you don’t know who CLAMP is! You just lost so much geek cred.

Joel: I’m old, leave me alone! You kids with your crazy calypso music!

Jess: 9. Absolutely lovely. I agree that it’s perhaps not that practical for fisticuffs, but it’s striking and elegant. Diana looks like a goddess, but a nurturing one, not an untouchable one. This is definitely more of the peacemaker than the warrior.

Zeus: 9. Barry said her name should be Wonder Lass in the Legion of Superheroes. Finally some wings! I love it. She’s very ethereal here. Her truth seeking lasso seems to have a spirit of its own.

Gail: Jemma, you have a lovely deco style. While it feels just a bit ethereal for Diana’s day to day togs, I particularly like the lasso design and WW collar.


Carly Monardo
Best Classical Influence!

Dean: 9. I think this is my favorite historically referenced Wonder Woman I’ve ever seen, and there have been a few. Carly’s design strikes me as being Golden Age WW by way of HBO’s Rome. There’s an elegance to the solid molded breastplate and shin guards, but not in such an ethereal, pristine way that she looks unable to bust up some bad guys. Chris: 7. Really nice Greco-Roman influenced design. But as it stands, I couldn’t see a modern-day Wonder Woman wearing it — but maybe as a period piece. The high point of the design for me is the shin-guards though — I could really see those being put to good use.

Joel: 7. A great design, with lots of period detail. Maybe not right for day-to-day DCU wear, but swell for Themysciran shin-dings. I love the folds at the waist, and the more Roman-style chest plate. The greaves are nice, but the back plates are a little too tall: it’d be hard to completely bend the knee. I’m very curious about Carly’s intentions with the mask. Just a prop, or a new tool in Diana’s arsenal?

Jess: 7. I love the shin guards and the breastplate too, and the beautiful, strong draftsmanship, but the exposed feet seem impractical for combat. Something about the waist folds and the skirt strike me as somehow apron-esque, too. I love the muted color scheme, though – there’s something very dignified and elegant about it.

Joel: It’s a interesting point about the exposed feet, which show up in a lot of these designs. How invulnerable is WW these days? I’ve been assuming that she was pretty much bulletproof, and as such didn’t really need clothing for protective purposes. But then, that would make her signature bulletproof bracelets redundant.

Rachel: 8. Like everyone else, I’m a big fan of both the breastplate and the greaves, and I’d really like to see those two elements worked into an overall slightly more modern costume. The combination of elegance and practicality is really what Wonder Woman’s all about.

Zeus: 9. Is this the outfit worn during her trials? Love the mask if that’s the case. Everything about this outfit is practical — her hair is pulled up, she’s got a modicum of plating for battle, but still keeps all the ornaments of distinction. Her sandals and tied off skirt show how she comes from an earlier time too which is a great way to think about how life in Themyscira didn’t stray that far from the early Greeks.

Gail: Lovely design, and very appropriate for the pre-Patriarch’s World section of Diana’s story. I’d love to see Carly doing historical comics somewhere.

Ming Doyle
Best Hairstyle!

Dean: 9. There’s too much awesome here to go into too much detail, so I’d like to be the reviewer that points how the clever and practical hairstyle. Rocking. Ming, would you mind maybe, um, redesigning the entire DCU? And then altering time and space so I can go live there? Thanks. Bonus points for the spooky background.

Chris: 7. A great illustration here, but for actual costuming it’s less than perfect. The thigh boots are an inspired choice, but the torso portion needs some refining.

Joel: 9.5. You’re mad, Chris, stark raving mad. The torso is great! I spent a lot of time looking at Classical costumery this week, and this is a brilliant blending of Classical motifs with a modern sensibility. The only part that gives me pause is the semi-skirt, which might look exploitative in the hands of another artist.

Rachel: 9. Jumping on the Chris-Is-Nuts bandwagon: I adore the torso on this. Not only is it a beautiful, mindful design, but it also looks very wearable, like something a seasoned warrior would actually choose to dress herself in. I’d add a third tier to the front center of the skirt, but other than that, perfect.

Zeus: 9. Nobody at Zeus could say why we liked this outfit, we just do. I would never expect to see this outfit in a comic, save one from Vertigo perhaps.

Rachel: You’re right – it’s just too textured for a standard superhero outfit. But I think that’s also part of its appeal: it’s not what you’d expect to see.

Jess: 9. What I love most about this, I think, is that Ming brought in tons of Classical imagery, but then stuck a bodysuit and stockings underneath it all. No wafting around in flimsy drapery or getting chafed by sweaty boots for this Wonder Woman – she is both stylish, stylized, and prepared. Awesome.

Gail: Ming, this is just a stunning piece of art. The design is terrific, though I wonder about the black elements. However, I can’t stop admiring the art to criticize the design! Gorgeous.

Maris Wicks
Best Out-of-Continuity!

Dean: 7. Maris has clearly taken Diana in a direction that make not be quite what DC has in mind for their icon, BUT WHO CARES?! Rodeo Wonder Woman’s got an invisible horse! Whoo! That’s a big fat helping of awesomesauce in my book.

Rachel: 9. Words can’t describe how much I want to read comic books about the adventures of this character. In retrospect, I’m surprised at how seldom artists make the cowgirl – lasso connection, although I can’t imagine another Wonder Cowgirl as spunky and generally awesome as this one. Invisible horsey!

Jess: 9. Yeah, my favorite Elseworlds, Justice Riders, has a Sheriff Diana, but she’s not exactly the embodiment of adorability we’ve got here. The point is taken off for the Elseworldsliness of this, but otherwise, man, is this design a 10.

Chris: 7. In a design that DC would never do, but it reeks of awesomeness. I’d buy this comic.

Joel: 8. If DC ever puts out another volume of Bizarro Comics, they really need Maris on board. They really, really, need her on board. I mean, an invisible pony!

Zeus: 10. Well rope-n-hog-tie me, I love it! There isn’t anything about this Wonder Woman that isn’t totally awesome. Even the belt buckle is awesome. Where can I get one? This Western Wonder Woman is a surprising departure from any costume I’ve seen here. If she were in a kids comic, it’d be a smash success.

Gail: No gripes here. This is a Diana a million little girls would love, AND the art is to die for. It’s funny how impressive so many of these pieces are for the talent of the artists, even beyond the design work.


Joel Priddy
Best Inelligible!

Joel: Alright, guys, in the spirit of dishing-it-out-and-taking-it, here’s my submission. It’s not in contention for any of the goodies (dagnabit), but I just couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. Don’t be gentle, now.

Dean: 10. The simple addition of the metal shoulder armor adds so much this design in terms of implying visual strength. The v-cut golden shorts tie into the armored look, but also have a pleasant cuteness. And of course, Joel rocks the footwear. These logo-branded sandals may be the best character-themed shoes I’ve ever seen. Extra point for the telekinetic display of magic lasso power, and the removable blue cape. Great job, Joel.

Rachel: 9. I love the design, but I see it as less fitting for the current Wonder Woman than for a grown-up Wonder Girl. The shine on the shorts strike me as a little peculiar, particularly since the breastplate seems to be made out of rigid metal, but I love their cut: Joel mentioned that he had looked at contemporary gymnasts for inspiration, and I can definitely see that here. And the classical Grecian cape ties everything together perfectly.

Chris: 9. This reminds me of my PWCW editor, Heidi MacDonald! I can’t really formulate an opinion past that.

Zeus: 9. She’s off to face her arch enemy Rich Johnston aka Dr. Gossip. Total lie: last year, at SDCC, Heidi walked everywhere in flip flops, now I know why.

Joel: Looking at all the wonderful designs people have submitted, I wish I’d taken my design further afield. I tried to start from scratch, and built this costume out of combined references to Greek vase-painting and contemporary gymnasts. But, in the end, it looks like all I did was get rid of the star-spangled shorts. I think my favorite element is the chlamys/cape, which was a total after-thought.

Jess: 9. She somehow looks both ethereal and strong here, which is an impressive feat. I do like the costume a lot, but think it suffers from a lack of blue, which is why I’m also giving mad props to the cape, which I think really ties the whole thing together.

Gail: Boy, a lot to love here! I love the whole outfit but the tunic design is a particular winner, and Diana’s face and tone here are right on the mark for an imaginative and powerful image.

Leanne Buckley
Most Fashionably Fabulous!

Dean: 7. Holy wow, this is stylish. The WW logo themed piping on the top and the boots is just stellar. I love the multiple star element prints and the clean long sleeves. I’m not sure this would suit Diana in day to day adventuring, but it sure as heck belongs in her wardrobe. Or maybe in her licensed fall fashion collection? Chris: 9. If this were a Wonder Girl contest, this would get a 10. But I feel the design is too modern to fit the maturity inherent in Wonder Woman. But man, Leanne really an eye for ensemble.

Jess: 8. I’m with you, Chris. Totally a Donna Troy costume, although not for fighting, since she’d just go flying out of that open neckline. Donna wears this when she needs to strike fear into the hearts of men with fashion. Kicky haircut, too!

Joel: 7. This is a lovely drawing, and an elegant design, but I don’t think it looks like Diana or Donna or Cassie so much as a model wearing WW-inspired clothing for some sort of fashion benefit in the DCU. That said, it’s very clever the way the gold piping becomes the WW, and the boots match the top perfectly.

Rachel: 7. I like the wrap-around piping on the boots, and the shaded gold stars, but this doesn’t seem to practical for crimefighting. I’ll echo Joel again, and say that this seems more like a Wonder Woman-inspired outfit than an outfit for Wonder Woman.

Zeus: 9. This isn’t Heidi Klum’s and Tim Gunn’s project challenge, but I’m sure Nina Garcia would love it. Don’t worry about Michael Kors, he’s hates everything. Wonder Woman would win any battle in a walk-off. I love the outfit, but now the bracelets and lasso don’t fit.

Dean: Tim Gunn’s a superhero in his own right! Let’s put out an open call for redesigns of him!

Gail: Perhaps the most beautiful piece in competition. I adore this, it’s beautiful and modern and elegant, but I do agree Donna Troy, not Diana, should be wearing this. Hell, she should be wearing it NOW. Leanne, you are very gifted!

Jess Fink

Dean: 8. Jess’s design feels more like an Elseworlds or ancient times Wonder Woman, with the inclusion of the breast-removal myth, the rope belt, and the tied sandals. I really dig the shoulder armor and the inclusion of a bow into Diana’s arsenal. And the way Jess has the magic lasso wrapped around WW’s bicep is just too cool for words.

Chris: 8. I have a weakness for non-symmetrical design, and that shoulder piece really does it for me (although vaguely reminiscent of Judge Dredd). Jess has really thought out the design, and the lasso wrapped around her arm hints at new battle uses than what you’d usually expect. I really admire the thought put into this design.

Joel: 7. You know, with the dozens of Wonder Woman avatars running around out there (Power Princess, War Woman, Winger Victory, etc.), I can’t recall anyone making use of the Amazonian mastectomy before. Go figure. I really like the emphasis on WW’s accouterments. The Golden Girdle of Gaia! And that is my favorite of all the lasso-storage options we’ve seen. Something interesting could be done with the asymmetrical shoulder guard and a one-breasted girdle. I’d love to see Jess take these accessories and pair them with some more contemporary action-wear. That would take this piece from being a really interesting Elseworlds costume into something to for the mainstream Wonder Woman.

Rachel: 6. I love the attention to detail on this – I’ve never thought of Wonder Woman as so well-accesorized. But why are there two breasts on the breastplate? It kind of defeats the purpose of removing one to begin with. The baggy fabric under the sandal lacing seems impractical as well: the whole assembly would fall down the second she took off running.

Jess: 7. I agree that it’s more of an Elseworlds-esque design that anything else right now, but as such it’s pretty sweet. I really dig the shoulder guard and the bow, but what I really need to know is where I can get one of those headpieces for my very own (although I doubt I could pull it off like this Diana can).

Zeus: 8. This reminds me much of Age of Bronze. Plus, everything about her is utility. Her stance is very masculine, she doesn’t tweeze and the way her armor is purposed (even down to the lack of a breast) I’m surprised it has any decoration. There’s no mistaking her for a warrior here.

Rachel: It always vaguely bugged me that Wonder Woman didn’t have any body hair (nor, as far as I can tell, any of the Amazons). You can sort of rationalize it away with the whole sculpted-from-clay origin, but she has eyebrows and eyelashes and hair on her head. Seriously, though, I have trouble imagining Wonder Woman spending as much time maintaining her bikini line as many of her costumes would require.

Joel: I’m stretching for the no-prize here, but didn’t the Ancient Greeks consider body hair a sign of a bestial nature, and hold the almost-hairless youth up as the pinnacle of human beauty? Since Themyscira is a perfected Greek culture, perhaps they’ve carried on with this aesthetic, and developed, say, a lime-green depilatory ray. In the DCU, a Brazilian wax may be called a “Themysciran.”

Gail: I like it for the humanity. To me, this seems like a more historic, less fantasy-based take on a non-myth-based Diana. It’s powerful. Where are you finding all these good artists?

Dean: The internets and conventions, mostly! Does DC or Marvel need a talent scout? Contact: me.

Jonathan McNally
Saturday Morningest!

Dean: 8. I’ve been a fan of Jonathan’s art for years now, and it’s great to see such a solid entry from him here at P:R! I adore the clean simplicity of both his forms and his design. This design is so much fun. It’s amazing how many new elements Jonathan’s introduced here, and yet fully retains character recognition. Why doesn’t Wonder Woman break out the mission-specific outfits anymore? With solid designers like Mr. McNally here, I’d want her rocking a new one every week!

Joel: 6. Very cute! My first impression is that it didn’t tie into WW’s visual identity enough, but if you take away the helmet, in actually does: you’ve got the bracelets, the lasso, the stars, and some W’s hidden in the boots. Even the white passes muster thanks to Diana’s Emma Peel days. The helmet puts it distinctly into Elseworlds territory, but, in Jonathon’s atomo-retro hands, I’m sure it’s an Elseworld’s I’d like to read.

Chris: 7. A bit of Adam Strange going on here, and some 70s spacey Hanna Barbera.

Zeus: 8. Terrific homage to Lynda Carter’s diving/motorcycle/whatever outfit. I think her cape should be in a form of a jet pack. The halftone shading is a nice touch.

Rachel: 6. You’re right! I didn’t catch the Lynda Carter reference at first, but that’s kind of awesome. Not fond of the inlaid stars on the bracers or the funky boot-tops, but otherwise, this is adorable.

Joel: And the jet pack is a good idea. But then, jet packs always are.

Dean: Agreed x 100.

Jess: 8. I was thinking of that jumpsuit too, Vito! I’m torn here, because I completely adore every aspect of this costume, but it doesn’t strike me as terribly Wonder Womany. Possibly this is Diana and Adam Strange’s lovechild, which is a bizarre concept.

Gail: Fun, fun, fun. The Diana that I imagine in my head stars in a big thick comic every month that has extras like paper dolls and different outfits for different missions. This reminds me of something like that.

Darren Calvert
Most Snappiest!

Dean: 7. Oh man, fun stuff. I’m a big fan of Darren’s drawings and costumes, and this is no exception. To me, this looks like an alternate reality WW, more than a straight up DCU one, or maybe a Donna-as-successor outfit. In any case, I totally dig it, but I think I’d have liked to have seen a few more variations on the color scheme. The boots in particular might be a little too simple, all their segments being gold. I really like the clean WW chest emblem, and the corresponding bicep bracelet, though I think I’d have liked to have seen another one on her right arm for symmetry.

Chris: 7. A really strong piece, but the design has no real unifying or “wow” elements to make it memorable.

Joel: 8. I think this is a really solid straight-up Super Hero design. Nice proportions. It looks designed for action. I love the high neck and the bold, simple WW-insignia. Bringing the blue up past the waist-line puts a nice emphasis on the three stars. I’ve never been a fan of the star-spangled shorts, but the stars really work as a visual element, here. The boots might be a bit much, however.

Jess: 7. I agree with Chris; a powerful drawing, but nothing that really catches my eye.

Rachel: 7. I’m with Jess and Chris: It’s a nice design, but it doesn’t really stand out, either. Wonder Woman needs to look iconic, and this just doesn’t do that for me.

Zeus: 6. Wait a minute, didn’t Karri Strug already wear this at the Olympics? It’s nice to see that the evolution of the baggy shorts have rescinded from the butt crack finally. Overall, this is a very modern superhero look. Gail: If I were actually in the market for changing Diana’s outfit, this would be a contender. It’s modern, lovely, and yet retains a lot of classic elements and updates them. It’s sort of Bruce Timm-esque, in a way, which is always good. And yet another lovely piece of art. I again say, I can’t believe how much talent is out there!

Joel Carroll
Best Battle Accessories!

Dean: 7. Is anyone surprised to see this longtime P:R regular show out with another solid design? Lot of great elements here, Joel! I think the repeating eagle emblem is the strongest, and the shield is cool as can be. I think I’d like to see the yellow bits turned gold (or silver?), and a shot without the helmet.

Chris: 8. Some of this is nigh perfect, but some of it really skews my thoughts so I’m rather conflicted. Helmet? awesome. Boots? awesome. Cape? awesome. But the shield and breastplate design needs some additional thought. If I was an editor, I’d send this back to Joel to fine-tune it, but it’s really close to being pretty potent.

Zeus: 7. I hope Jim Lee and Frank Miller are taking notes. This is a Spartan from “300″ if there ever was. This is such a dark costume that the gold almost deceives. The fact you can’t see her face means she’s really looking at you.

Joel: 6. I’m on record with my deep admiration of Joel Carroll’s design sensibility, but this doesn’t seem as considered as his work usually is. I think there’s an over-reliance on black, the breast-plate and skirt don’t look worked out, and the helmet-shrouded face strikes me as completely wrong for the character. The boots and the cape are starting to head somewhere interesting, however.

Rachel: 7. I’m noticing the same thing as Joel: that while many of the individual elements are cool, they just don’t quite fit as a single costume. I do like the skirt, though – a lot of artists seem to be struggling to find good uses for the American flag elements in Diana’s costume (which are a bit weird, when you think about it), and this integrates at least one of them really nicely.

Jess: 7. I agree. The helmet is completely awesome, but we should be able to see Wonder Woman’s face. She’s too unapproachable this way. I’m not sure how I feel about the reliance on the black and especially the gold, but I really like the overall silhouette this costume forms, and the boots are fantastic.

Gail: Very high rating on this one, that works as a great cohesive whole and not a series of conflicting elements. Nicely done, Joel!

Sonny Strait
Most Twirliest!

Dean: 6. This doesn’t particularly strike me as a Diana costume, but it’s got a lot of fun Wonder Woman mojo. The haircut, the long top, and the short jacket all really feel cool. I’m not too sure about the shoes, but the lasso belt is slick.

Joel: 6. A fun, spirited design, this looks a little young for Diana, but could work nicely for one of the younger Wonders. I’m not a fan of high-heeled sneakers, but I like adding Hermes’ wings. Wikipedia informs me that Hermes is how Diana got the ability to fly, so why not get the cool accessories to go with it?

Chris: 6. This is a Wonder Girl more than Wonder Woman.

Rachel: 8. If DC had a mangaverse, this absolutely would be its Wonder Woman or Wonder Girl. Sonny’s design is adorable, stylish, and complex without being too busy or distracting. I love the bolero jacket, the tunic-over-shorts, and the lasso belt, and the winged sneakers make me really happy.

Zeus: 8. “Pretty Princess Makeup!” Knowing Sonny’s background as the voice of Krillin and a Manga artist, I can really see his interpretation here. When Diana’s not saving the world from pantheon monsters or thwarting Ares’ plots, she’s busy trying to balance her school life. Between maintaining her grades, running for class president, and keeping an after-school job at SuperBurger, being an Amazonian warrior is tough work! Those shoes are great, by the way.

Jess: 7. Very fun, although more for, say, a Cassie who didn’t decide to ditch the black wig back in Young Justice. I adore the sneakers, but am not a fan of the two contrasting shades of red.

Gail: Yep, again, this is a Diana that would really appeal to a generation of young girls raised on anime and manga. I want those damn shoes myself! And the jacket’s sweet, too.

Kyle Latino
Most Likely to Kick You in the Face!

Dean: 6. I think Kyle’s could’ve ditched the headgear and supersized bracelets, but I really love the dress/armor/uniform. Removing the yellow from the typically primary colored heroine is a good call, and playing up the blue really makes this design stand out.

Zeus: 8. We’re it not for the skirt or long hair, this may as well be a man. However, the outfit looks great. This is a very dark and serious version of Diana. I don’t think those are bracelets for bullets in as much they add weight to her punch. The skirt looks like it has weight and depth. The armor has buckles and it’s shaped really well. She doesn’t have any problems moving in it.

Chris: 6. This drawing uses unbridled power, but really it looks like a Amazon woman but not Wonder Woman.

Jess: 6. It’s extremely powerful and dynamic, but I think that’s more because of the pose than because of the design. Honestly, I can’t really see the design, thanks to her pose. I’m not terribly enamored of the head- and wrist-bands, which seem kind of Darkseidy to me.

Rachel: 7. I like the androgyny of this design: it’s all about utility. The head and wrist bands seem way too heavy, but I really, really like the breastplate and the sandals. This is an outfit for an Amazon warrior.

Joel: 5. It’s certainly an action-packed pose, but I can’t see enough of the costume. From what I am seeing, it looks like Kyle has some very specific ideas about this Wonder Woman’s backstory, and I’d be curious to hear them.

Gail: Kyle, I love the image hugely. It’s a great piece of powerful art that leaves a huge impression. That said, the outfit feels a bit more Hercules than Diana. In particular, I can’t see her wearing the bracelets that look more like shackles, at this stage of her career. But that’s an extraordinary piece of art, I’m lovin’ it! It OOZES power.

Yasmin Liang
Best Use of Pants!

Dean: 6. See, pants can work in the DCU’s heroine wardrobe. Pay attention, designers. I’d like to have seen a bit more thought put into the bodice and emblem (perhaps a longsleeve shirt or a tank top?), but I dig the overall image.

Zeus: 7. When you hold this up to the other entries, it doesn’t really stand out as a wildly different look for her outfit. However, I can see this outfit being used now in the DCU. It’s a very athletic outfit with some aesthetic additions. You could almost get rid of the boots, scarf, and the gold and this outfit would be just as strong if not more so. The lasso whipping around in the background is awesome.

Chris: 7. I really like this, but I think the shoulder armor could use some work.

Rachel: 6. The scarf is damn cool – especially when you consider that her original costume was made in tribute to a pilot! The saggy boots bug me, though – one misstep, and she’d be head over heels and missing a shoe.

Jess: 6. I don’t really get the scarf, I must say. Love the breastplate and epaulets, though!

Joel: 5. I’m a fan of scarves, and would applaud Diana’s accessorizing with one when not in combat. But I’d like to see either fewer or smaller stars; it’s a bit busy at the moment.

Gail: I’m crazy about this one. I keep going back and forth on the scarf…I love the scarf and think it’s really inventive, but I know I’d have a hard time writing Diana with something around her throat like that that could be used by an enemy. Otherwise, it’s a lovely streamline/update of Diana’s classic look AND a lovely piece of art, as well. Great work, Yasmin!

Jason Horn
Most Likely to Appear in a Wicked Rock Opera!

Dean: 6. Jason’s design seems to take a cue from Captain America’s body armored look, utilizing a similar scaled material, which I think has a neat look. I like the face guards added to the tiara, making it look a tough tougher, as well as the knee and shoulder pads, with the simple eagle element. I particularly like the hair length, which doesn’t quite say Diana to me, but could work for a promoted Donna should she reclaim the mantle again.

Chris: 5. My design sense is tingling here — I really feel that an appropriate WW outfit has to carry over some, if not all, of the color scheme from the original red, white, blue and gold. But like Dean said, it’s very Captain America-esque.

Joel: 6. I’m on board with the side-burn tiara, too. Very nice. It’d be interesting to take Chris’s suggestion and bring some of the classic WW colors into the scale armor. I think the eagle gets repeated a few too many times, and the lacing on her legs really should connect to her sandals. But it’s a fun design that could work well when Diana is in her monster-slayer modality.

Jess: 6. The problem with the scale armor is that it kind of resembles feathers, so with all the eagles it kind of looks like this is a design for Birdwoman, Queen of the Skies! As such, it’s awesome; as Wonder Woman, I’m not so sure. I do love the headpiece and the short hair, and the kneepads.

Rachel: 5. Props for attaching the breastplate to the shoulders – that makes a lot of sense, and it’s not something you see much of. The texture of the dress is just too much for me, although you might be able to get away with sleeker scale-mail.

Zeus: 8. Now this is a true Bird of Prey. Even her hair is feathered! She really has a theme going with the Eagle and using red scales just adds to her greater fierceness. I love the stance and position too.

Gail: Jason, this is a great piece of art. I love it. Again, I see an animated influence. As for the costume, it’s a very nice take. I like the headpiece in particular. If Diana lost her powers, this might be what she wears to battle.

James Stowe
Most Futuristic!

Dean: 5. While this design seems a little too futuristic for Wonder Woman, in my opinion, I’m still impressed with a few of the more radical elements. The tiara/visor is bizarrely interesting, as are the shorter hair cut and the lightning-shaped “W” belt.

Rachel: 6. Wonder Woman had short hair in the comics for a while, and I’ve always really, really liked her that way. I also love those boots – this is my hands-down favorite take on the classic white-piping design, and the heels are wide and low enough that I can forgive ‘em this time – and I like the idea of a futuristic revamp, but the thong-over-leotard look seems a little bizarre. Bonus points for both the pose and the musculature, though.

Joel: 6. I don’t mind the futuristic angle. Amazonian super-science surely goes past candy-colored rays. I like how bold and super-heroey this design is. The tiara-turned visor is clever, although I don’t think it works as a permanent feature of a WW costume. And I have an issue with this belt that I have with a lot of Wonder Woman belts—she’d commit seppuku the first time she tried to bend at the waist.

Chris: 6. This reminds me alot of Booster Gold. Very futuristic and super-heroey. Great illustration, but I feel as it doesn’t fit the character of Wonder Woman.

Joel: Maybe if Big Barda had to substitute for Diana for awhile?

Jess: 6. It reminds me of the John Fox Flash, too. Very striking design, but I don’t think it works for Diana. Maybe this is a Wonder Woman from the future, here to save civilization as we know it! In which case she has brought along some fabulous boots.

Zeus: 7. This can be a very commercial look used in today’s comics without anyone blinking. The lines and colors are great. I can’t help but think she’s really an X-Man that has to wear the visor to prevent her eyes from shooting lasers, but really it’s just a practical bug guard when she flies.

Rachel: Then shouldn’t it cover her nose and mouth, too?

Gail: If Diana ever were a pro wrestler, this is the look she’d have. Fun, powerful and very nicely realized. I like her haircut a lot, but I do think anything obscuring her eyes even slightly is out of character, even though that tiara is hugely inventive.

Meghan Murphy
Most Angelic!

Dean: 7. I wouldn’t mind seeing a longer skirt on this design, but the emblazoned cape wrap and armored bodice really rock. I’m not sure this could replace WW’s current duds for long, but it has that nice Gandalf the White, back-from-being-away kinda vibe that’d work well in Diana took off for a while and came back with a new perspective.

Zeus: 7. I love the art style used here and great color choices too. Look at how the cape’s collar covers the shoulders with the stylized ‘W’ instead of just hanging from the shoulders like the other entries. My only problem is the skirt looks like the one worn by Tinkerbell so I think of this Wonder Woman as being 3 inches tall.

Jess: 7. Same here. I really like the design, and the lack of red and blue don’t bother me at all here. But the skirt! It’s not just too short, it’s too twee.

Rachel: 7. Lengthen the skirt, and you’d have a perfect Princess Diana court outfit. The pixy points, though, are just too fey for Wonder Woman.

Joel: 6. This piece is so other-worldly, that I actually get a back-from-the-dead vibe (not in a zombie-way). I agree that the skirt is too short, and would like to see the W-insignia integrated into the costume a little more.

Gail: Another Timm-esque piece, and a very successful one, as well. This looks like ceremonial Diana, and it’s a gorgeous piece of art, as well. I will say, it’s kind of funny how some of the things that people complain about on Diana’s costume are repeated in many of these designs. Here, she shows a lot of leg, and in many others, the design is actually made MORE complex. It’s just interesting to note! Great piece, Meghan!

Paul Salvi
Best Simplification!

Dean: 6. This WW’s one tough lady, more concerned with simplicity than iconography. The stars, bracelets, and WW belt keep the character recognizable, but the simple tunic reminds you that Wonder Woman’s not bothering with any fashion shows (other than this one, of course!).

Zeus: 6. I like the simple tunic and how well it incorporates the ‘W’ and stars. Even without the lasso, typical tiara or other trademarks of Wonder Woman we see a lot of, there’s no mistaking this is her.

Chris: 5. Not really Wonder Woman, but I know Caveman would like.

Jess: 6. It doesn’t really work for me. I think Diana should be more of a show-stopper. That said, I like the asymmetrical stars detail.

Rachel: 5. Practical, but it’s just too simple. Shape the bodice and extend the skirt, though, and you’d have an awesome Wonder Woman themed formal gown…

Joel: 5. This looks like sleepwear to me. And, you know, Wonder Woman does have to sleep, sometime. But I hope she leaves the belt and tiara on the nightstand.

Gail: Seems almost a cavewoman Diana. She looks like a Golden Age Captain Marvel villain drawn by CC Beck. Fun, but it doesn’t shout Wonder Woman to me, though I like the idea!

Kristian Horn
Best Tattoos!

Dean: 5. While this is clearly one of the most radical designs we received, it’s still clearly a Wonder Woman. I’m not sure it rings true as the Diana I know, but it’d totally rock for an Elseworlds, historical, or replacement WW.

Joel: 6. Somehow the sheer enthusiasm of this design completely overcomes my natural aversion to beaded-braid mullets. Definitely an Elseworlds solution, but if anyone ever writes “JLA: Justice League of Alba,” then this is the Wonder Woman for it. I’m not quite buying the elbows on the armored arms, however.

Chris: 5. Too much going on here.

Rachel: 5. I keep on getting thrown off by how much I like the stance and face on this Wonder Woman: it makes it difficult for me to objectively rate her costume. I am a big fan of body art, and I love the idea of a tattooed Wonder Woman – the backpiece in particular seems like a great idea for the character. But it’s just way, way too busy: the quality of individual elements gets lost in the general muddle.

Zeus: 5. Unless Diana’s Mother was actually Billy Ray Cyrus, the hair doesn’t work well. But she’s got ink and that’s always a good thing. There was a lot of attention paid to this outfit. I definitely noticed the tattoo stars and eagle. She’s got a lot of great leather action going on, even the lacing in the back.

Jess: 7. While every element on here works (except possibly the arm bands, which look like they would pinch), I think all of them at once is overwhelming. It’s all just too busy.

Gail: LOT of great elements…possibly too many. But one of the most inventive of the entire competition, with a ton of nifty ideas. The henna tattoos are awesome, the cape is also a winner. But I’d like to see it simplified a little.

Timothy Lim
Most Mangatastic!

Dean: 5. I like a lot of the elements here, but I think maybe a different, more radical color scheme is in order. (Also, there’s really no need for another boob-window in the DCU.)

Rachel: 5. The simple, tattered skirt doesn’t really balance the super-intricate painted-on top. I’m fond of the way the piping on the sleeves extends into snake bracelets, and the cut of the low W belt, but overall, this just doesn’t do it for me.

Chris: 7. I really like the idea behind this — and the facial expression oozes a demureness rarely seen in WW. I think the top of her costume needs to focused more — it’s a bit confusing, and for an artist to draw and draw this would be hard on ‘em.

Zeus: 5. The top is really detailed even down to the “Power Girl” window. The skirt, however, is really tattered in the back. It looks like a flag that should be retired. She’s very Monsieur Bome-esque cheesecake anime. I don’t know if that was the intention, but I say go for it. Check out the poses he uses and incorporate that into this look.

Jess: 5. I’m not really sure what’s going on with all the gold piping, especially around the curves of the breasts. I do really like the tattered skirt, though.

Joel: 5. A little too flashy, too much about appearances. Wonder Woman brings the glamor, sure, but is also grounded and has warrior’s practicality.

Gail: Hmm. I think the people have rated this lower than it deserves. There are some really good elements here, and I bet this would look captivating as a statue. I like the boots and skirt, and the tunic is very close to wonderful, maybe if it were simplified just slightly?

Daria Mouraveyko
Best Use of a Tie Dyed Toga!

Dean: 6. I really dig the simplicity in this design. The eagle emblem seems more functional here, and the fading blue+stars sections are cool. I also like the hairstyle and the updated detailing on Diana’s bracelets.

Joel: 6. Clark will be so jealous when he sees Diana’s new forelock! There’s a lot to like about this costume: it reinvents WW’s look completely, while still retaining instant recognition. I especially like the shoulder straps and the eagle. But I wish the image made it’s proportions clearer. Just how high up is that skirt? I’m pretty sure that, in any pose other than this one, it’d make Brtiney blush. And how long is the eagle’s tail? Is it a tripping hazard?

Rachel: 5. To me, it looks like the skirts on figure-skating costumes, the kind that are always attached to leotards. So, while it’s short, I saw it as more silly than risqué. Actually, this generally strikes me as a costume better-suited to a dancer or skater than a superhero – maybe it’s the gauzy appearance of the fabric combined with the ruffle skirt.

Chris: 6. Reminscient of Alphonse Mucha this piece is great as an illustration but for actual costume design I have to give it a 6. The flowing eagle on the front is really an inspired idea, but the lack of red in the design irks me the more I look at it. Really great illustration though.

Joel: I think the red comes in when she blushes. It’s a very short skirt!

Jess: 5. I like the arm guards a lot, but I’m not sure the tie-dye effect works for me, and that boob strap looks uncomfortably tight.

Zeus: 6. We’re staying away from red today. This is a very regal and calm outfit; not that of a warrior but a statesman or ambassador for the Amazonian island. Honestly, with the dark lines and watercolor, this would be a beautiful as stained glass.

Gail: This one rates very high on the imagination scale, and yet, it’s still so instantly Wonder Woman somehow. I like the design, like the art. It makes me think of stories during the Diana-as-goddess era.

Jessi Sheron
Best Hairband!

Dean: 6. Jessi’s red, white, and gold theme is very striking. There’s solid skin coverage, cool eagle elements, and several good W’s (check out the shoes!). I like the attention to hairstyle and accessories, and I think the half-skirt adds a cool bit of swooshiness to an otherwise armored look.

Chris: 5. This reminds me a bit of the Guardians of the Galaxy era Jim Valentino work, in a good way. But the garter belts really shake me up.

Joel: 3. I think there’s too much going on here without enough practical consideration. If the yellow represents ridgid gold armor, can Wonder Woman move while wearing that torso piece? And all that armor plus stocking garters feels a little too fetish to me. I do like the WW’s on the shoes, though.

Rachel: 4. This is so visually busy, and aside from the color scheme, I’m not seeing a lot of stylistic connections between the elements. The wings, the neckline, the buttressed leotard, the biker gloves, and the eagles on the thigh guards all seem to have been taken from different suits of armor and cobbled together. Some of those elements are strong – I like the feet, and I’m fond of the W tiara – but as a group, they just don’t work for me.

Zeus: 5. Armor, check. Long black hair, check. Boots, check. All the basics are covered. The gloves are a nice touch, and the shoulder pads alone cold take out any villain. I’m not sure where the cape is coming from though.

Jess: 5. I’m with everyone else here. Too busy and impractical. It just doesn’t say “Wonder Woman” to me. I think Cassie might want to snag those boots, though.

Gail: This I think suffers from too many conflicting elements. I realize Diana’s current costume has that, too, but this feels like too many birds and W’s. However, I love the epaulets, the tiara, and Diana’s take-no-crap facial expression. Very fun, very fantasy. I can imagine something like this as a Wonder Woman for girls who are more prone to read manga than Western comics.

Mark Padilla
Coolest Tiara-Mask!

Dean: 7. I’m surprised by the strong mix of strong and sexy in Mark’s design. I’m really taken with the gold “W” belt and the revised chest emblem. I think there might be a hybrid somewhere between here and Diana’s current costume that’d be a bit stronger, but this is some solid design work in my book. However, I’m not sure many of today’s body-distorting artists could pull off those cute boyshorts with as much style.

Zeus: 6. Knee pads, shoulder pads, you know what she’s missing? Roller skates. Amazonian roller derby. How cool would that be! She’s got a great mask and her fighting stance is awesome. For all those W’s, they aren’t covering up very much.

Rachel: 5. Maaaaybe an anime roller derby elseworlds Diana. But for Wonder Woman prime, this is too busy and too flashy – and I buck at the idea of Diana sporting the smexxy American Gladiator look. I do dig the waistband of the shorts, though – I could see Wonder Girl sporting that W as a twist on her signature jeans.

Jess: 4. This is just too fetishistic for me. Plus that dagger would just pull those shorts right off her hips.

Joel: 4. If Carly drew Elseworlds: Ancient Rome, and Maris drew Elseworlds: Mild Wild West, then I guess this is Elseworlds: Early Image. It’s not an aesthetic that I particularly understand, but I have to admire the verve Mark brought to it.

Gail: Again, lots of fun, and it’s obvious this is a Diana who will happily clean your clock. But I think there are too many elements. I agree that the tiara/mask is very powerful. Again, I have a problem with anything that keeps Diana’s face covered, but I can definitely see her wearing this helmet in a story.

46 comments to “Wonder Woman Wardrobe War Winners!”
  1. Wow, what a fantastic batch of designs. Gotta hand it to the judges: Solid choices all in the winner’s circle.

  2. Awesome designs! I especially love the “partying” outfit by Leanne Buckley. And also the one by Darren Calvert, which looks to be the one most practical for crime-fighting.

  3. “They’re an all-female animation studio in Japan.”

    Um, that’s not actually accurate. They’re a manga circle — basically a group of comic-makers — not an animation studio, and one of them is a guy. ^^;

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  5. Talk about an embarrassment of riches! There were so many brilliant designs here I had to stop midway through the post, pour a stiff scotch, and take a few minutes to clear my head. I like Joel Carroll’s a lot, particularly the face-covering helmet, because it actually makes Diana look scary, like if that turned your way and started down the battlefield at you, you’d just say ‘Oh shit’ and then maybe lose bladder control.

  6. All of these are amazing. Im seeing some excellent combinations of elegance and battle ready..ness
    To me the standouts are of course the grand winner Joe Quninones’s, Jemma Salume and Darren Calvert. All of these very impressive.

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  8. I’m amazed by the quality of the designs. Stowe and Calvert are my favorites, but there are a ton of good ones.

  9. I just love this idea…One thing that I loved about (bracing for the screams) Phil’s run was he used several designs for Diana’s wardrobe. Her main costume was the same but she incorporated it into other outfits for everyday,ambasador and battle(or official) duties. Great great job to all who participated..and check out the other entries they are not to be missed. DC…you should really try to incorporate the “wardrobe chageing Diana” in the future!!! Happy reading!

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  11. I loved all the designs…you know, back in the early ’70s, DC played around with different costumes for Supergirl, which I thought was a great idea. Why can’t DC do this with WW today? Gail?

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  13. Wow! Wow! Wow! So many fantastic designs. Choosing a favourite would make my head spin.

    I have to snip something Gail said, “The Diana that I imagine in my head stars in a big thick comic every month that has extras like paper dolls and different outfits for different missions.”
    To that I say “Yes, please.” And if it’s drawn by super talent Jon McNally all the better. Tho’ I’d like to think a big book like that could use a whole bunch of artists drawing a wide variety of Wonder Womanly adventures. ;)

    Thanks for putting on such a wonderful contest, Project Rooftop.


  14. Le Sigh. Drop comics and my normal blogroll for a month or two and miss out on a competition for the one character I was laboriously building a spectrum of outfits for.

    While I agree that the Grand Prize is worthy of its title, I feel its proportions are off somewhat. If there was a middle ground where the sensibilities of Quinones and Priddy merged with a smattering of Carrol, I think we’d have the best of all worlds.

    Thanks for playing with us Ms. Simone. WW means a lot to people, and the participation of her latest curator is an honor.

  15. These are all so awesome! I love how on a lot of the more classic takes Diana has very ethnically Greek features to her face. Some of faces remind me of women in my own family!

  16. i sent an entry…just found out i used the wrong heading in my mail…damn it! Great works thogh, congratulations to everyone.

  17. Regarding Gail’s reference to (and J. Bone’s affirmation of) imagined WW dress-up fun, if that were ever to occur I’d be all over it, Patsy Walker / Millie the Model / Katy Keene style. Reader-submitted costumes’d be super-duper, too. Even LSH did that, back in the day, as I recall. I also like to imagine a big all-ages Wonder Woman and Friends mag (along the lines of the Batman Family and Superman Family mags) which’d feature a WW story of goodly length, supported by paper doll insert and short stories starring Amethyst, Supergirl, Mera, etc.

  18. I think my favorite is Jemma Salume’s, but Darren Calvert’s is awesome too. Well, they are all solid. I really hope that Leanne Buckley’s actually appears in a D.C. Comic at some point. Maybe WW has to go on a date with a hero she likes? She skirt’s a bit short for any sort of official function (of course, look at her costume, but still). I don’t know if Jonathan McNally’s is right for WW, but I’d love to see a comic of that character!!!

  19. why is it that everyone is so eager to change wonder woman’s costume???

    Do you see major redesigns of Superman’s, Batman’s or spiderman’s costume????

    hasn’t anyone learned anything from Catwoman???

    The two wonder woman costumes worn by Lynda Carter in the tv series were the best (i prefererd the second one) and should not be altered!!!!

  20. Wow…there’s some really wonderful stuff here! Having just finished a long rant about the Wonder Thong, it’s great to see some other possibilities!!

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  22. I can’t recall anyone making use of the Amazonian mastectomy before. Go figure.

    Perhaps because it’s a myth that’s been disproved for aeons, and anyone who did any research on Amazons would be aware of this? Wikipedia has quite a good account of it, if you are interested.

  23. The Amazons were mythical warriors, Marionette, and if you’ll recheck the review, you’ll note we refered to the mastectomy AS a myth.

    However, I’d say the exclusion of the breast-removal in popular representations has more to do with squeamishness and male boob-fixation than lack of research.

  24. To ihrahda: as strictly a reader (and admirer) of this site, I’m going to suggest that if you don’t like the idea of changing costumes then you probably aren’t going to be too hyped about this site period. It’s an experiment in imagination, that’s all. It’s not like DC called these guys and asked them to vet ideas. It’s just fun!!!

  25. Have to agree with Brady. The whole point of this site is an exercise in creativity. It’s an incredible challenge to try and redesign an icon and still leave it recognizable as such. I don’t believe most (if any) of the participants think that these ideas will be taken on by DC.

    On the mastectomy of Amazons…

    Whether it was a part of the original myth or added later, the whole point of mythology is what it says about the creators (or those who adapt the creations) and the reactions of those witnessing them. Marionette’s strong reaction to it should make Jess proud. Getting such strong reactions from art (either positive or negative) is quite an accomplishment.

    Whoever originally added the mastectomy idea to Amazonian myth obviously had a similar spirit to the creator of this website.

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  27. My entry seems to have gone missing as well—which I admit with shamefaced honesty rather hurt my feelings. It’s good in its way to know I wasn’t alone, but after that I don’t think I’ll be submitting to future P:R events…

  28. Hey gang, I’m not sure what’s happened with the missing entries. If you’d like to resubmit them, I’ll forward them over to Chris at Zeus Comics and see if he’ll add them into the full entries post. Just email them over to deantrippe-at-gmail.

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  30. ^ That and another design seemed to have come straight from Xena’s breastplate armor and gauntlets, I was kind of surprised. Not sure if its a coincidence or not, but if it was inspired by Xena thats amazing!! I always loved Xena…better than Wonder Woman.

  31. What an amazing collection of original art – I just wish I had the time…

    FYI – I found this track on myspace and it’s so obviously inspired by the 70s Wonder Woman TV show theme tune that I wondered if it’s going to be the theme to either the animated movie or some other project?

    It’s by Denise Pearson, who fronted 80s super-group Five Star.

    Check it out here http://www.myspace.com/denisepearsonofficial

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