The Rocketeer

Editor’s Note: The following redesigns of The Rocketeer are presented in honor of the character’s creator, Dave Stevens, who passed away on March 10th. Mr. Stevens’ signature character’s costume remains so exceptionally pure and memorable, it hardly warrants revision, but in honor of his life and work, we asked several of our regular contributors to send us their ideas. We present them here without criticism. More information on Dave Stevens can be found here and here. – Dean Trippe

The Rocketeer by Joel Carroll

The Rocketeer by Ming Doyle

The Rocketeer by Joel Priddy

The Rocketeer by Daniel Krall
(Larger Version)

8 comments to “The Rocketeer”
  1. Awesome stuff, all around.

    I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite, but man alive do I want read an entire comic by Daniel Krall.

  2. There’s not much room for improvement on the original Rocketeer costume, but these folks did a good job of giving it their own spin and staying respectful.

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