One Week Left for ReVamp!

ReVamp Masthead

Attention Artists & Designers: there is one week left to submit your entries for Vampirella ReVamp, a first of its kind sanctioned superhero costume redesign from Project: Rooftop and Harris Comics. Read here for the full details. Deadline is September 8th, 2008!

5 comments to “One Week Left for ReVamp!”
  1. It’s my first time submitting so please forgive my noob-dom but… should I have gotten an auto response or some sort of confirmation when I sent my entry or do I just trust that it arrived?

  2. I haven’t gotten my confirmation yet either, Griffin. I’m sure we’ll be getting them soon.

    I’m excited about this contest! It should be an awesome one. I anticipate a wide variety of costumes. Having so little to work with will probably make people go all over the place with their designs.

  3. You must make sure to keep on projectrooftop and make sure they received your entry.

    I sent them mine 2 or 3 times for the last contest, and they claimed to have never received it.

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