Update on ReVamp

What a tremendous response! Project: Rooftop has received over 100 entries into ReVamp, the Vampirella Redesign Contest. The P:R staff and guest judges Dan Brereton, Trina Robbins and Joe Jusko are busy reviewing and remarking on each entry. Look for the results starting next week!

17 comments to “Update on ReVamp”
  1. Wow, you guys are moving a lot faster than last time. I, for one, am very thankful. The suspense could kill a person!

    I wonder if you’ve managed to send confirmations to everyone who submitted yet? There’s no rush if you haven’t, I just want to be sure you got mine (and other people might be wondering too).
    Thanks as always for giving us artists something interesting to do!

  2. Alex,
    We’ve received two images from you. We don’t normally send confirmations to everyone for these contests, but if they’re unsure they can comment and tell us their real name to be checked.

  3. Oh! That makes a lot of sense. I’m sorry, I was confused about the process, obviously. Thanks for all your hard work, and sorry for the trouble.

  4. yay! me also is excited and on the “can´t wait to see these”-list. found nearly 30 other on DeviantArt and that makes 70 remaining i haven´t seen! wow!!!

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