Vampirella ReVamp Honorable Mentions!

Editor’s Note: We received over a hundred entries for our recent Vampirella ReVamp contest, sponsored by Harris Comics! The following (awesome) entries merited Honorable Mentions, and we’d like to present them here. Enjoy! – Dean Trippe

Liz Prince

Alex Mitchell

Samantha Calcraft

Michael J. Patrick

A.J. Roman

Note: More Honorable Mentions after the jump! – D.T.

Andres Rivera

Colleen Kao

Dalton Webb

Felipe Sobreiro

George Todorovski

Hannah Ahn

Jake Ekiss

Jason Chalker

Jennie Wood

Jorge Daniel Romero Castillo

Jorge Lacera

Kathryn Marusik

Lamech O’Brien

Lyndon Asuncion

Manuel Loza

Marcus Parcus

Meghan Murphy

Michael Dozark

Michael Johnson Curry

Monica Gallagher

Mr. Walters

Otoniel Lopes de Oliveira, Jr.

S.T. Vignarajesan

Scott Faulkner

Svenja Schulte

Thomas Valdez

Timothy Lim

Tom Kelly

Tyler Parker

Victor M. Newman

Vu Nguyen

Will Kirkby

Nick Cox

Zedin Balthazar

Lauren Minco

13 comments to “Vampirella ReVamp Honorable Mentions!”
  1. Wow, looking at the rest of these, I’m surprised I even made honorable mention! I didn’t think I did a great job, but I had no idea just how thoroughly I got beat!

  2. Great lineup this time guys. Really this one of the best contests you’ve run yet. Thanks for listing me on the honorable mentions; I can’t wait to contribute to the next one!

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