Contest Announcement: Batman 2.0: The Dynamic Do-Over

You’re going to need every tool in your utility belt for this one! Project: Rooftop is flipping on the signal. That’s right, old chum, in honor of the recent (apparent!) demise of the Dark Knight in Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis, and the likely torch-passing to follow, we’re announcing a very specific new contest: redesign the Batman uniform to suit his most likely successor, Dick Grayson AKA Robin AKA Nightwing.

Think about it, Nightwing was raised to be Batman 2.0, so any uniform he dons as the Caped Crusader should demonstrate that. And sure, Nightwing might not be the next Batman, and Bruce Wayne’s heroic death probably won’t last forever…but let’s enjoy the design opportunity anyway!

Rogues Gallery of Round Rock, TX has provided the following (awesome) prizes:

Grand Prize – The Batman Black & White Statue by Matt Wagner, a retailer exclusive DC Direct Batman action figure, Batman: The Black Glove HC, and Detective Comics #844 signed by artist Dustin Nguyen.

First Prize – Detective Comics #847 signed by Dustin Nguyen, a DC Direct Batman action figure, and Batman: Gotham Dark Knight animated deluxe 2-disc DVD or Blu-Ray (winner’s choice).

Second Prize – Detective Comics #849 signed by Dustin Nguyen and the new Eaglemoss Batman Metal Figurine.

Along with our usual P:R Staff roundtable reviews, Bat-artists J.H. Williams III (Batman) and Dustin Nguyen (Detective Comics), and comics blogger Tim Callahan (When Worlds Collide at CBR ) will be joining in to guest judge the finalists!

Send in your Batman redesigns to, with the subject line: “Batman 2.0.” Please include your full name, age, website, and mailing address. International winners may be responsible for shipment. All the usual P:R Guidelines apply.

All entries must be received by February 4th, 2009!

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  1. More female characters! The girls are more fun because they’ve been redone in print a lot less than the males. There are already so many versions of Night Wing, he’s been done to death!

  2. Contests take a while to judge, I understand and accept that, but it’d be awesome if there were some posts inbetween contests again.

    Have you guys ever considered allowing a few of the featured artists to post on PR directly? I know at least 2 who put out great superhero designs on a near-weekly basis.

  3. Please give us a time frame for when we can expect the winner to be announced. I’m tired of checking this blog every day.

  4. Regardless of people being busy, it is now starting on the sixth week since the contest was closed…is there going to be something in the way of results and judgements, *soon*? Or at least an excuse note to explain the delay?

  5. I’ve done so many sketches for this jam, unfortunately I probably only started around the deadline, but could have filled a sketchbook.
    It’s been 2 months! I’m dying for an update, can we have an approximate timeframe as to when to expect the results? I’d love to see everyones ideas!

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