Batman 2.0: The Dynamic Do-Over Winners!

Editor’s Note: The following entries are the winners and finalists from our Batman 2.0: The Dynamic Do-Over contest, with prizes provided by Rogues Gallery. We received well over a hundred entries! Our guest reviewers this week are Batman: Club of Heroes artist, J.H. Williams III and Detective Comics artist, Dustin Nguyen. – Dean


Anjin Anhut

Jon: 8. Terrifically fond of the mask on this design, evocatively bat-like in a way that the current costume isn’t, but still expresses the same, er, streamlined bat-ness. I like that it allows enough room for his expressions, particularly the smart-ass grin on display here. Interesting color palette, I’m surprised more folks didn’t touch on a “Batman Beyond” scheme, great replacement of the cape with the batons across the back, adds a lot to the silhouette, and I love the practical look of the outfit. Certainly not the only design that employed Nightwing’s chest-and-arms logo motif, but I like the placement and the actual line, using it across a jacket rather than a skintight outfit.

Joel: 9.5. Having lost my ability to read Dan Didio’s mind since he started lining his hats with tinfoil, I can’t say if this is a design DC would ever go for, but I’m pretty sure this is my favorite out of a very strong collection. This really reads as a second generation Bat—a younger man trying to shoulder a mantle in his own way. I love that it looks so practical without looking mundane, so batty without just repeating Bruce Wayne’s admittedly uber-iconic image, and so Grayson without simply cramming Batman and Nightwing into one costume (there’s an image to set the slash community atwitter). I dropped half a point for the sleeve designs, which strike me as needing some more consideration, but would like to add about twenty points for glow-in-the-dark bat-nostrils. Make it fifty if Anjin has specific ideas as to what the nostrils do.

Vito: 8. This is drastic enough to make me notice.  It’s a bit of Nightwing, Red Robin and Batman, and that’s not even getting at the actual costume.  It’s functional, it’s stylish…it’s nouveau pulp hero.  And say what you will for the mask, I think it’s killer.  Part motorcycle helmet, part mask.  It fits with Dick Grayson.  It’s a great looking set of pieces, but the whole is almost all there.  My only minus is that it’s an outfit, not a costume.  I still like it a lot.

Chris: 9. I absolutely love the mask on this — it’s shade of the wonderful design that Gene Ha did in Batman: Black & White, but I don’t know if Anjin was inspired with that. The decision to go with a red color scheme is bold, but it definitely steps out of the Bruce Wayne Batman into a whole new Batman. I would have given this a 10 but I had to shave off a point for not liking the glider he has below. But amazing design!

Joel: You don’t like the glider? That’s crazy talk. Love the glider!

Dean: 9.5. This design gets me totally psyched for Batman 2! The color choice is perfect given the red-and-black fixation of Batman R.I.P., as well as a nod to Dick’s background as Robin. The mask is fun, and Dick’s expression is character-perfect. I’m really impressed by the scalloped red batwing shapes following down the arms, and the armor plating looks wicked. Easily one of my favorite entries.

JHW3: 6.5. An interesting idea, very street, but Batman isn’t Batman with out some sort of wing/cape aspect to the design.

Dustin: 5. Agreed, though a nice idea, batman shouldn’t fall with trend and jump on the urbanized apparel. also needs the cloaking element.


Daniel Heard

Vito: 8. This is more like it.  It’s clearly Batman, but not Bruce.  That’s the kind of bold fashion statement that Dick would make (remember the disco collar?).  It also looks functional, which is what Dick, an acrobat, would want and need.

Jon: 9. Love this – elegant, agile, acrobatic, great pose and setting too. Batman as a daring young man on the flying trapeze, fearsome because he’s fearless. The cape is terrific, great lines to it – I also really like the solution to the eyes, rather than giving him Batman’s white eyes, he’s got these supernaturally piercing blue ones. Nice military overtones to the costume gives it an air of authority Nightwing might otherwise lack, picking up for his mentor. Really well done.

Chris: 7. Definitely Dick Grayson. I see this Batman jumping deftly through Gotham more akin to Spider-man than Batman. The idea of changing the batcape to a batponcho is hiliarious to me though. But not bad.

Joel: 6.5. While agreeing with all the above kudos, I can’t quite buy the Bat-poncho. Not only would it get in the way of your basic acrobatic hand-to-hand combat, just think how undignified Batman would look having to scrunch it up every time he needed to access his utility belt.

Vito: I don’t know if it would scrunch up so much.  It looks like it’s made to move with him.

Dean: 6. Good drawing, but I don’t care for the cape-poncho. That kinda thing could work for a Robin, but it looks childish on Batman.

JHW3: 9. This has a nice feel to it for sure but I think the poncho/cape thing is a little off.  The basic design shape of the poncho aspect would be better if it was much longer like a real cape but kept to the specific design sense that is already here.

Dustin: 8 i dig the flaps


Christian Nauck

Vito: 7. At first glance, I don’t think you would see anything more than military Batman, but looking at how this costume is accessorized, it’s totally Dick.  I’d like to see at least one bright color on it though, because, to me, Dick is about being the light in darkness…he’s not one to fully give in to the night.

Jon: 6. It’s a costume that makes sense, it’s protective, evocative of the character, certainly feels like a new Batman, if not Dick Grayson specifically, but it doesn’t excite me. Could serve as a totally functional riot-squad Bat-Costume, but for just about any Batman.

Chris: 7. A military Dark Knight for a modern age? Perhaps. This strikes me as very similar to what John Paul Leon might do on Batman. I really enjoy getting rid of the bland compartmentalized utility belt in favor for recognizable items on the belt. While it does complicate the design when simplicity is key in sequential art, I do think it gives this a more down-to-earth approach to Batman.

Joel: 7. This design seems very sympatico with the Nolanverse Batman. If part of the mandate with a Dick Grayson Batman was to bring the comic’s sensibilities in line with the movies, than this would be a very good way to go. In the established DCverse, however, it looks a little heavy for Grayson.

Dean: 9. I’d play this videogame. All of this seems incredibly practical. I’d like to see more of Dick Grayson’s personality, though.

JHW3: 8. This has got practicality all over, nice touch.  However, the look of it isn’t giving us anything new.  I want to see the classic elements remixed in a way that feels fresh.

Dustin: 8: very well drawn


Dean Trippe

Vito: It’s a safe bet that when/if Dick takes over, he wont change the costume much if at all, but Dean’s change is on the logo, and I like that new logo something fierce.  It’s a mixture of both, and the color of it is bright and stands out against that maudlin gray.  But I would have killed to see Dean take this further.

Jon: An excellent, straightforward take, loving the Thrillkiller palette in the costume. I’m a little confused by the cape, though, is it a two-piece cape-like Batwings, or a scalloped cape with a red interior lining?

Chris: I really enjoy it that Dean dramatically changed the Bat emblem not only in color but in shape. It makes me think — would they change the batsignal too? For a new person stepping into the Bat-mantle, part of me would think they would want to change things up– and changing the logo would do that.

Joel: A beautiful drawing, and many nice features, here: split cape, great utility belt modules, and an oh-so-now chest emblem. This looks like a younger, fresher Bat. But I’m not sure I’m getting a coherent vision that ties all those nice new details together. I’m dead certain that Dean has such a vision in mind—the guy likes to think about Batman—but I’m not quite getting it.

Dean: Thanks guys. I basically wanted to take Batman 2.0 a half step towards Batman Beyond. I made new glove and boot compartments to Dick here, and yeah, that’s a double cape. I imagined him using it as an airfoil rather than forming full batwings out of it. And yeah, the Thrillkiller color scheme came from my love of all things Halloween.

JHW3: I think the best thing about this is the yellow/orange chest emblem.  The rest is too similar to things we’ve seen before.

Dustin: nicely drawn though looks a lot like batman now.


Héctor Barros

Jon: 8. I love the streamlining on this one, and the batwings with a different color on the interior and exterior. Also, a terrific looking mask. There’s something about the cut of the mask which seems to evoke a silent movie character, very lean, elegant and Nineteen-twenties-ish. I think I like this one because it looks, to me, like it could’ve been Batman’s costume since day one, it has a classic urban crimefighter look to it, and still something distinctly iconic.

Vito: 8. But, Jon, it says Nightwing with a Batman cowl.  I love the colors, and the streamlining is fantastic, but why not utilize the utility belt more?  I’m not sure what the reasons are for having the blue piping on the costume other than to break up the dark colors, but that’s minor.  The logo is fantastic and I, too, love the cowl.  Make all the fingers blue, and I’m there with you.

Chris: 8. Was Nightwing watching GATCHAMAN when designing this new Batman costume? That’s what I thought when I saw this entry come into the Project: Rooftop headquarters. Initially I was against the blue piping, but it works so well on the head portion of the costume. Great job, Hector.

Joel: 6. I think this is a case of losing the Bat. The chest emblem looks more like a manta ray. Combine that with the general… uh, wetsuitness of the costume, and I just end up in very different territory on this one.

Dean: 4. This one’s  just a too complicated for me to enjoy the simplified bits. The chest logo is almost there, but the arm and leg piping seems useless, and the triangles on the feet are distracting. I also think he’s wearing his belt a little too high. I like the double-sided wings, though.

JHW3: 10. This is by far my favorite.  It has all of the right elements but remixed with a freshness to it.   It’s very smooth and very sleek.  I agree with the Gatchaman reference but it really works for me.  The designer really stretched things here without losing what makes for a cool Batman.  Love the drawing style too.

Dustin: 8. this works great, batman beyond meets nightwing.

Joe Quinones

Jon: 7. Great illustration, great lines and colors, it puts me in mind of the 1960’s Batman TV show. Part of it because the cut of the cape, the bright lining and the size of the bat-belt remind me of Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl costume, and part of it is because this looks like Batman dressed as the Batmobile!

Joel: 6. Campy in the best possible way, this piece has me wanting to read a Joe Quinones comic full of fun superheroes. But, this should be making me want to read a Batman comic, not a Joe Q comic. I think this design in the hands of a lesser artist would suddenly look pretty flat. There’s just an awful lot of piping going on there.

Vito: 8. Not crazy about the cowl, but this is one of the costumes that uses the piping that I’m ok with.  It streamlines the costume as a whole, and the color choice is bold.  Anyone notice that Joe used Nightwing’s gauntlets in this design?  That, to me, makes this work because it’s not Batman with a Nightwing logo or Nightwing with a Bat logo/cowl.  It’s a great melding of both.

Chris: 7. This has got a lot of personality, but I can’t see Nightwing or Robin underneath the cowl. I’d like to see Joe go back and work this up some more and it’d be great.

Dean. 9. Dudes, this has so much class. I simply can’t say no to a Bat costume with this much love in it. Joe’s got the 60’s Batmobile and utility belt, Nightwing’s gloves and arm-stripes, and a simple double sided cape. It’s just so clean. Hopeful and simultaneously badass. I’m not totally sold on the old school duo-tone mask, but otherwise, this entry is a home run.

JHW3: 7. Has a nice retro adventure hero aspect to it.  It would work best for a story that fits a pulpy period piece.  Something about it reminds me of an action figure design I’ve seen though.

Dustin: 6. [No Comments.]

Note: More Runners Up after the jump! – D.T.

Marcos Miller

Jon: 9. Damn, sexy. I love the hardcore look of the belt, and how this design calls back to Nightwing’s first costume back in the New Teen Titans. Still, it brings back enough classic Batman elements to evoke the legacy – bat-fins on the gloves, the mask (nice touch of adding the yellow highlights for the bat’s nose). I like this one a lot because it isn’t timid, it’s a whole other take on the capital-B Batman, it marries the whole identity to Dick Grayson rather than subjugating Dick Grayson under the same old cowl and cape.

Vito: 9. I think the best thing about this costume, other than the reference and reverence for Disco Dick, is the shot of the collar closed.  That’s freaky!  With the nose being lit like that, this guy could scare you in the dark!  If we had those glider wings on the back that a lot of the entries had, I might go perfect.  Solid design though.

Chris: 7. This sort of reminds me of Tim Burton doing the redesign.

Joel: 6. If T’Challa is ever looking for a Gotham gig, then he’s got an outfit all ready for him. The belt is great (it looks like something pulled out of the prop department for Dark Knight Returns), but it may be too distinctive for what is an otherwise spare costume. I like the collar-becomes-mask idea. But, generally, I think this could be any of a number of black-clad characters. I need some stronger Bat-iconography.

Dean: 7. I like the way the collar works and the lower-half of the facemask is optional. I’m really missing the cape here. Retractable wings would help a lot.

JHW3: 6. Another nice sleek design.  But where is the wing/cape aspect?  Should be there.

Dustin: 6 more nightwing than batman

Steve LeCouilliard

Jon: 8. We’ve had a lot of “Nightwing with Batman’s Mask” submissions, but I think this was the first “Batman with Nightwing’s insignia” entries. It’s such a simple rationale underlying the redesign, and Steve’s art here is very appealing. The blue boots on the blue background illustrate one of the problems with the design, though, in that they vanish, and we have a footless Batman, it might’ve worked just as well if he’d blacked them out, like the gloves. Anyway, simplicity has its strengths, I like this design a lot. One of my criteria going in has been to judge the piece on whether it says “Bruce Wayne was Batman in his fashion, Dick Grayson will do it his way.” The boldness of the insignia speaks volumes, I think it carries that sentiment.

Chris: 7. The design itself is solid — the only thing I’d count off for is the claws on the wristbands. At its heart though, it isn’t Dick Grayson underneath.

Vito: 7. I think you’re saying that, Chris, because of the face (and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).  The steely jaw is a Bruce Timm thing that when we see it, we think Bruce Wayne.  But I think the only thing wrong with this entry is the utility belt.  Steve could have really won me over with something less…mundane.  I do love the insignia and boot colors though.  Very bold.

Joel: 7. This is a solid pairing of Batman and Nightwing, but I think the result is pretty much a Batman who is easier to spot in the dark. Just shoot slightly above the electric-blue feet.

Dean: 8. This is the road traveled by a lot of our entrants, but most not nearly as well. I love the illustration. Ditching the gloves but keeping the sweet arm blades was a good call. The blue-but-classic boots keep you totally grounded that this is Batman. I think keeping the yellow belt was a good call, but I’d like to have seen more thought put into the oh-so-important utility belt.

JHW3: 7. Lot’s of energy here.  But to be honest, I think the only reason this design works here is because how well it was illustrated.  Not so sure the design holds up on it’s own.

Dustin: 6. [No Comments.]

Joel Carroll

Joel: 7.5. Yeah, Joel’s definitely getting bonus points for that Batgirl. His Batman has a lot going for it. It looks like a direction Dick would go in. I’m very intrigued by the gauntlets, which seem to have some very specific thinking behind them. And the disconnected mask speaks well to Dick’s more open approach to both fighting styles and interpersonal communication. But I think there’s too much of the light gray scattered across the costume.

Vito: 8. I agree, Joel.  This fits my function over protection philosophy that I believe Dick would have, having been an acrobat.  It might be a little too Nightwing though, and I’d love to see some kind of cape or bat wings incorporated into it.  I have to say that I’d love to wear this costume though.

Jon: 7. Love Joel’s designs, as always, and this is a great costume, but it still feels very sidekicky to me. Vito’s right, a cape or bat-wings would help – right now, the Batgirl redesign seems like the senior member of the team, Dick’s mass and height notwithstanding …

Chris: 6 for Batman, 9 for Batgirl. Joel should re-submit this Batgirl has a standalone design for Project: Rooftop!

Dean: 7.5. Joel seems to be keeping Dick from fully accepting the mantle of the bat. I love this new Dynamic Duo, but I think Cass’s costume outclasses Dick’s several times over. I think I’d like to see her costume adapted over his frame to make a more bat-like Batman.

JHW3: 7. Like the overall feel to it.  But I gotta ask why would Batgirl have a cape aspect and Batman not?  This one thing alone bugs me.  Batman should always have some sort of wing/cape aspect.  He is supposed to a “Bat” man.

Dustin: 6 [No Comments.]

Paul Milligan

Vito: 7. It’s just about there.  The cowl looks terribly uncomfortable…it looks like Tony Stark designed it.  Love the logo, and the use of piping on the costume.  The gloves have sort of talon ends, which is cool, but the Escrima stick holder on his back…that could come back to haunt him in the future.

Chris: 6. A lot of ideas flowing here, but they result in it all not coming in to form that fits together.

Jon: 6. I’m trying not to be inordinately won over by Batman’s dissatisfied grimace, which makes it look like he’s really put out to be crimefighting. It’s endearing, I’d love that take on the character. “The Penguin’s doing what, robbing the Umbrella Museum? Ah, geez … I JUST sat down to dinner.” Outside of the expression, Chris summarized it well; there’s a lot of parts to the design which seem to be the starting points for different motifs, but they don’t synch up completely. The costume seems cobbled together from other pieces … I noticed that if I scroll down enough to cover just the bat ears, that even with the insignia and cape, this doesn’t look like Batman to me. There’s probably three good Batman costumes comingling in here …

Vito: Jon, you might have hit on the one element no one really captured in these designs; a smile.  Bruce Wayne, sure, he doesn’t smile.  Dick Grayson does, and that would come through in a design of a costume, I think.  If you know the guy underneath isn’t grim and moody, the colors might come through and lead to different designs.  Do you realize that only six entries have smiles?

Joel: 6. This strikes me more as an alternate Bat, say Batman 2099, or something. I think it’s the cobbled-together look that Jon mentioned, combined with the motocross helmet. I like the integration of the utility-pouched into the costume, although I wonder if they won’t drag Dick’s beltless pants down.

Dean: 8.5. I want to draw this one so bad. I love all the little choices that make Paul’s Batman look protected and thought-out. The only part that doesnt work for me is the pockets. Ditch those, and this is a perfectly sensible batsuit.

JHW3: 6. Anime Batman. Nice seeing the pouch/belt design from the back.

Dustin: 8.5. [No Comments.]

Jemma Salume

Jon: 5. Well, good lord, it’s Nightmare Batman. I love that Jemma took such liberties with the costume, it’s certainly dramatic. Makes me imagine, though, that it’s one of Batman’s enemies behind the mask, Spellbinder or (does anyone here but me remember) The Ten-Eyed Man. Great implementation of the emblem into the armor. However, it doesn’t scream Dick at me (unlike people who drive behind me on the highway).

Vito: 5.5. If not for the eye-motif, which throws me off a little, this is a fantastic costume.  It is different, and the colors are sharp.  The eyes though…they distract me a little.  Maybe that’s what’s supposed to happen…it’s supposed to look creepy in a dark alley…but to me, it takes me out of it.  I like the logo on the back of the cape too.

Chris: 5. This is a great design, but I think its weighed down but us trying to imagine it as Batman. I could see Jemma taking this design in a new direction outside of Batman and be a great hero (or villain). I’d buy a copy!

Joel: 9. This is my second favorite design, after Anjin’s. I love the way that Jemma has gone back to the very root of Batman—scaring those those cowardly, superstitious criminals—and completely reinvented the costume from there. Everything about it, from the holographically-projected crazy-eyes to the chest emblem than looks like a toothy maw when running towards you in the dark, is an act of psychological warfare. I can imagine Grayson, still intimidated on some level by the Bat legacy, wanting to take these extra steps in order to achieve the effect that Bruce got with just the set of his chin. Also, this would be a killer action figure.

Dean: 10. This is my favorite entry, as long as the LCD bat-helmet has a default eyes and mouth mode for talking to non-criminals. There’re so many great and unexpected choices here. The red gash of a Batsymbol across the front and back look like the gaping maw of an awful night creature, but at the same time, the costume’s seams and shapes seem fully protective and reinforced. I’ve been staring at this entry a lot since we got it, and it’s still the one I’d most like to write stories about.

JHW3: 8. This is definitely a more bizarre looking Batman but it sorta works for me, even without traditional eyes.  This is what Batman would look like if he was a member of Grant Morrison’s version of Doom Patrol.  With that said,  I don’t think it would work for the regular Bat books.

Dustin: 5. a more progessive design, but not batman.

Michael Byrne

Vito: 7. I love it, but it just looks like Batman to me, not a new Batman.  The logo on the back is a great touch, just like it was in an earlier design (Jemma’s).  In fact, if you look at it closely, it’s Nightwing on the back and Batman on the front…kind of symbolically leaving his old persona behind.  Great touch, but it’s just Batman to me.

Chris: 7. Someone hire this guy to draw comics i can read. This design makes me think of an Mike Mignola & Alex Toth jam session. But like Vito said, this isn’t a new guy under the Batman cape but more a post-modern Bruce Wayne. But I’d love to see this somehow, somewhere.

Vito: I’d totally read a Michael Byrne comic!

Jon: 7. It’s hard for me to divorce this design from the illustration, which is probably to its detriment, inasmuch as I don’t think this design would necessarily work in the hands of other artists. The flat-hemmed cape distracts me, it seems like so much consistency is applied to this costume, and then that signature component is removed. The V-shape motif along the front gives Batman a long, lean look with a powerful trunk, still very agile. For all the darkness on the costume, it actually does seem more open and revealing as a costume than the old one, which would be appropriate for Grayson under the cowl. I really like the reduction of the fins on the glove, most artists would choose either to eliminate them altogether or turn them into enormous blades or something equally distracting. This solution by contrast is very elegant. I’d like the gloves and the boots to terminate somewhere other than the joints, as everything from the elbows and knees out will disappear into darkness on a black background. Anyway, I could go on, this is a beautiful design with a lot of material to discuss, in terms of the contest I don’t know that it is a Dick Grayson Batman specifically, but rather an ‘alternate’ Batman. Still beautiful for all of that, though…

Joel: 6. Yeah, this is really lovely, but trading Bat-scallops for inverted triangles has made this more Space Ghost than Batman.

Dean: 6.5. Sleak and simple. Great drawings. The belt and shorts combination makes loads of sense, but I’m not sold on ditching the batwing scalloping on the cape.

JHW3: 5. Nice look for sure but it’s not really giving us anything new for the basic visual context.

Dustin: 9. i give this one high marks for not overdoing the nighwing blue over the shoulder element/design like the rest here that seems to overpower the batman element. Plus has a nice traditional vibe to it, not too flashy, no useless shoulder/knee pads.

Victor Newman

Chris: 7. I kept going back and changing my score, but I ultimately scaled it back to a 7. I’d like to see Victor work on this some more and play with the design, but what he did here is some great preliminary work.

Jon: 6. This is so reminiscent, to me, of the movie costumes that I have difficulty picturing it as a Grayson costume. I like the idea of well-delineated padding and piping-as-design, but I think some of the lines (across the thighs, for instance) are distracting, and give him a Frankenstein look. The designs around the collar and collarbone, particularly those rings by his shoulders, encourage me to wonder what precise function they perform. I am fond of how the vest-like piping is reminiscent of his Robin costume, I don’t think enough contestants played on that idea for their redesigns.

Vito: 8. It’s not as bulky and cumbersome as some of the other “field armor” versions we’ve seen, and that’s cool.  I can’t understand why he’d wear a tunic that looks like a bulletproof vest though.  I mean, we know it’s bulletproof, but do the criminals have to?  Wouldn’t they just shoot at his head?  Love that utility belt though.  Give me more ears on the cowl too.

Joel: 7. Matt Wagner had a throwaway line way back in a Batman/Grendel cross-over about Batman’s cape being a vanity. And you can’t deny that, for all his grim Dark Knightery, Batman has flair. I’m always a big fan of the practical informing superhero costumes, and this is a great piece of practical-looking infantry-wear. I’d like to see it creep a smidge back towards fanciful, though.

Dean: 7. Fun details! By keeping the color scheme simple, they don’t overwhelm the eye. Yellow symbol on dark gray is a solid scheme for Batman. I think this is my favorite utility belt from the contest. Add a cape, of course, and it’s good to go.

JHW3: 6. Again no cape/wing aspect.  It seems unfinished because of this.

Dustin: 6 needs a cape or something to that effect

Andrew Runion

Chris Arrant: 8. This piece really gets to the heart of what most of the other artists were thinking when developing this new iteration of the Batman costume. It’s Nightwing underneath it all, so his design shows the Nightwing costume with a Bat-makeover. Andrew’s done a really good job of balancing it, and the addition of a fully masked face (or is that a helmet) is the most stand-out change. For me, a new Batman would have to show at least part of his face — artistically, it’s a portal into the character’s mood that a full mask only covers up.

Vito Delsante: 6. I love it.  I really do.  But I feel like it’s not enough of a departure.  I might be oversimplifying this 100%, but it just looks like Nightwing wearing a Batman cowl and cape, and while that’s grand, I feel like I want to see something different.  It’s close, though.  In fact, I could totally see DC using this design.

Jon: 6. I agree with Vito, this feels almost like a direct merging. I like the full-face mask in principle, but I’m not sure what it means for the character, it doesn’t scream either Batman or Dick Grayson to me.

Joel: 7. It’s a merge, alright, but a successful one. It strikes a balance between the light and lithe Nightwing and the more heavier, armored Batman costume. The non-connection of the belt strikes me as a bit arbitrary, but otherwise all the details seem well-considered. There’s a nice flow to the lines. And the wings are pretty cool.

Dean: 6.5. This is a believable middleground between the Nightwing and Batman uniforms. I can’t see the design’s presumable bat-symbol, which is disappointing, but I’m a big believer in the flight-utility of the batcape. Great drawing, too.

JHW3: 6.5.This is a nicely executed image with very well done color fx but the overall design of the costume itself, though nice, is not suprising.

Dustin: 6.5. [No Comments]

Aysha Shehim

Joel: 8. What a lovely design. There’s a lot going on, in the legs especially, but Aysha seems to have really thought all those details through. Two of my favorite elements are the thigh-slung utility belts and the zippered collar/face mask. I’m less sure of the elbow-spikes, which look like gratuitous bad-assery to me. But the big question is whether or not this can be abything other than an Elseworlds costume. I can’t really see this as a Dick Grayson costume, but if, say Ras al-Ghul put his own hand-selected Bat on the streets, this could work for that. Or maybe Dick’s been playing a lot of DC vs. Mortal Kombat.

Vito: 7. Joel, you stole the Ra’s Al Ghul comment out of my mouth.  I was totally going to say the exact same thing!

Joel: My next theft: Vito’s sweet grill!

Jon: 7. I was reading this as “Nouveau Samurai Batman.” I like the elegance of the collar, and the callback to a jacket in the front-seaming and texture of the top layer, and the high collar – Dick seems like a motorcycle jacket kind of guy. It took me a while to see the belt compartments along the upper thigh as an alternative to the utility belt, and not a sheerly decorative element, but now that I do see it, I love it. Also fond of the elbow-blades, which seem to reference an actual bat-wing design. The mask, though, is too evocative of Wolverine for my tastes, that yellow badge down the center and the raised eyepieces are already iconic for another hero…

Vito: Dang it!  Another comment stolen right from the tip of my tongue!

Chris: 7. Definitely inspired, I feel it goes too far afield from what Batman is. This could inspire an Elseworlds book or two, but as a costume for the core Batman I think it could be toned back a bit to make it fit.

Dean: 5. Totally fun, and an excellent drawing, but far too elaborate for an in-continuity Batman. Since Dick was trained by Batman rather than traveling the world to learn martial arts as Bruce did, the samurai motif seems out of place.

JHW3: 7. This one has a lot of interesting things going on and the designer clearly put a lot of thought into it.  Some of it is a bit impractical though when dealing with tight fire escape stairwells and roof climbing ;-)

Dustin: 5. nicely illustrated, but a bit too flashy. batman should blend with the darkness most the time, not stand out.

Wilfredo Torres

Joel: 8. This is a great illustration, and may be my favorite of the Batified-Nightwing costumes. Those boots are subtly magnificent, and there’s a really nice balance between the blue and black throughout the design. I wish I could see some more of the utility belt. My first thought was that it’s still too much Nightwing, and needed some more Bat in there—maybe a cape?—but the more I look at, maybe it’s just fine the way it is.

Jon: 8. This is a tough call, because of all the Nightwing-With-A-Batman-Mask-On redesigns in this content, this is the most Nightwing-With-A-Batman-Mask-On-est of them all. And yet it works, the simplicity is its strength, it conveys Grayson saying “I may be Batman, but I’ll be my kind of Batman.” Would this convey terror into the hearts of Gotham City’s criminals and ne’er-do-wells? Probably not, but it’s one of the costumes most evocative of Dick Grayson submitted here.

Vito: 7. It’s tough to divorce the art from the design here, because you guys are right; it is Nightwing with a Bat-cowl, but it’s a great piece.  The colors are vivid and yet subtle.  It has a lot of subtleties in marrying both costumes that it can work.  But it needs either a cape, or a different cowl for it to work for me.

Chris: 7. I’m with Vito here. The only thing I’d do is differentiate the this new cowl from the previous iterations.

Vito: I also think that something lighter on the utility belt might work because you can see that it’s there, but you can’t see the details.

Dean: 6. Solid drawing, but the costume isn’t innovative enough for me. Good call with the simple circle belt buckle, thoguh.

JHW3: 5. Nice style of drawing here but, again, NO cape/wing aspect to the design.  We basically just have Nightwing with a batcowl.

Dustin: 5 again, more nightwing than batman here

Bob Strang

Joel: 6. A nice, clean animation-friendly design. But I think both the cape shape and the chest emblem are too avian, making this look more like a grown-up electric-blue Robin than a new Batman.

Vito: 9. But Joel, that’s what I love about this one…it is more Robin than Batman, but if this guy jumps off of a roof in the dead of night, he still casts that silhouette.  I admit that the animated look takes you out of it a little, but that cowl is fantastic.  I love the look of the pinned back ears that still gives that bat look.  One of my favorites.

Jon: 5. I think this does exactly what I wouldn’t want the costume to do, which is to feel like an analog to the Batman, rather than a successor. The lines on the belt, chest and shoulders are nice, the coloring on the forearms seems overpowering. Considering the v-shaped chest patch, the solid color hands, and the wide triangles of the cape, this says “fox” to me more than it says “bat.” Ironically, the shape defined by Batman’s ears in front of the insignia in the lower right hand corner makes for a much more ‘batty’ symbol. It’s a sweet illo, but it feels more like someone dressing up in a Batman-fashion…

Chris: 6. I want to like this a lot more than I did — it has nuggets of great ideas but it doesn’t really come together into a definitive take on a new Batman.

Dean: 7. Pretty fun, great lines, but I feel like the bat head in the symbol in the upper left of the image should’ve been included on the chest emblem.

JHW3: 6. I really like the feel of this one.   It has a nice simplicity to it and would serve well as a design for the many variations of the animated Batman toy line.  But with that said, I have to agree that it is too close to things we’ve seen before.

Dustin: 7.  i like this one because it’s so damn simple and might work iconically one day if we do a slower evolution of batman.

Charles R. Rouse-Rodriguez

Jon: 5. The thing I like most about this design is the eyeless quality, going somewhere with the apocraphyl blindness of bats. Also, Dick Grayson will have had to subsume a good portion of his own personality to “be more like Bruce,” so I like the idea symbolically of having been blinkered. Unfortunately, I don’t ‘get’ some of the other elements- the big cuffs, the circuitry on the shoes. It’s overall got a nice streamlining, despite the multitude of lines, though.

Joel: 6. This is a fun future-Bat design, and the eyeless mask is very cool, but this guy looks way too eager to show off his tech. If Barbara were stepping into the mantle, I can believe that she’d ransack Radio Shack for the latest and hottest super-gear, and not be too shy about keeping it visible and gleaming. But my understanding is that Dick is a bit more focused on the the fundamentals of flipping into alleyways and kicking multiple people in the head.

Vito: 6. Reminds me of Owlman more than Batman, but really only at the belt.  The red is a stark departure, and its one of the elements I love about this design.  I wish I could get past the eyeless cowl, but I can’t.  The logo into cape feature is a hit.  There’s something New God-y going on in those boots!

Chris: 9. I may be in the minority, but I love this design. Everything to me screens modern-day — reminding me a bit of the Cully Hamner Blue Beetle redesign, but still its own person. The one thing I’d recommend is changing the red color to yellow, but otherwise it’s ready to go!

Dean: 7. I like a lot that’s happening here. The belt and boots are especially cool. Most folks went blue OR red, but I like the combination here. The eye-less mask bothers me, though. I think it’s a bit too Batzarro.

JHW3: 7. Holy Blue Beetle Batman! It reminds me too much of the current version of
Blue Beetle.  Nicely done though. Where are the eyes? My only real complaint is that there no eyes.  Batman works best when you have eyes for expression.

Dustin: 6. nicely drawn

Evan Bryce

Chris: 7. Merging the chest emblem with the cape is a great idea; something so simple that I’m surprised others haven’t done it. Changing the horns of the head of the costume to a more sideways protrusion is interesting but I don’t know if I’m completely sold on it. I’d really love to see this Batman in action.

Jon: 7. Love the illustration style and the colors, and while I think it’s got some sleek changes – the insignia blending into the cape, the wider bat-ears – there are some awkward additions. From his belt down to his kneepads, he has a look like an awkward boy scout. As cowardly a lot as they’re meant to be, I don’t think Gotham’s criminals will shirk from those baggy shorts. I would’ve like to seen the same streamlining done with the lower body as it was with the upper.

Vito: 6. It doesn’t scream out “new” to me, but “status quo.”  It’s bulky-looking, but the only Nightwing element I see in this is that baton.  There’s more that can be done here, so this is a great start, but not there.

Joel: 8. Love this drawing. Love the authority with which Evan sells the SHUNK!-ing device-thing, there, even if I have no idea what it’s there for. Love the emblem-into-cape design, the kneepads, and the robot-fingers. This, I think, would make a great middle-aged Grayson, whose getting a little worn down by his time in the cowl.

Vito: “The Boy Wonder Returns?”

Dean: 8. I love the simplicity of these little upgrades. The longer shorts, the heavier boots and gloves, and the unified cape and logo are simple but effective improvements, especially in Evan’s total-confidence style.

JHW3: 5. This one, I have to say, bugs me.  I like the drawing style a lot but the costume design just isn’t there.  We basically just have a regular Batman costume with riot pads and such over the top.  Cool style though.

Dustin: 5. this is more a stylistic design rather than a costume redesign i think.

Kyle Latino

Joel: 7. What a great pulp-era Batman, right down to the scale-mail briefs! I love the cowl, and the gold batarangs. But I’m confused by the half-bat chest emblem. And, ultimately, I think this is more Tomas Wayne than Dick Grayson.

Vito: 8. Everything but the logo is close to perfect.  The colors, the design of the cowl, the belt, and yes, Joel, the tights.  That logo though…I’m baffled!

Jon: 7. I love it, particulaly that the outfit fits so loose – on Bruce Wayne, the costume looks like a second skin, because Batman is who Bruce Wayne really is. On Dick Grayson, the mantle of Batman is thrust upon him, so he wears the outfit like, well, clothes. The scale mail briefs are a great call-back to Robin, but I’m with Joel, I need to know what’s up with that half-insignia! It’s such a strong part of the design, its meaning needs to be immediately clear …

Chris: 6. This is the piece I have the most questions about. I’d love to interview the artist to talk about the choices he made here, but that’s not what judging is.

Dean: 7. Cool stuff. I love the mask shapes, but I’m not totally sold on the half symbol.

JHW3: 5. Nice pulpy looking mask/cowl but the rest is just too similar to what we already have in the regular Batman.  And that chest emblem is not working at all.

Dustin: 5. i dont think the emblem should be redesigned.

Jonathan McNally

Jon: 5. Bat-Beetle? Jonathan’s design here is incredibly fun, bubbly, the colors and composition make it look like a merry future Batman (In fact, some of the elements, like the shapes on the belt and the cut-outs on the legs and abdomen, give it the feel of a Legion of Super Heroes costume). It actually makes me want to see a futuristic teenage Batman in the LSH, but I think it’s a miss for Dick Grayson and the modern Gotham.

Vito: 7. I like this one a lot!  I could see Dick wearing this, personally, but some of the elements make it look a little futuristic, like Jon said.  I’m fine with that, but it looks like a variant Bat costume, not the main event.

Jon: The more I look at this one, the more I want to see this fellow draw the original Teen Titans. I bet that would be delightful.

Chris: 6. Simplified, but I’d like to see Jonathan take this further

Joel: 5. It took me a while to notice that two lighter-blue shapes on the abdomen turns this Bat’s entire head and torso into the Bat-emblem. That’s a fun, clever idea, and I wish Jonathan had run with it a bit more. If you have this uber-emblem, do you need to repeat it two other times on the front of the costume? Just how graphic and streamlined could you get with that design-concept? At present, though, it just looks like extraneous detail.

Dean: 7.5. This is fun to the max. I can absolutely see this as a former-circus performer Batman. The simplification of shapes on the arms is great, and the goggles are fun and practical. Great entry.

JHW3: 6. It’s fun, but feels more like something for a Johnny DC title.

Dustin: 6 very fun design

Otoniel Lopes de Oliveira, Jr. (Large Version!)

Joel: 5. You know, if Batman had been around back in the Nineties, this is totally what he’d have looked like. Totally. A lot of very interesting ideas are at work here, but I think I have to put this in the Elseworld’s camp.

Jon: 5. You can’t fault Otoniel for putting absolutely every effort into this design – you cannot walk away from this illustration without knowing how absolutely every element works from every angle, how the character’s meant to move, how the accesories connect. This is an illustration that would be invaluable for any motion picture, animated series, video game or action figure — but unfortunately, it doesn’t give us any clue to the personality behind the mask. This really could be anybody in a padded, armored bat-suit – nods to the Robin booties and Nightwing palette aside. The design itself could really benefit from some color and character …

Vito: 8. To give this anything less than a 7 is criminal.  Nothing against Jon and Joel, but Otoniel really put a lot of thought into this.  And maybe they’re right…it is very 90’s.  But Jon, it definitely has a personality; Dick’s.  I can see Dick Grayson in this costume.  I keep looking at this and seeing Dick Grayson every time.  It’s a good design.  A little busy and not enough colors, but it’s really good.

Jon: I don’t know, remember what you were saying up above about Grayson being a character who “lets the light in?” This is a very grim design.

Vito: Granted, Jon, which is why I didn’t go the full monty on my scoring.  Maybe it’s his Bane-Buster Armor?

Chris: 5. This reminds me of the early 90s Daredevil redesign — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But I really think Otoniel made it too complicated and should shave off some of it and make it more simple.

Dean: 6.5. I appreciate how thought  out this is, but a lot of it seems overcomplicated. The spikey things coming off his back seem a little problematic, and I don’t like how the capewings leave a big gaping hole on each side between his body and the wings. The helmet is badass, though.

JHW3: 8. Lot’s of thought put into this and that’s why I’m giving a high mark.  But I have 2 major complaints,  the cape aspect of it isn’t working and there are no EYES.

Dustin: 6 very nicely drawn

Yasmin Liang

Jon: 6. As an understated design, I think it’s missing anything to make it truly iconic. I’m also really distrated by the glowing belt, it’s as if Batman’s saying “By the way, don’t forget to try to take this offa me, it’s where I keep all my stuff.” Nicely streamlined design, though, and thoroughly serviceable, however it doesn’t feel all that pulled together, to me.

Chris: 6. Like Jon said, a bunch of individually great elements but it doesn’t come together that well. The glowing throws me off.

Vito: 6.5. I don’t mind the glowing elements if there’s a reason to them.  This is Batman Beyond, after a fashion.  I like the overall look of the costume, but I have some nitpicks; the belt looks too easily removable, like Jon said; the gauntlets don’t need those details on them, so either go with black or the blue.  That said, I’m not sure how Grayson-y I think this is, but I do like it enough to see him wearing it.

Dean: 8. Switch the blue to yellow, orange, or red, and this is a serious contender. I love the lines and shapes of this design. The black pants are simple and practical, and I think the idea of having running lights throughout the design would be kinda scary in a fight, as long as you can turn them off for sneaking and skulking. Solid drawing, too.

Joel: 5. I’m jumping on the wrong-color bandwagon, here. Beyond that, I think we’re looking at a solid, but slightly generic, super-suit. The emphasis on downward-pointing angles adds dynamism, but the body-hugging contour of the shoulders and cowl take this away from the iconic Batman silhouette without replacing it with something equally distinctive.

JHW3: 5. The neon blue aspects are interesting to look at, but certainly wouldn’t help you hide in the shadows.  The rest of it is just too familiar.

Dustin: 7. i’d say get rid of the blue and it’d be a pretty nice design.

Stefan Tosheff

Chris: 6. The face mask totally throws me off. The chest design is a good start and the illustration skills are good, but the design as a whole isn’t there.

Jon: 7.5. The illustration itself is actually throwing this one off for me, the radiating lines emerging from Dick Grayson’s illuminated posterior are drawing my eye to the belt, which is the least-realized part of the design. I actually really like the mask and emblem, I think they get across the notion perfectly, and the texturing on the costume is enticing. I could see this one working, but it’s hard to say with that background drawing so much out of it.

Vito: 5. I’m not sold on this one.  Maybe it’s the background, but I’m not convinced that this is Batman.  One of the things I wanted in the designs was deception.  I wanted to see Dick Grayson, but imagine Bruce Wayne.  This is just Nightwing to me.

Joel: 7. Yeah, it’s more Nightwing than Bat, but there is a lot to like here. My favorite part is the narrative that I’m inferring from the non-Bat and -Nightwing influences. There seems to be some Catwoman in the body design, and the mask looks enough like a boxer’s guard that I’m reading that as a Wildcat reference. So, I see this as a Grayson who expanded his group of mentors in order to step up to this role.

Dean: 7. I really like this one, but it’s a better new Nightwing than a new Batman. Still, just so badass. Love the mask.

JHW3: 5. No cape/wing aspect again.

Dustin: 5. [No Comments.]

Peter Foglesong

Vito: 7. Love the colors in this one, but it might not be dark enough for a Batman costume.  Substituting the gray for black might make it work, but I wouldn’t want to change this too much.  The yellow on the cape is…different, but not necessarily a bad thing.

Chris: 7. This is a great design in black & white, but the color scheme really pulls me away from doing a higher score.

Jon: 6. I would have liked to have seen this in darker colors, and with much less green in the yellow highlights. The boots don’t have the same nonconformity of line, as do the other blue components, and in fact the lower half of the costume could benefit from some extrapolation.

Joel: 5. I think the Bat-emblem has gotten way too abstracted, here. If I were seeing this character without any Bat-preconceptions, I’d think I was looking at stylized thorns, making this a fine design for a line of Christian superhero books.

Dean: 6. A lot of good choices here. The batbelt is great, and the Nightwing-ish symbol and arm-stripes are far more successful here than on many of the entries that went that route. I don’t think the light grey Batsuit works that well, but darken it up, and it’d be pretty solid. The cape-splitting seems like an unnecessary afterthought.

JHW3: 5. Another fun one.  Jim Mahfood does Nightwing doing Batman.  Just wouldn’t work for the regular titles.

Dustin: 6 i like it though its more nightwing than it is batman

Note: Check back later this week for the Batman 2.0 Honorable Mentions!

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