Batman 2.0 Honorable Mentions!

Editor’s Note: We received nearly a hundred and fifty entries for our recent Batman 2.0: The Dynamic Do-Over contest, sponsored by Rogues Gallery! The following (rad) entries merited Honorable Mentions, so we’d like to present them here. We’d also like to announce that guest reviewer Dustin Nguyen has generously donated a Batman: Heart of Hush hardcover (along with a sketch on the inside front cover!) to be added to the Grand Prize! Additionally, P:R’s own Vito Delsante has donated a copy of Batman Adventures Vol. 2, signed by himself and fellow bat-writer, Dan Slott, as a special award to his favorite entrant, Marcos Miller! Thanks again to everyone who entered! Now, enjoy these honorable mentions! – Dean Trippe

Maris Wicks

Alex Mitchell

Note: Way more Honorable Mentions after the jump! – D.T.

Andrew Good

Brad Hodges

Craig Payne

Drew Blom

Drew Green

Dylan McCRae

Evan Larson

Felipe Sobreiro

Garth Jones

Juan Cabal

Jake Ekiss

Jennifer Liu

Jim Harnock

Jorell Rivera

Jorge Daniel Romero Castillo

Julie Bailey

Kate Holden

Kevin Leinbach

Mark Grambau

Meghan Murphy

Michael Walton

Mike Dimayuga

Paul Robot Cunha

Rosemary Travale

Rudey Jordane

Sean Izaakse

Sebastián Píriz

Stephanie Pena

Stephen R. Buell

Tamas Jakab

Thomas Perkins

Timothy Lim

Jason Horn

Patricio Oliver

30 comments to “Batman 2.0 Honorable Mentions!”
  1. Re:
    “Wow, in my opinion a lot of these should be finalists instead of honorable mentions!”

    I agree with you, it should be the other way around. Next time, let people like us be the future judges.

  2. You know that’s a few of these contests where I haven’t even ranked as an HM. I really don’t like that there is no confirmation of receipt. It really makes me feel like my entries aren’t going to anyone. Especially when I look at the entries that get a plug and see ones that just severely lack compared to mine. (note… I’m not speaking from some inflated ego, Most of the winners and at least 1/3 of the HM’s were either better art or better designs than mine. But there are a lot that comparatively just didn’t try.)

  3. Dear Peeved:

    It’s a contest. Show some good sportsmanship. There are tons of great artists trying to make into the comics industry to make a living–many of whom are better than the “professionals”–and they toil and toil for years in obscurity. But that’s just the way life works. Just work harder next time and don’t worry about if you win or not. Do it for the love of it.

  4. How was that Sean Izaakse redesign not mentioned in the runner ups? That has to be my ABSOLUTE favorite! (Although the Frankenstein/Zombie Batman does take away from the awesome modern design that I like so much.)

  5. Wow! These designs are so much more interesting and full of character. I wish some of them had been finalists; they’re much more distinct.

  6. Between all the finalists, honorable mentions and some of the stuff I’ve seen that didn’t make the site, I think the next Batman design really needs the bat logo to go into the sleeves and/or cape.

  7. Even the honorable mentions on this project were surprisingly good. I especially liked Sean Izaakse’s interpretation. Perhaps the next project could be a Black Canary redesign. It would be fascinating to see how different people would approach her costume.

  8. Sean…er, I mean Dean Allen, that submission wasn’t included in the runners up because you can’t actually see the redesigned Batman costume. The majority of that piece is consumed by some kind of homeless Batman thing (for some or other reason).

  9. A lot of what I see at this site is cool to me, a fair amount does nothing for me at all. But I can tell you right now if I saw Batman book, with the same design and artistic style that Sean Izaakse put forth, I would buy it in a second.

  10. oh man, i am so bummed, if i had known about the heart of hush hardcover i would definitely have entered mine!

  11. a big THANK YOU to the PTB who run proj:rooftop. a LOT of people kicked ass and i had to slap myself a few time for missing brilliant yet simple design innovations some artists put into their design.
    ah well maybe next time…

  12. Stoked on making the honorable mentions. Nice entries by all. The entries by Maris Wicks, Kevin Leinbach, Rudey Jordane and Stephen R. Buell are tight, loving those redesigns!

  13. Awesome designs here. I like the ones with the Nightwing-style mask worked into the cowl; I’m surprised more designs didn’t use that.

  14. Piriz’s design would have been my pick for winning this contest. Maybe the cape would have worked better with a slightly more classic look, but the design of the costume is so perfect for Dick Grayson without just being ‘Nightwing with a cape and cowl’. The belt, in particular, is genuis, and the way the cape folds up so that he doesn’t have to always use it is great as well.

  15. Oh, and the mask and collar! They’re perfect- they make the costume very Grayson-y while still looking extremely cool and ‘dark’, as opposed to many of the entries that made Batman kinda childish looking.

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