20 comments to “Cory Walker’s Supergirl Collection”
  1. I adore the first and third costumes the most – I especially love how the first one is channeling that ever popular colorblock dress :D
    So chic and fun!

  2. Awesome, right?
    Oh hell, yeah!
    The next to last one, costume very similar to Mister Miracle. She would make a great team up with Big Barda.

  3. Cory’s sketch blog is awesome! DC Direct should totally make these into a line of toys.

    1. Date Night Supergirl
    2. Cheerleader Supergirl
    3. Rave Night Supergirl
    4. Olympic Runner Supergirl
    5. (Adjective-less) Supergirl
    6. Legion of Super-Heroes Supergirl
    7. Justice League Unlimited Dark Lords Supergirl

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  6. Love number 3, It’s got a slightly mod look, which is refreshing considering she’s from that time period.
    Also number one looks great. I like em all.

  7. These are all fantastic but the last one would be a great departure for her. It’s superhero-y, it’s a new look for her without looking silly and for Kara’s personality it makes sense that she’d use a different color scheme.

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