All-Ages All-Stars: Mike Maihack’s Scarlet Witch

Note: All-Ages All-Stars is a new feature here at Rooftop (sounds familiar, huh?). Calamity Jon Morris said to me the other day, “Comics aren’t just for kids any more, but imagine if they were! A cuddly Punisher, a brightly colored Wolverine, or perhaps this spunky preteen Scarlet Witch and her awkward bookworm boyfriend, The Vision, courtesy of the exceptional Mike Maihack!” And then he shoved the below image in my face. So here we are. If you’d like to submit an All-Ages All-Stars redesign, check our Guidelines for submissions info. – Dean Trippe

Mike had this to say about his take on the Scarlet Witch:

Lorna’s the “evil” half sister. She’s a year older than Wanda and pretty much thinks she’s more important than her in every way. Especially since she inherited her father’s powers. Speaking of which (witch?)…

Magneto is maybe the most infamous criminal/terrorist in the world but he’s been imprisoned for a while now so no worries there. Wanda and Petro have been living on some farm with some cow lady (just a regular lady, but with lots of cows) and going to school and whatnot from there. They know who their father is though, which makes it a bit scary when they see on the news he’s escaped. Cue: STORY ARC.

Oh, and the hat. I figure it’s an heirloom from Wanda’s mother, who died, of course. But maybe she had some witching powers too. Wearing the hat helps Wanda tap into some of her mom’s skills and helps her better control her powers (and feel closer to her as well).

And like you mentioned, Petro’s impatient and annoying. And Vison is an awkward robot boyfriend (though maybe they just start off best buds).

Sounds good to me.

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  2. thank you all so much! seriously. so cool you guys like the idea of more all-ages stuff. i really hope to see a lot of submissions!

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  4. Wendy, the little good Scarlet Witch? :)

    I’m very amused at Quicksilver, who I’m sure would be Impulse by way of Katie Power.

    Teen Vision rocks. He looks properly robotic.

  5. I would absolutely buy this! SW is my favorite Marvel character and dang if that just isn’t the cutest little speedster I ever did see!

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