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  2. Wait, am I missing something? Your inbox is already filling up? Was this been announced previously? Where’s the nice little breakdown you usually post about what exactly you want and what the redesign should entail? Just a logo and a wikipedia link? Really?

  3. Hi, Aaron. I will answer your questions in order!

    1. Possibly.

    2. Well, “filling up” was a bit of an exaggeration. I’ve gotten in over a dozen, but Gmail is more than capable of handling them. It’s unlikely this one contest will max out our account’s storage space. Boy, that’d be something. (I got one in tonight, though, that was so rad, I wouldn’t have minded if it took up half my GBs.)

    3. Yeah, this was been announced previously! But it was a small note in our return announcement, so I’m not surprised most folks missed it. The head start just served as a bonus for folks paying super-close attention. Check here.

    4. I didn’t write one. But here is a very general one that will almost always do: “P:R HOW TO: Retain enough prior costume iconography to keep the character recognizable in an appealing redesign that reveals traits and story.” Hope that helps. Other than the new non-continuity stuff like Career Day and All-Ages All-Stars, that’s pretty much what we’re always looking for.

    5. Yes, that is what I posted. I didn’t feel like I needed to write a big thing up explaining why I chose Black Canary or anything. Who reads that stuff?

    6. Really! :D

  4. Thanks Dean, you’re right I didn’t even notice that Black Canary heads-up in that post. Oh well, better get to it then…even though I’m not entirely sure how exactly you revamp a superhero costume which basically consists out of PVC lingerie, a leather jacket and backcombed hair.

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  6. I’m excited about this because I love Black Canary and her design, but that also makes it very difficult because her outfit is just about perfect as it is.

  7. I’m so stoked. I completely missed my opportunity to participate in the Wolverine: Look Sharp contest, and I’m thrilled to be able to enter this one, my first since Batman 2.0. I just pressed send on my Canary submission, so… fingers crossed.

  8. So, just wondering, how long until the results are posted? I’m just really excited to see all the best designs, and since this is the first contest since you started posting often (which we all thoroughly enjoy by the way) I don’t know what to expect in terms of turn around. Any way you guys could ball park a date for us?

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