Batman by Gregor-A01

Note: I don’t want to oversell the following image, but I feel obligated to point out that this submission from Gregor-A01 is the best redesign concept we’ve ever received here at P:R. I’ve heard about this guy for years now, and seen a few of his unsubmitted (but always far superior) redesigns for our previous events on message boards.  I’m so pleased to finally present his fresh take on Batman. DC would be fools not to implement this look immediately. Enjoy enjoying it enjoyably. – Dean Trippe, Founder, Editor, Spokesperson, Tweetmaster, Site Administrator, Nerd Captain.

Batman by Gregor-A01

14 comments to “Batman by Gregor-A01”
  1. It’s bold, it’s different but it works. I agree, the absolute best submission I’ve seen on P:R. Why isn’t Gregor-A01 at DC right this second redesigning their entire lines? They’d be fools not to hire him.

  2. Really? I dunno…the Liefeldian thigh-belt is enough for me to veto the thing as a design. It’s a nice drawing, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not feelin’ the love for a “best submission evah” claim.

  3. It looks alot like the current batgirl costume. only difference (other than on a male frame) is the belt and how the cape hangs.

  4. Ehh… The lens flare isn’t really doing it for me. It needs to be way, way, way bigger. Like, way.

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