Tim Gunn Discusses Superhero Costumes

Note: Looks like Project Runway star Tim Gunn is making a pitch to move over to Project: Rooftop in this discussion with Crazy Sexy Geeks host Alan Kistler. The superhero choices are particularly timely for Rooftop Readers (TM), with Black Canary and Batwoman included in the discussion. You’re welcome at P:R anytime, Mr. Gunn! Thanks to everyone who sent this in. – Dean Trippe

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  1. It’s fun to see Tim guns take on the costumes. It’s funny he loves the spiderman costume, yet doesn’t dig the black suit. I can understand the reasons why, but it’s my childhood that makes me think the black suit is super cool.

  2. One of my dreams is to discuss comics with Tim Gunn in person.

    Yes, maybe I need bigger dreams.

    I think Gunn would be absolutely delighted by Project: Rooftop, personally. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s seen it.

  3. Considering his comics self is a fan of her, she’s a designer herself, and all the designs she’s gone through over the years, I’m surprised Wasp hasn’t come up yet in the Gunn discussions.

    His assessment of Sapphire’s costumes is dead on, though.

  4. I think it speaks volumes that a man of Mr. Gunn’s stature in the fashion/culture world is willing to sit down and treat these designs with honesty and respect. He could be very condescending or ingenuine about the whole thing, or could have opted out of doing it at all. Instead, he’s gained a great deal of respect for treading very carefully (and very honestly, even when we the fans may not agree) on ground that is hallowed to many faithful fans. I say a big cheers and thank you!

  5. This video was actually MY idea not his (though he did love it as soon as I told him about it), so I’m afraid the credit can’t go to any Project: Runway folks, as great as the show is. :-)

    Alan Kistler here. Just wanted to say thanks for the plug! Hope you folks enjoy PART TWO in a few days. :-)

  6. His comments on Batwoman are particularly interesting. I think the conventional response would be to favor the contemporary costume. It’s graphically stronger and it strives for a balance between practicality and drama. But it’s also kinda blandly derivative.

    His notion of returning to the GA costume for a more oblique path to Bat-signification is clever, and something I too would like to see Mr. Williams tackle.

  7. I really digg on the mention of Iron-Spidey, and how he says the costumes “looks like it belongs to a different hero”…. the more I thought about that the more I thought… “Who?”

    I think that would be a great mini-challenge/contest… What if *enter hero here* got an Iron Man edition Costume? It could be the first Multi-Character redesign… or at least a cool thread page!

  8. This. Was. Great.

    Surprised by his Powergirl and Black Canary stances, but I agree with most everything else. Although IMO Spidey’s black costume is The Greatest Superhero Costume of All Time, but I find myself completely okay with Gunn’s reasoned disagreement.

    I’m ashamed to say this is also the first time I’ve made any connection between the names ‘Project Rooftop’ and ‘Project Runway’…

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