Chris Samnee’s Thor Sketches

Note: In related news, if  you missed the first glimpse of the Thor movie uniform, head over to Yahoo Movies for the still. And if you’re unfamiliar with Chris Samnee’s awesome art, you might enjoy the Black Canary he posted at his blog last week! – Dean

Earlier this month at Chicago’s C2E2 convention, Marvel announced a new Thor series with writer Roger Langridge and artist Chris Samnee. Described as a “re-imagining” of Thor character, the series gives Samnee a chance to make some adjustments to Thor’s outfit. I recently interviewed him for Newsarama, and he provided some of his process sketches for this re-imagined Thor as well as other characters including an awesome Iron Man and Ant Man.


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  1. These are really spectacular. I love the simple clean line work he uses to just get the idea down and move on. Wish we could see each of these sheets full size!

  2. Great article! I love Chris’s work and I always enjoy seeing the “process”. I really like his tweaked Thor outfit, love the higher collar, new helm and the look of the “vest”, although I’m not liking the hood.

  3. Chris Samnee’s work is excellent and I was pleased to hear about him being the artist on a new Thor series.

    I’ve been a fan of Marvel Thor since 1962 and as an Australian science fiction writer have also written a little Thor fan fiction, which you can find here:

    Just scroll down below my author profile and you will see over 40 fan fiction stories :

    Here are several links to some of my science fiction:


  4. I’m confused by how this series integrates into the 616 universe. Is this considered a retcon or is it like the Ultimate line? Same with X-Men First Class: is all this considered 616 history?

    I have the same confusion with the Marvel Knights line. Like, to this very day, I can’t tell whether Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee’s Inhumans is considered 616 canon (it didn’t help that subsequent references to the Inhumans bring up characters from that book, like Tonaja and Nahrees). There were even Marvel Knights versions of Fantastic Four and Spider-Man (are those 616? wtf)!

    Is Marvel MAX alternate universe or what?! At first I thought MAX was for stories that couldn’t be told in non-MAX books (due to sex/violence/language/etc), while still remaining within the 616 universe. Unfortunately, the timelines got really jacked up (especially in Punisher MAX), and now I can’t tell if books that move in and out of the MAX imprint are still inside 616 or not.

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