Canary on the Catwalk Honorable Mentions!

Note: As is usual with our contests, Canary on the Catwalk produced far more awesome art than made the finalists. So here, finally, are the Honorable Mentions. Congratulations to the artists featured below, and thanks again to everyone who entered! – Dean Trippe

Thomas Branch

Tyler Parker

Note: Lots more Black Canaries after the jump! – Dean

Evan Bryce

Andrew Runion

Bunny Luz

Daniel Heard

David Bednarski

George Marston

Krissy Diggs

Lauren Pettapiece

Matthew Melis

Matthew Humphreys

Maya N

Michael Patrick

Michelle Sciuto

Nat Dai

Rico Renzi

Soo Shin

Tom Brazelton

Victor M. Newman

Yasmin Liang

15 comments to “Canary on the Catwalk Honorable Mentions!”
  1. Oh my god, Tyler Parker wins the “Best Use of Frilly Cravat” award hands down. And the little mask?! Okay, okay — Can we have an Elseworlds where Black Canary goes back in time and teams up with a young pistol-toting Casanova in 1750s Venice?

    Also, Re: Humphreys’ Arrow Canary… Of -course- my favorite iteration of the Green Arrow costume is going to be the one modded for the ninja lady. I’m surprised more people didn’t take her in that direction!

  2. love the simplicity and design of andrew runion’s. smart thinking moving the fishnets to the arms. surprised it was only a runner up!

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  4. Tremendous work by all. I’m especially liking the common theme of including the whole fish-net aspect of the costume without actually putting her in fish nets, retaining the iconography but allowing for greater variation in the interpretation.

  5. These are great. I think as a judge it would have been hard to draw the line on some of these. Nice work everyone.

    @Calvin. I totally agree. PR needs to do something on Wonder Woman’s new outfit. I appreciate what Jim was trying to do but I think it failed in execution. The iconography is lost. I wonder what Tim Gunn would have to say about it.

  6. Generally speaking a lot of nice design work, but Thomas Branch’s is the only one I could/would want to see Dinah Lance actually wearing into combat.

  7. Branch’s design is good, but has too many echoes to the Steph Brown Batgirl right now – it makes her look like one of the two of them is the other’s sidekick. In an alternate universe where Cass Cain was still Batgirl, this would be a wonderful Black Canary.

  8. I love Bunny Luz’s design – it’s be a great steampunk/dieselpunk variant. I picture this Black Canary jumping off of some sort of complicated steam/smoke belching motorcycle and punching mooks wearing cravats and bowlers.

  9. I’d just like to give an extra-special shout-out to the “Black Canary via Moulin Rouge” effort of Krissy Diggs. That idea is seriously inspired, and I absolutely love it to pieces.

  10. I just followed the link to Kristian Horn’s entry, BTW, which I think is actually really neat. A little bit Eighties Metal for the current era, maybe, what with all the spikes and whatnot; I think that’s a great nostalgic touch, though it may also be why it didn’t make the longlist.

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