Joe Quinones’ Scott Pilgrim Cast Collection

Note: These aren’t technically superheroes, and you may have seen these at Joe Quinones’ blog already, but we’re such big Scott Pilgrim fans here at P:R, we had to run ’em. You might remember Joe from pulling out the hard-fought top spot in our Wonder Woman Wardrobe War contest. Joe’s more realistic depictions of Bryan Lee O’Malley‘s SP characters are especially cool to look at with the new live-action film hitting theaters August 13th. Enjoy all the free radness from one of our favorite contributors! – Dean Trippe

Joe Quinones

9 comments to “Joe Quinones’ Scott Pilgrim Cast Collection”
  1. Is it just me or does Joe’s Wallace Wells seem to be channelling Tom Cruise in more than one way?

  2. Saw these the first time around, but it’s great to revisit them. Wallace Wells and Kim Pine are especially perfect!

  3. I’m ashamed to say I don’t know very much about Scott Pilgrim. But from a complete ignoramus’ point of view, these are great and pique my interest in checking out the source material. That girl in the pink is completely kickass.

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