Fan-Art Friday: Jim Lee’s Wonder Woman

Note: Here’s a collection of some awesome takes on Wonder Woman’s new look. Like a lot of official redesigns, this one’s looking stronger as more artists tackle it, adding little details and eliminating others to suit their personal styles. (Speaking of which, have you noticed Marcus To‘s subtle updates to Red Robin’s uniform? Solid.) Anyway, enjoy! – Dean Trippe

Mike Maihack

Jemma Salume (Click here for her last version!)

Note: Read on for more! – D. T.

Tom Bancroft

Luciano Vecchio

Ramon Villalobos

BONUS: Here are some cartoons we received, starring the new Wonder Woman!

Dean Kotz

Polly Guo

Matt Moylan

14 comments on “Fan-Art Friday: Jim Lee’s Wonder Woman
  1. I dig Vecchio’s rendition, in part because he gets rid of that silly jacket AND the stupid fingerless gloves

  2. Maihack and Salume’s look incredible, more because I like their styles than anything else. Moylan nailed it!

  3. As always, I’m in love with anything and everything Jemma Salume does. ;D But these are great, despite my distaste for the new outfit.

  4. It’s definitely much better without the jacket. My big problem with this costume is not that it covers her up too much, or even that it’s so different. The problem is that it isn’t ICONIC. Wonder Woman is one of the big three. She needs to be instantly recognizable. You wouldn’t put Batman in a denim jacket. This design looks like a third-string Image team character from the Nineties.

    To be fair though, the last time I enjoyed Wonder Woman was in New Frontier, so I’m hardly the target audience.

  5. Look at the original design promo art for the costume — the space between those gold spaghetti shoulder straps is actually coloured red: they’re meant to be the same leather as the rest of her top.

  6. Excellent art! Makes me wish I was tall enough to put this together for San Diego!

    From a functional perspective, the gloves can be useful. I use fingerless gloves in the gym to help me keep a good grip on heavy things – especially when hands get sweaty/wet. So I’m down with her gloves. Like the pants, and the corset. The cropped jacket would be better in black leather – but should only be something you see her in rarely; it does make the costume more like normal clothes. Denim is dated, and stupid with the leather pants – at least they didn’t try to make it acid-washed. And the choker/collar/whateverthatis… Uhm, Wonder Woman doesn’t wear a collar for ANYONE. Take that off her before she hurts you. Badly.

  7. Mordicai – Barda is listed at seven feet tall. When drawn correctly, she should tower over just about everyone else in the League, including the Big Three.

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