Contest Announcement: Captain America!

Steve Rogers may be a man out of time, but his red, white, and blue BDU is timeless. But that’s never stopped us before. Steady your quivering  hands, designers, because Project: Rooftop is putting out the call: Send us your redesigns of the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America!

Feel free to chose your preferred shield-slinger (Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Isaiah Bradley, etc.), but you must choose someone who has operated under the title in continuity. Regardless of the man in the uniform, Captain America is a symbol as well as a warrior, and should represent America’s best ideals, even when others in power fall short of his moral standards.

Be sure to read our guidelines and send your entries as attachments to

Entries must be received by August 1st, 2010.

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22 comments to “Contest Announcement: Captain America!”
  1. Yes! I’ve been honing in on a redesign of the Captain every since this was hinted at forever ago! Can’t wait to make my debut at P:R!

  2. Wow. I’m a huge fan of Captain America and I believe this is going to push a lot on people to come up with a a new design. I hope I can make a pleasing look and hope for others to give him justice.

  3. very nice! cant wait to see what everyone comes up with!
    also, the links at the bottom for past contests don’t work…just pointing that out

  4. thanks for the heads up, brandon. altered the text and link to hopefully solve that. don’t know why it was dropping part of the url for each link. oh well.

  5. Daniel – No, they’ll all go into the same batch. You can include which Cap you chose, but for entries that don’t designate one, we’ll just assume it’s a Steve Rogers.

  6. Karl – You are welcome to submit multiple entries, however, in such cases, your best entry is selected before being added to the competition pool. This has advantages and disadvantages, obviously. Personally, I’d rather have that choice myself, in such a contest, but if you’re unsure of what direction to go in, turning over final decision to us can help get you into the competitive ballpark.

  7. I hadn’t seen it. I’m down for a Cap series written by B-Clev (as he’s known on the streets), but it doesn’t really look period specific to me. Have to wait and see, I guess. Great title.

  8. Also, did anyone see the new old Cap costume for Marvel’s recently announced, Fighting Avenger?

    Damn, I hadn’t! Couple throwaway alterations, but I like the helmet.

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  10. This is gonna be hard. The moment I saw this, I realized that Cap’s costume is virtually perfect.

    Steve’s Nomad costume, on the other hand? There’s a costume prime for redesigning!

  11. Could I do Frank Castle, considering he wore a Captain America inspired costume in the War Journal arc, and reffered to himself as Captain America?

  12. I worry that I took too far of a departure, but at least I know my design will stand out amongst the red, white and blues. I’m hoping to win, but I’ll be surprised if I at least get honorable mention. :)

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