Announcing the P:R Invitational: JLA!

Note: This post explains a new feature you’ll be seeing here for the next ten weeks! – D.T.

More than a year ago, I began contacting some of our frequent art contributors for a special project: the first ever Project: Rooftop Invitational, a massive jam redesign of a superhero team. This being our first try at anything like this, it took a while to select and confirm the artist roster, as well as their individual choices of team members to redesign from the chosen super-team, the Justice League of America!

I obviously love superheroes and superhero teams in general, but there’s something special about the JLA. The League roster is typically anchored by Superman and Batman, the first two superheroes, known as the World’s Finest for a reason, and Wonder Woman, the most iconic and recognizable superheroine of all time. Collectively now referred to as DC’s Trinity, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman merge the science fiction, crime-fighting, and mythological elements common to superhero origins into the foundation of a very strange universe, made accessible to all three through their mutual friendship.

This variety, extended by the rest of the League members’ unique histories and rogues, allows JLA stories to cover any conceivable concept. Atlantean mages? Sure thing, says Aquaman. Intergalactic alien war? Green Lantern’s all over it. Time travel, ancient gods, warriors from long-dead worlds, everything in between and beyond. The breadth of what’s capable in superhero comics, all at the fingertips of whomever’s minding the Watchtower.

This week, we received our final entry for the Invitational. So for the next few months, we will add one entry per week to the team layout, which was sketched out by P:R contributing writer and artist Jon Morris (above). Here’s the shape of things to come:

Looks a little less elegant now, but in ten weeks it will be a massive indie jam redesign of the JLA, available as a free high-res wallpaper here at Project: Rooftop, as a thank you to all our readers. Thanks so much to the incredible artists who joined in on the jam, who will be revealed as the image is completed. The first addition goes live in just a few minutes. Stay tuned.

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