9 comments to “P:R Invitational: Paul Maybury’s Wonder Woman”
  1. That’s cool.

    Makes me think of a Venus De Milo-esque statue maybe with the arms and legs missing.

    Somehow the statue is mystically animated with the soul of the Amazons. Her arms and legs are taken from a bronze statue nearby in the museum when she awakens.


    Great stuff.

    Looking forward to the rest of the League.

  2. Oh wow, I love that her arms and legs look like they’re made of scrap metal, rather than just covered in it! She’s got some kind of Galatea + Frankenstein’s monster thing going on that I really dig. Well played, Mr. Maybury. :D

  3. Cool. Love that the cape drops off at an angle like that. It’s surprising, the amount of heroes wearing capes and the lack of simple variation…

  4. Thanks guys, I drew this quite a while back, so it’s weird with the whole Wonder Woman redesign that’s recently happened.

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  6. I love this design, just not for Wonder Woman…with the muted colors, black leggings and shrapnel-like gloves & boots she seems more like a bad guy, or gal rather. Kids would be afraid of this chick, and I’d want to date her!

  7. I’m with Jay here – this is an interesting design, but doesn’t work for Wonder Woman, for my tastes. It feels less like a costume redesign, and more like a total character redesign. The armor’s a little too steampunk/Giger. I like the general costume shapes, however, and the liberties that you’ve taken with the color palette.

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