10 comments to “Wonder Woman by Shane McDermott”
  1. Oh my, this is really great! After so many jackets recently, I didn’t espect one that actually work.

    The only thing I have is that this look is a bit casual for Diana…

  2. It’s nice because it basically keeps a lot of the aspects of the new design, yet fixes them. For example the flaired jeans in place of the skin tight pants, and I really like the jacket design. But I do agree, this would be a perfect outfit for cassie, and doesn’t work as well for diana. Although I do really like the white and blue outfit that he did, with a few tweaks I think that would be perfect for diana.

  3. Love it. I can’t say whether it’s perfect for Dianna or Cassie, but I will say from what the pitch was for the Wonder Woman story, these street clothes are awesome for her “blending in.” I also really like his variant black jacket he did for this-http://www.theflyinglighthouse.com/2010/07/okmaybe-just-one-more.html

  4. I meant ‘should have a pony tail’. I don’t think Diana Prince is going to become a real person, or anything. Nope.

  5. That looks great. I love the look of this, and even the jacket too. It does seem a little young though.

    I just looked at his blog, and man there are more variations there that I like too. Some that seem more tailored to Diana, but this is sharp as well.

    Nicely executed.

  6. Y’know, I think I finally figured out why I hate the “street smart” Wonder Woman redesigns – they’re completely self-contradictory.

    I mean, they’re meant to look like clothes…. but she’s wearing a tiara. That’s what bugs me. They fall into a bizarre uncanny valley of fashion where all the absurdities of the costume suddenly become painfully apparent once attached to more plausible threads.

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