Aquaman 2099 by David Bednarski

Note: Rooftop Regular David Bednarski put this piece together for a cool series of art threads over at the ComicVine forums, called DC 2099, mashing Marvel 2099’s aesthetics and thinking with the DCU, this time focusing on Aquaman. As a fan of both, I’m looking forward to more results! – Dean Trippe

David had this to say about his Aquaman 2099:

The drown body of environmentalist Davis Jones becomes reanimated as a vengeful water elemental when it washes up on the shores of a remote energy research facility in the South Pacific!

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  1. Halfway through the run they bring on some crazy English writer who reveals that Aquaman is not actually Davis Jones, but sentient water that thinks its Davis Jones.

  2. Very cool – reminds me a lot of Shivans from City of Heroes though (I suppose they are goo rather than water…).

  3. Very cool concept, would be more appealing (and marketable) if he wasn’t so blob-like…any reason his shape couldn’t be more muscular? Except his head…keep the bubble-dome thing!

  4. I LOVE the style of this piece–it’s somewhat reminiscent of Ed McGuinness, whom I LOVE.

    Even though I’m a bit skeptical of this particular direction, it definitely makes me want to learn more about Davis Jones and how he acquired his powers…

    Kudos for taking the character in a bold and interesting direction!!

  5. Like the rendering. Simple and effective.
    At first glance I thought it is a distance cousin of Chemo.
    Maybe its just me. hahaha
    A more muscular version would be interesting too.

  6. guys… this is a great design. however, the first time i see this, i immediately see stan lee’s version of aquaman.

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