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  1. Looks good! Nice mixture of the old with the new, plus some tweaks of his own. Definitely an improvement, but still recognizable.

  2. Very nice, I loved this one first time around. The circles on the ankles are a bit “sneaker-ish” and is there wind in space blowing his cape thing? :)

  3. @jay

    Who’s to say he’s not hovering right above the Earth’s horizon, still very much in our own atmosphere? If he were, his cape could be blowing in the wind.

    I’m really digging the collar and the cut of his tunic(?), as well as his gloves. The ribbon cape does seem like it could get tangled in stuff. Capes are so impractical in reality tho. If ribbon capes were a problem in the comic world, Mr. Sinister would’ve been shut down decades ago.

  4. With the Martian Manhunter, it’s important to remember that the costume IS him, his own skin changed into that, so no, it can’t get in his way anymore than your arm gets in yours.

    I think my least favorite feature is the red rings around his thighs; they make it look like he’s wearing thigh-high boots. And I’ve never been a fan of those in guys.

  5. Huge fan of the cape. Huge fan. And I don’t dislike the collar like I feel I should. Not crazy about the thigh-high boots, but they’re easily ignored, and I much prefer it to the real costume.

  6. Nice redesign, much better than the most recent DC one. I do agree about the thigh high boots, ditch em for the classic buccaneer boots.

  7. I wonder if you guys would be able to notify people that their designs were received, I’m sure that’s probably a difficult task, but I know that this design was submitted a long time ago and never seen until daniel posted it in the comments section. Personally I’ve submitted 4 designs and never seen anything back. Just a curiosity.

    Anyways, I really like the design, I love that the 70’s collar is still there, and I like the short sleeves. It’s a great blend of the original costume and the 2000’s redesign.

  8. Chris here — site co-founder and editor.

    I was the one who picked out Daniel’s redesign here. What I liked about it was that it was a blend of his original superhero earth disguise but evolving towards something else. That something else is undefined, but I like to think it might be some traditional Martian garb. Similiar to the way Superman sometimes wears Kryptonian robes, I envision Daniel’s design as Martian Manhunter trying to reconcile his martian birth and his new home on earth by taking elements from both. Furthermore, the ridges on his forehead and on his arms give him an alien look that’s only compounded by the solid red eyes; it gives me a DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL kind of vibe.

    Calvin V.: At this time we cannot notify people that we have received their submission. Checking around with other similar sites, and notification doesn’t seem to be used by others.

  9. I submitted some redesigns as well for this, plus one for Canary on the Catwalk and I was wondering if I was mistaken and the contests were not open to the public, or there were guideline errors in my submissions. At any rate, I love this site, it is one of my faves, and I hope my work gets accepted one day! Keep up the good work, everyone!

  10. whoa! thanks again for the feature! all the feedback has been great! i think the more bold choices i made were the thigh highs and the shredded cape, but the most criticized. i stand by them though, mostly since i think thigh-highs look awesome. (Colossus) Of course its all just my opinion and everyone else’s is just as valid.

    @Chris: You totally got was i was going for. I really just wanted to drag him into the more “alien” with his look.

    thanks again!

  11. Daniel’s J’onn J’onzz’s face does have the martian aliens feature that we are very used to seeing. Big forehead, large eyes, small mouth.
    Minus the small bony body. haha
    The ridges on his body and the red details on on his costume is tastfully done up.
    Though I’m not such a fan of the shredded cape of his. But I guess silhouette wise it will make him distintively different from Superman’s. And it might turn out rather interesting too.

  12. I have tried so many times to rethink this carachter. This beats anything I have ever thought about. This is one of the freshest revisions I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

  13. The cape is the absolute best part of this. It looks alien while still resembling an Earth superhero costume(remember, J’onn lived to be an adult with a wife and child on his home planet, so it’s weird that he would ever fully embrace another culture so completely), and the tattered/shredded cape evokes a sense of loss the strength of a survivor.

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