22 comments to “P:R Invitational: Aquaman by Maris Wicks!”
  1. Well I like it! The shirt is great. the low v cut, the scale-ended short sleeves all say “one with nature” to me. The pants are ok. Might take him a wee bit more seriously if they were longer. Just above or below the knee.

    What really sells it is his face. He realy looks wild but in a noble way.

    A job well done Maris!!

  2. I guess I’ve been trying to think – what would this redesign look like in another artist’s style?

    Because as a ‘cute cartoony’ aquaman it works, but as a costume redesign? I don’t know.

  3. Heh, I actually really like this! It’s simple but has a casual feel to it. Very free-spirited (which one might expect from a guy who rides porpoises). Great work, Maris!

  4. So I’m the only one that already pictures short-shorts and super low v-necks when he thinks of Aquaman?

    Uh oh.

  5. LOVE IT!

    He doesn’t look all that heroic, but I’m surprisingly okay with it, given that he’s Aquaman (a la his relative uselessness in “Superfriends,” maybe?). I have to say though, at first this redesign reminded me of what a younger Aquaman from the new “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” cartoon might look like, shorts and all.

    And I can definitely hear Owen Wilson yelling “OLD CHUM!” in a live-action JLA movie.

  6. I don’t like the drawing of this one. It doesn’t fit with the rest of the JLA redesigns either. I do however quite like Warren T. Newsom interpretation of the costume. The costume works, but I think the art is a bit too Scott Pilgrim. & yes, this does look ALOT like Owen Wilson!

  7. I love Maris’ drawing! I only did mine to show what the costume might look like from an artist with a different style. I think the costume works extremely well. I think Jim Aparo could have done Aquaman with this costume and it still would have looked awesome.

    Great design, and great drawing, Maris!

  8. i was on board with this idea until now…given the super man addition i still had hope that this would come out cool….

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