12 comments to “P:R Invitational: Black Canary by Joe Quinones”
  1. Right off the bat …. I love the hair. It’s like she’s a B.C. from a bygone era, Her face has that lok like back in the day someone like Audrey Hepburn would have played her. The sostume, from the belt …up, I enjoy a lot The rest I’m not feeling. The fishnets are always something any artist has a problem pulling off. They’re generally meant to be alluring, but more times than not it doesn’t come across that way The drawing itself is dynamite though.

    I hope someone scouting for new talent, snatches Joe up quick.

  2. I was not expecting this! Very nice work, love Quinones’s style. Chokers are fashionable too, I saw Wonder Woman wearing one the other day.

  3. Gorgeous work from Mr Joe. This was sorely missing from the Black Canary contest. It has a ‘definitive” feel about it the way it incorporates all the different BC costume motifs. Like the the puff sleeves from the eighties costume.

  4. A little more retro than I’d like, but I enjoy how it incorporates many elements of past costumes.

    I’d say this is one of the more successful ones so far!

  5. Nice work, except for the sleeves. I understand that coloring them flat is supposed to be a graphical element, but to me it just seems odd and unfinished. Especially because most of the folds are simply off.
    I like the shading of the rest of the figure a lot, and the design is very classy.

  6. Always like joe’s stuff.

    And the group shot that’s developing looks just like a crazy comic I’d want to buy!

    Favourites so far are this one and the Batman.

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