The Mike Wieringo Collection

Today marks three years since the passing of one of the best artists and kindest guys in comics, Mike Wieringo. Longtime Rooftop Readers will recall our tribute to Mike, the Faster Fashion, Bart Allen! Wieringo Week event, calling for redesigns of the character he’d co-created with writer Mark Waid, Impulse. If you missed it, click here. Today I’d like to present the redesigns Mike posted at his amazing blog either for me or for Rooftop, for our pal Warren Ellis‘s awesome Remake/Remodel threads at Whitechapel, or for one of my earlier Draw… memes.

I only had the pleasure of his friendship for a couple of years before his passing, just meeting up at cons and swapping happy emails and blog posts, but ‘Ringo was an excellent friend and an amazing artist, and his not being here breaks my heart every time I see his name or art. I’ll owe him forever for his contributions to my development as an artist, and for the example of kindness and encouragement he set for creators in this very small industry. So please enjoy these drawings by Mike Wieringo.

– Dean Trippe

Superboy (originally posted here)

Lightning Lass (originally posted here)

Supergirl (originally posted here)

Butterfly (originally posted here)

Buck Rogers (originally posted here)

Sherlock Holmes (originally posted here)

Witchblade (originally posted here)

Note: For more of Mike Wieringo’s art, click back through his wonderful sketch blog and check your local comic shop’s back issues! – D.T.

14 comments on “The Mike Wieringo Collection
  1. Given his skill and talent, by all rights, ‘Ringo should’ve had an ego the size of Galactus’ belt buckle. Nonetheless, he was the kindest, most generous and most supportive guy I’ve ever met, in or out of the comics field. Just a super guy, a bar-raising artist, and one of the saddest losses the world of comics has ever had …

  2. As another fan on the other side of this planet I never had the chance to be touched by his kindness, but I’ve been missing his art so so much…

    To Wieringo!

  3. I loved going to his site to see his updates. His runs were some of best of ANY character because he gave them so much life with his style. Amazing. I miss you Mike, but as long as the art is around, we are still blessed with you.

  4. RIP Ringo, he was a very cool guy, we exchanged words over at Whitechapel and Deviantart, he was very accessible and easy-going (not to mention hugely talented as hell!)

  5. i remember crying the day he died. i couldn’t understand why it affected me so much but it really did.

  6. Fast! It has been 2 years since Mike’s passing. But it still felt so fresh. His passing seems so unreal. Because he had such a strong presence in the industry and influnce on me.
    I remember loving Flash but never got to pick it up until I saw Mike and Waid’s run. It blow my mind.

    Although Mike may have move on but I think he lives on with us.
    Mike, You are missed…

  7. His Lightning Lass design reminds me a bit of Power Pack.

    I now want to see a LoSH/Power Pack crossover happen!

    As always, Mike is an inspiration of great and infinite possibilities.

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his stuff. I miss it so much. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times, and I’ll treasure the sketches he did for me. He’s a tremendous influence on my own work… one of my favorite artists in the history of comicdom. Thanks for posting!

  9. I truly miss Mike, comics are less fun without him. I was visiting his blog and saw some of his original work. Sadly, not all of it is showing. Particularly his original creations from his childhood and the updated version. I wish someone would fix it.

    Mr. Q

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