22 comments to “P:R Invitational: Green Lantern by Mike Maihack”
  1. Dude, the best! The movie folk should have gone in this direction. It adds detail that expands on the idea of alien tech while remaining slick. Thumbs up!

  2. Very nice. Although, I will say the design on his torso makes it look a bit like he has Brainiac embedded in it. And he’s smiling. Which is creepy.

  3. Tech Lantern? Hmm, I like the reversal of the green and black elements of the costume, but I think the circuit patterns on the green imply Green Lantern’s powers are technology-based.

    Of course GL is a Silver Age hero whose origins are somewhat based in science fiction. But this design seems positioned in defiance to the quasi-spiritual genesis of the Corps the Geoff Johns has established recently.

    Maybe that was the point. Can’t be sure.

  4. Awesome job, Mike!

    So, looking at the shadows, we have Flash, a Hawk(Girl or Man), and two mystery pieces. I’m guessing Manhunter and Zatanna, but it’s anybody’s call really!

  5. I like the electronic/cybernetic look. I assume this GL is Hal? I think this look would better suit Kyle in continuity, but it’s still a cool design.

  6. Neat!
    I like the basic design a lot, just the shape of the green glowing patterns seems a little arbitrary, it has no connection to the theme. I would also have done without the white boots, makes me think of the Saiyan white rubberboots they used to wear on Drangonball Z.
    What I totally dig is the glowing edge on his domino mask! Now that’s what I call style!

  7. Tremendous. Allow me to echo the sentiments of previous posters – I’d hoped (and assumed) a movie version would look something like this.

    I really, really love that the white gloves have become a different hue of green, I think it works much better than the known and loved design there.

  8. Now we’re talkin’! This is great even with the “cartoony” style it’s drawn in. I would’ve liked to see an attempt at a redesigned mask though.

  9. Thanks so much for all the feedback, everyone! The TRON inspiration and infusion is indeed 100% deliberate, even if it might not make 100% sense. Just toying around with a (hopefully) fun idea. Actually kinda surprised that most of you are cool with it…

    @Hoylus – love the nickname Green Lantron. :)

  10. Ha! This is something that I really dig. I agree somewhat with the mask comment earlier – every green element on this suit has the tron patterns going through it, except for the mask. It seems like adding more glow elements to the mask might run the risk of making the design too busy, though, so I can see why this route makes sense. Love it!

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