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  1. I am 100% digging those off-the-costume rings. They remind me of those pseudo-sci-fi rings you see in lots of sci-fi costumes, OR like he’s literally running so fast that the pattern is coming off his costume. I like.

  2. The costume is great, the color pattern is a really good idea, but I’m not very fond of the goggles ; for some erasons, they remind me of… I don’t know, Johnny Quick maybe or a version of Zoom, which is not very super-heroic.

  3. I like this –

    The running shoes, the darker red for the detailing, the goggles.

    Question though – when not in motion, what happens to the yellow detailing?

    They look like they might be energy based, so do they disappear?

    Just that it would leave the Flash logo-less when not running.

  4. Yup. Now That’s what I call a slick redesign. I love the goggles that connect to his ears, and how all the lightning on the costume (specifically the bolts coming off his ears) are depicted as kinetic energy. I can practically see an electrical current running through those bolts.

    The sole of his running shoe seems ever-so-slightly wonky to me, but I absolutely know what Mr. Carroll was going for, and I am in full support of a grippy, comfortable shoe.

    The dark red ‘track suit’ pattern does enough to slow the eye down and really take it all in, without at all being disruptive within the overall design. You don’t even really see it at first, then you TOTALLY see it, which is a good thing. It’s great!

  5. This one should put a smile back on the people who want less believable but more spectacular costumes… I like it because i can imagine a bunch of ways how the costume would work, piezoelectric shoes with hologram projectors, static powered or dynamo suit…think of the possibilities!

  6. I really love this one.I love the idea of a costume that looks different when the wearer’s powers are being used, and this seems like it would work that way, as well as retaining all of the iconography of the character. Superman, Green Lantern and Flash are definitely my top three.

    I’d love to see the Marvel answer to all this!

  7. Hey, guys, thanks SO much for all the kind words.
    Thought I’d answer some of the questions from above.

    -Yes, the lightning rings just hang in the air above their respective body parts. Even when not moving. I did have an idea for a neat effect when he IS moving in superspeed….maybe I’ll draw it up sometime.

    -Way after submitting it, I realized that Bannister also had a two-toned Flash design from early on. While not consciously an influence, Banni did tell me he’s suing me…haha.

    -The only function the rings really serve is looking neat. One more thing to distract a viewer from the hero’s face.

  8. Does he have a merchandising deal with car producer Opel? :-)
    “We have the fastest cars alive. At discount prices!”

  9. This is TOO cool for words. It’s just epic. I think the off the costume logo and rings are what make this design truly outstanding, but I’m also liking the subtle two-tone red patterns. Great artwork too :D

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