P:R Invitational Finale: The Atom by Jon Morris!

Note: This entry marks the completion of the Project: Rooftop Invitational! Check out the completed image below! – Dean Trippe

Jon Morris

Here’s the full roster of the amazing artists who contributed to the jam:

Hawkgirl by Evan Bryce
Green Lantern by Mike Maihack
Martian Manhunter by Paul Milligan
The Atom by Jon Morris
The Flash by Joel Carroll
Black Canary by Joe Quinones
Superman by Sophie Campbell
Batman by Ming Doyle
Wonder Woman by Paul Maybury
Aquaman by Maris Wicks
Zatanna by Jemma Salume

Thanks so much to all of the redesigners who joined us for our first invitational, and to Jon Morris for drawing the initial layout sketch that everyone worked from. I handled the compositing of all the figures and drew the JLA Watchtower background shown above to complete the image, which is now available as a free desktop wallpaper to you, the P:R Reader, here!

19 comments to “P:R Invitational Finale: The Atom by Jon Morris!”

    I love that you left the Atom ’til last, I could have sworn the thing was finished with The Flash! Excellent final entry, a substantial deviation from the regular version and 100% awesome. Kirby Krackle lightsaber? That’s nerdgasm inducing stuff right there.

  2. Very cool. Especially the lightsaber. Plus he doesn’t have to worry about accidentally hurling it at his tv. Want to see this guy wrasslin’ a gargantuan scorpion or something.

    I’ve doodled a few of these over the past few weeks and they’re all pretty fun to draw.

    I think it’d be cool, in a future invitational, to let the same artists do a corresponding villain for their hero. Or just do all of Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery.

  3. I like. It ties together the history of the Atom nicely – short, stocky, and burly like the Al Pratt version and the lightsabre evokes the “Savage Sword of the Atom” era. I like the air mask since I always wondered how he was able to breathe when he was at subatomic size.

    It’s interesting how the more radical redesigns subdued the pallete (I’m particularly taken by the Superman redesign) except Zatanna (if you exclude that awful period when she had the bug on her head) where they’ve given her a color scheme other than black and white.

  4. This Atom design made me smile. Love that the breathing mask has an “A” shape to it. And the microscope tattoo is very funny.

    Love the ‘lazersword’ too.

    Now, I’m sure this was a nightmare to pull together, but I’m sure we’ve all got ideas for the next invitational!!!

    Like the idea of Injustice Gang or Batman villains – But maybe a switch to marvel would be better?
    X-men? Avengers?

    Maybe for a shorter series, the fantastic 4?

    It’s been a great ride though – loved seeing it unfurl.

  5. the result is awesome !!!
    i would definitely love to join the next invitationnal (expecially if it has some x-men flavor to it)
    congratulations again!

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