P:R Approved: Tom Bancroft’s DCU Elementary

Note: Over at his DeviantArt account, comics artist and animation veteran Tom Bancroft has been posting images from his DCU Elementary kids comic book that sadly never made it to publication. I think it looks phenomenal, and I wanted to share it here. Go take a look through Tom’s gallery for more unused pencilled (and lettered!) pages. (Spoiler warning: the last page is my favorite.) – Dean Trippe

Tom Bancroft (pencils)
Howard Shum (inks)
Joey Mason (colors)

4 comments to “P:R Approved: Tom Bancroft’s DCU Elementary”
  1. Gorgeous artwork..
    Tiny Toons meets Super Friends? Holy jeez would I watched this TV show religiously as a kid.
    Everyone is characterized perfectly here (the pretty cocky boy GL, the cornball Superboy), except maybe Batman. His brooding looks too lonely sad. I imagine him as the stuck up brooder who only secretly wants to hang out.

  2. Thanks for the nice shout out Dean! As an FYI, yes, we not only designed about 15 characters and created 6 of these promo images (like the two above), but we also drew, inked, colored, and (DC) lettered the whole 22 page book and cover. I wrote it and my biz partner, rob Corley, and I drew it all. Good times, but man, would we have loved to hold it

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