All-Ages All-Stars: Bill Walko’s Wonder Twins

Note: Note: In All-Ages All-Stars, P:R contributors put a kid-friendly spin on familiar comics characters. Today we’re looking at Bill Walko‘s awesome Wonder Twins redesign! P:R Pal and iZombie writer Chris Roberson contributed the super-positive review below. – Dean Trippe

Bill Walko

The Roberson Review (TM):

love love LOVE Bill Walko’s redesign of the Wonder Twins. I used to entertain fantasies of convincing DC to publish an all-ages Wonder Twins series through their Johnny DC line, and if I had by some fluke managed to get one off the ground, this is what it should have looked like. He has managed to update the look of the characters nicely, so that they are instantly recognizable as the shape-shifting twins from the old Super Friends cartoon but with a very contemporary look and feel. And I love the fact that the twins are doing a kind of “fist bump,” suggesting that that’s how they would activate their powers, a perfect updating of the concept.

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  1. I have always thought the Wonder Twins were just a completely awesome concept that DC should have really used. I love this design. I love the characters. They could be so good in the comics if a good writer like Dan Slott who really knows how to have fun got a hold of them.

    Man. One of those times when TV writers had a really, really good idea.

    Usually TV screws up comix ideas, but whenever comics have tried to deal with the Wonder Twins, they have screwed up the TV guys’ ideas. This is super cute, tho!

  2. This is a great update on classic, but still very basic and simple characters. I think in the past it would have been fairly easy to dismiss these two if you didn’t grow up with the show and have a strong nostalgic tie to them- NOT ANYMORE!

    What a great revision, making them interesting all over again- they are a bit hipster- without being cliche and youthful without being patronizing. From his v-neck shirt (half untucked) to her layering of shirts and leggings under the boots- as well as the animal shaped backpack (with a Gleek! inside-BONUS)- these guys look cool.

    Like any good piece should do- it draws me in and now I want to know their story. What’s next for these three? What adventure awaits? DC can do (and has done) a lot worse than try out a series with these guys headlining . Let’s make sure Bill Walko is at the the helm though. Great Work!

  3. DC should certainly do something with the Wonder Twins. They brought them into the DCU in Extreme Justice and later made an appearance in Young Justice. They also made their Smallville debut not long ago. So, it’s not like they haven’t tried, but they were never quite on the mark.

    An All-Ages title would be much closer to the characters’ “DNA”, so to speak, considering they were created as Saturday morning cartoon characters. And Bill Walko’s redesign would work perfectly for a modern take on Zan and Jayna.

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