17 comments to “Career Day: Michelle Sciuto’s Victorian Batgirls”
  1. Sweet Christmas, these are awesome! Thank you as always Mr. Trippe and Project: Rooftop for introducing me to amazing new artist I need to throw money at for pretty pictures in my sketch book.

  2. I love these! The only thing is I wish Cassandra had a veil covering her face or something? I just think that her mask was one of the main differing features of her costume.

    But other than that, beautifully presented and great poses!

  3. Exceedingly cool. I can’t wait to read their adventures as they go up against the various scoundrels, rascals, and wastrels of their sooty, crime-lousy Gotham! Also, the portrait frame device is perfect for the concept.

  4. “Pride and Extreme Prejudice!” Hey Holmes, imagine your favorite heroines facing off against a Victorian triumvirate of evil (Drac, Hyde and Jack perhappenchance) in a very special limited series comic coming soon… throw in some Vernesque steampunk gadgetry… it really could be a fun read!

    Wonderful idea! Love the drawings, particularly Steph and Babs.

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