Malcolm McLaren Justice League by Annie Wu

Note: This week’s Remake/Remodel challenge from our friends over at Whitechapel is redesigning the Justice League as a 1977 Malcolm McLaren film. Here’s my favorite entry so far, from P:R Pal Annie Wu! – Dean Trippe

Here’s what Annie had to say about the piece over at her blog:

I love re-interpreting characters and making up fake bands, so this was fun to do during breaks from other work. There are a few bits I especially enjoy, like Wonder Woman’s stockings and Batman’s t-shirt. And for some reason, the idea of Aquaman not being able to hold his alcohol was really funny to me. I don’t know. Oh, and I scribbled a JLA logo thing for the occasion.

Head over to Whitechapel for more McLaren Justice Leagues!

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  1. JUST saw this on Wu’s Flickr and had to head over here because I knew it wouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a very cool re-imagining, it’s little touches like the golden mic that make it sing (no pun intended).

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