Movie Makeover: Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man

Note: Sony has released the first image of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man for the new series reboot. Thoughts below. – Dean Trippe

Looks like it’s been knocked around a bit, but otherwise seems pretty cool to me. Fairly standard Spidey design, but you can see a few subtle details changed, like the spider emblem’s legs bending into the red torso shape, the glove stripes, and the sectioned “belt” element. I kind of like how the costume looks like it’s been modifed with red and blue paint rather than custom created by a mystical superhero seamstress.

Some folks have already noted the bumps on the wrists, possibly indicating mechanical webshooters. I’m cool either way on that, I suppose, though since we haven’t seen the tech ones on the big screen yet, I’d like to see ’em. I look forward to seeing the mask  and the back-spider, as well as a less battle-damaged shot, but so far, I dig it just fine. Garfield looks very Spider-Manish to me.

Head over to SlashFilm for the high res.

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  1. At first I thought “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” but I must say I am digging the DIY aesthetic. It reminds me of the scenes in Kick-Ass where he orders the suit online, then modifies it.
    Can’t wait to see the mask. I hope it looks Ditko!

  2. I think they are really trying to go back to Lee and Kirby roots which is the right way to go and when the costume was first seen it was this gangly kinda creepy costume that was gaudy but spidery and a tad macabre and I think they’ve got that actually. Lee and Kirby suit was the same as current 616 is now but it came from nowhere. it came at the time of briefs and capes and you have a hero all crouched and spidery with these weird webs and it was new and different. Garfield looks like Spidey all lean and arachnidy

  3. I love it! The darker colours and thinner, more detailed webbing remind me of Todd McFarlane’s artwork. I hope they give him nice big eyes on the mask this time, too! The gloves look odd though….

  4. I really dislike it in comparison with the Raimi one, which was obviously a lot more faithful to the original Ditko design (that hasn’t been wildly deviated from in the comics).

    I don’t like that gloves are over-designed, the webbing disappears midway down his torso, or that the costume looks rubbery.

    The belt missing is weird. I can’t tell if it’s a design choice, ifthe belt has been torn because of battle-damage (there looks like a shadow of it there and part of it remaining on the right hand side) or if there’s going to be some kind of web-cartridge belt and he’s just out of webbing.

    I miss the thick, raised, silver webbing too. That was one of the modifications that Raimi made I liked. Super-curious to see the mask.

  5. I really love this design. I especially love the backpack hung over the shoulder, and the more slender build which is what I’ve always imagined for spider-man. It really looks like instead of going just straight Ultimate Spider-man they’re doing pretty much everything that Sam Raimi Didn’t do. Which will probably make a really good franchise.
    I do hope that Norman Osborn turns up in this movie which I think is pretty possible.
    At first this picture made it look like the tone of the film may be more dark, but I’m thinking from what Andrew Garfield has said that it’s really just going to capture the basic tragedies of Spider-man.
    I’m super excited for this. I really wonder if they’ll go for the big huge eyes. I haven’t actually seen that on film so that might be really cool to see.

  6. It looks like Peter Parker, but how long you want to bet before they do a third remake? A fourth? How about a fifth? Maybe they’ll start filming the remake the same time they’re filming this one. Ridiculous! There’s no reason they couldn’t just do another sequel.

  7. I hadn’t realized until I saw this, but Toby McGuire was a little too beefy for Spider-Man. I LOVE the slimmer, less “buff” figure he cuts here. Can’t wait to see a less beat up costume shot.

    Even if I wind up not liking the costume as much as the Raimi version, I’m looking for something else in this film. I really hope they make Spider-Man a little funnier in the remake. Hollywood is famous for forcing one-liners into movies where they don’t belong, and here they get the ultimate smart-ass character and I can’t recall one bit of banter from any of the three films, outside of some lame lines where Peter calls Osborn “Gobby”.

  8. I really, really like this! Garfield has the look of Peter Parker down pat! Oh the suit, right.
    I really, really like this! Though I get the feeling that this might actually be some kinda proto-type for ol’ Webhead’s wrestling cage duds. I don’t know why though. Still it’s an awesome design that streamlines the classic nicely.
    Can’t wait to see the mask.

  9. First off, Andrew Garfield looks brilliant. As much as I knew he’d make a good Peter Parker, I was skeptical he could still convincingly play high school, but this shot is an incredible evocation of Ultimate Spider-Man, which I think is their model.

    The costume itself? Pretty good in macro, but it’s a shame about all the unnecessary noodling. I think they’ve made enough changes to the palette and texture to distinguish themselves from the Raimi era without nonsensical stuff like the missing glove sections and belt. The latter looks really awkward, and reminds me of an Alex Ross crotch-arrow.

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I see no DIY aesthetic or evidence of paint. It looks just as bespoke and “how’d a kid made that?” as the previous.

  10. Andrew Kilian: There’s no reason they couldn’t just do another sequel.

    apart from the fact that the third stunk!

    I like the new costume, from what we can see. I also like the fact he’s a skinny guy adds to the parker at school look.

  11. There’s no reason they COULDN’T have done another Batman sequel either, Andrew, but it turns out that discarding the continuity of a thoroughly buggered franchise is sometimes the best way to go. After the disaster of Spider-Man 3 I for one am looking forward to a new take on the character.

    Those glove stripes seem a little…contrived, maybe, like they’re just there for the sake of altering the design. Liking the DIY aesthetic and the texturing though.

  12. I don’t really buy the “Spider-Man 3 sucked, they HAD to reboot” argument. There were plenty of James Bond duds prior to Casino Royale, and they continued the same continuity until Die Another Day. That reboot made sense due to the 40-year history, but that’s another debate.

    Spider-Man 3 wasn’t nearly the abomination Batman & Robin was. Was it a good movie? Not particularly. Did it have a lot of poor decisions? Sure thing. But it wasn’t the nail-in-the-coffin that B&R was. People still would have seen a Raimi Spider-Man 4. I don’t think that many people would have turned out for Batman Triumphant or whatever they would have called it.

    That said, I like and dislike things about the costume. The gloves don’t bother me, in fact I think they’re my favorite thing about it. The costume is damaged, so I think the belt section is missing and hasn’t been omitted. The backpack and/or lighting obscures his right side, so it’s hard to confirm that. But the chest/torso webbing is what bothers me. If they don’t continue it all the way, it just looks and feels lazy to me.

  13. I’m thinking this is his wrestling costume, and that he’s on his way home after a bevy of bouts in the ring. I can’t see them making such dramatic changes to what is a pretty iconic super-suit – just too big a departure, in my opinion.

  14. Wow… it’s… wow. First I would like to call attention to the build of Spidey this time around… Perfect! This kid has the potential to pull this off nicley.

    But to the business at hand, I really dig the special flares and touches that have made the suit something out of a young Spidey’s league… I feel it is a very grown version of the high school web head. The first suit is supposed to be embarassing, and this is bad assery!

    I like the gloves for the purpose of extending the design into a new modern twist (that I would assume is repeated somewhere i.e. boots) but it wouldn’t work as well in a illustrated sence. I can’t say too much more beyond the awesome insignia then that brings us to the almost indistinguishable fade of red to blue at the belt line. I think the webbing fades too quickly, but it may be a lighting thing. I agree with the point made about the addition of a belt piece but I doubt we’ll see one.

    NEED TO SEE THE MASK! That will determine everything…

  15. So far, so good. I love the color treatment and the texture. The beltless torso makes the emphasis verticle and slim, acsentuating the lanky build of Garfield.
    INSET WEBBING! This is fantastic. The embossed webbing was a nightmare for the skilled rubber suit makers to achieve, impossible for a novice like Peter. This looks like Peter took a dremel tool to a hand painted wetsuit and etched out the web and spider patern. Great Idea.
    I wonder if they’lluse my painted hockey mask idea as well?

  16. Cool, love to see it with facemask in place. The actor has the skinny Ditko look that was missing from Toby’s Spidey.

  17. Amazingly enough, everywhere I look I seem to be in the minority. I really hope that the mask is awesome, because I reallllly dislike almost every aspect of this new costume:

    1) The gloves are hideous. A glorious example of “overdesign.”
    2) The web pattern? Alex said it best earlier – “lazy.” There’s a larger version of this pic on other sites, and it’s more noticeable there. And the way the coloring and texture have been applied to the red portions of the costume make me think of an old basketball.
    3) Man, whoever built this suit really likes seams.

    Things I like:
    1) I like the spider symbol that blends into the outlines of the red portions.
    2) I think the belt is “missing”, but I like the implications. You can see a small point of red on his hip – so I’m guessing that the suit has a red “belt” section on the back that’s part of the tights, and on the front it meets up with a separate piece that continues the pattern, such as additional web cartridges. Which indicates why he’s walking home in his costume, as opposed to swinging home…
    3) I like the brass ports on the wrist for the web-shooters.

    I’m 99.9.% that this isn’t a “prototype” or just the “wrestling suit.” Mainly because I don’t see how he would have gotten that type of battle damage in the wrestling ring, and it doesn’t look all that “thrown together,” especially with the custom web-shooter inserts.

  18. DannyIndeed:
    1) The gloves are hideous. A glorious example of “overdesign.”

    Hot truth.

    DannyIndeed: 2) I think the belt is “missing”, but I like the implications. You can see a small point of red on his hip – so I’m guessing that the suit has a red “belt” section on the back that’s part of the tights, and on the front it meets up with a separate piece that continues the pattern, such as additional web cartridges. Which indicates why he’s walking home in his costume, as opposed to swinging home…

    I’d filed all the suggestions that the belt just wasn’t in this shot under “wishful thinking” and came to the opposite conclusion about the red stripe that appears to go around the back, but looking closer the spider-legs terminate and the texture changes at the exact point a belt would go, so maybe.

    DannyIndeed: I’m 99.9.% that this isn’t a “prototype” or just the “wrestling suit.” Mainly because I don’t see how he would have gotten that type of battle damage in the wrestling ring

    Yo: scratches on face = Lizard fight.

  19. After taking a closer look at the pic, it would seem to me that the “belt” isn’t gone from the design, just maybe ripped off in battle? You can see the style lines for where the belt should be, and see a bit of red on his hip where the front would meet up to the back.
    I could be wrong, just an observation.

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