19 comments to “Career Day: Victorian World’s Finest”
  1. These ARE very good. Wraparound symbols like the one Bats is sporting there are a particular favourite design element of mine.

  2. Nice! Love the intricate design of the gun that Batman is holding.
    Design of Supe is appropriate too.
    Wonder if Matthew design the rest of the League in Victorian Period.

  3. Man, that is one cool Batman. The design would work ok for a current Batman, too. Love the Supes. I hope we get Robin in this style eventually.

  4. I would read the hell outta of a book starting either one of these characters. Really digging Superman’s sash. It’s a great solution to having the logo while keeping the more formal Victorian look intact.

  5. These could also be “Disney” versions of DC characters. Tell me you can’t see that Superman rescuing *insert any Disney Princess here* from that Batman? But it would be a big misunderstanding and the two heroes would band together and fight the real villain…after they fought to a draw first of course!

  6. The logo on Batman’s costume is genius.
    Superman looks good too, although this look predates the Victorian era. It’s more Georgian style, so there’s about a hundred years between these looks.
    But that’s just my fashion history nerd talking.

  7. The Superman may have existed and must have looked just like that, with even the “S”! SIMON BOLIVAR was his name, the biggest name in Latin American History.

  8. I agree with Arthur, if Supes was raised by salt o’ the earth farmer types, he wouldn’t be so posh looking. I’d picture him in more of a working man soldier’s getup, a hero ALL the people could get behind. Maybe this Supes was found by the upper crust though, the poor Kent’s working on the lord’s estate found the baby, but he was raised in the manor. :)

  9. The steam punk Batman looks awesome. That would be a really great spinoff. Imagine all the cool brass gadgets they could dream up for him.

  10. This is awesome, but it is Batman who has money not Superman, so why is it that Batman’s costume doesn’t look splendid. Bruce Wayne has money to spare, while farmer boy Clark Kent doesn’t.

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