Contest Announcement: Aquaman: Sea Change

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but if you ever need their help, you’re gonna need a translator. Strap on your water wings, Rooftop Readers, because it’s high time we took this party to the high seas! Aquaman, King of Atlantis, needs your help.

Today, I am incredibly pleased to announce a multi-site crossover event! February 28th marks Project: Rooftop’s fifth anniversary. Since our first post in 2006, we’ve tried to promote the idea that superhero costume redesigns require a specific set of skills and and demand thoughtful consideration. Fortunately, we’ve found allies. As well as our ever-expanding cadre of commenting contributors here at P:R, several other sites have sprung up to share in the fun.

At his Whitechapel forums, Warren Ellis challenges artists to re-imagine characters with new and creative criteria. At Superhero Cocoa, a coalition of artist pals started their own inventive redesign blog. And at Superhero of the Month, Alex Getts runs an open call to redesign a new superhero every month. Like us, these sites created fun havens for artistic creativity, industry publicity, and, of course, superhero fandom.

In March, these sites will all begin posting Aquaman art, based on their own criteria, using their own guidelines and rules, showcasing their own contributors and particular methods. For me, this is easily the most exciting event we’ve done, and I’d like to invite all superhero fanart sites to join us in celebrating Aquaman this March!

So, why Aquaman? A few reasons.

1. It’s his birthday this Saturday. Seems like a good day for you to spend drawing him a new outfit (or four).

2. We hadn’t already held an Aquaman challenge.

3. I love Aquaman, but a lot of folks are under the misapprehension that he’s somehow lame (or that green and orange don’t go together). So I wanted to see all my favorite artists prove those folks wrong. Arthur Curry literally rules. Aquaman’s costume says “superhero” without a lot of the usual trappings. It’s a shirt and pants, with no chest symbol or cape, but the brightly-colored eccentric elements (the calf-fins, belt-buckle, and scales) combine to make a distinctly superheroic look.

All the sites will be announcing their guidelines and rules in the coming weeks. Here at P:R, we’ll be providing prizes, donated by our friends at Rogues Gallery, in Round Rock, TX. We haven’t done prizes in a while, but it’s our fifth anniversary, and we wanted to do something special. So for this contest, I’ve selected prizes featuring some of my favorite superhero costume redesigns!

First Prize: The Lois Lane Superwoman action figure (my favorite superhero costume of all time, as designed by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely for All Star Superman), the new trade paperback edition of Kingdom Come (featuring countless amazing DCU redesigns by Alex Ross), the DC One Million trade paperback (featuring tons of rad futuristic redesigns by Grant Morrison and others), and Superman/Batman #79 and #80, signed by writer Chris Roberson (guest-starring various eras of my favorite superheroes, the World’s Finest, designed by Chris and myself).

Second Prize: The Superman and the Legion of Superheroes trade paperback (featuring various awesome Legion costume updates by the amazing Gary Frank), and Superman/Batman #79 and #80, signed by writer Chris Roberson.

Third Prize: Superman/Batman #79 and #80, signed by writer Chris Roberson.

As usual, check our guidelines, include your name and website, and send your art as an attachment in jpg, png, or gif format to

Click here to check out our past events for an idea of how we do things here, and keep an eye out at Whitechapel, Superhero Cocoa, and Superhero of the Month for their forthcoming challenges!

Lastly, I’d just just like to extend a sincere thanks to my co-editor Chris Arrant, our contributors Andy Khouri, Jessi Reid, Jessica Plummer, Joel Priddy, Jon Morris, Rachel Eddidin, Tim Callahan, and Vito Delsante; our early contributors, Eric Stephenson, now publisher of Image Comics, and Chris Pitzer, publisher of AdHouse Books (and of my first professional comics work); our frequent contributing artists Joel Carroll, Jemma Salume, Ming Doyle, Daniel Krall, Ross Campbell, Bill Walko, Annie Wu, Paul Milligan, Alex Mitchell, Paul Maybury, Alex Mitchell, Evan Bryce, Maris Wicks, and Joe Quinones; and the professional creators who have joined us here as guest judges for our contests, Gail Simone, Matt Fraction, Adi Granov, Mark Waid, Trina Robbins, Joe Jusko, Dan Brereton, J.H. Williams III, Dustin Nguyen, Jason Aaron, Ron Garney, and Mike Norton. Thank you all so very much.

Thanks also to everyone out there who has sent us their art, linked to our events, or just visited our little art party. It’s been an awesome five years. I love comics and I love superheroes, and of everything I’ve done in my career to promote the medium and genre that together changed my life, Project: Rooftop is the work I’m most proud of.

And that’s enough back-patting to last us until the tenth anniversary. So get drawing!

Entries for Aquaman: Sea Change must be received by February 20th, 2011.

16 comments to “Contest Announcement: Aquaman: Sea Change”
  1. Nice.
    It’s high time Aquaman got his due; he one of the most misunderstood/misused characters of all time! Looking forward to seeing him centerstage for a while.

    PS- Namor sucks.

  2. When I saw this on Twitter, I almost collapsed from excitement! I love the idea of redesigning a character, but to have all the other sites in on it too. Epic. I know there are going to be so many great designs, I can’t wait to see what people do with AC.

    …. also, Namor is a chump!

  3. oh wow… aquaman! this is definitely exciting! i already have so many ideas!

    wait, do we have to pick sides? Like, how will we know who to submit work to? what’s P:R’s theme, since all the other sites will have themes?

    so many questions!

  4. You’re welcome to enter all the sites, but each site may have specific guidelines or design criteria. Superhero Cocoa posted theirs today. Each site will handle their events independently. P:R has no theme. Redesign Aquaman/Arthur Curry as you’d like him to appear presently in the DCU.

  5. I’m so excited about this! Aquaman is extremely fun, and I’ve wanted to try my hand at a good redesign recently. And I wonder if Superhero Cocoa will accept my Chambara Aquaman. I will check their rules to see if they take work not created specifically for the contest!

  6. Nicely done Dean-
    I have discovered these websites on my own as well- and although personally I find Ellis’ Whitechapel a little hard to navigate- I think it shows great class to bring the others into the fold. SuperheroCOCOA and Superhero of the Month are pretty fun sites worth checking out. I think P:R is pretty well polished and sets a great example. A superhero redesign coalition of websites (each with their own flavor!)- what fun!


    Working up the nerve to contribute- but will continue to enjoy all these sites in the meantime.

  7. This is gonna be tough. Aquaman already has the sweetet duds in comicdom (my favoutire in fact). How do you top that? Can’t wait to see what everyone cooks up!

  8. This is amazing. Aquaman has been and is currently one of my faves. For me, he comes in fight ahead of the Flash.

  9. Oh man, I am SO all over this contest!! I’m a giant Aquaman fan (and I don’t mean that I’m fat) so totally gonna have to do a killer re-design on him. It’s gonna be awesome, and I get to draw him more than once. freaking sweet!!

  10. Is giving him the harpoon hand okay as well?
    Somehow the harpoon hand (that a lot of folks hate strangely) gives me some ideas for designs that work well with it. Heck, I may just enter two designs. Is that okay, to enter more than once?

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